Dog Food Delivery

The Top Dog Food Delivery Plans: Everything You Need to Know

With dog food delivery plans increasing in popularity, these days it seems like you can’t throw a frisbee without hitting five new options claiming to be the best.

We help you pick the right dog food plan for your pup with our in-depth dog food delivery reviews, recommendations and side-by-side comparisons.

The Best Dog Food Delivery Plans

Your dog is family—and family deserves the best. We break down the best dog food delivery plans for pups of every age, breed, weight and health status—so you can be confident you’re giving your best friend only the best nutrition and flavor.

Best Overall Dog Food Delivery Plan

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  • Human-grade meat & vegetable meals
  • Made fresh in USDA-approved kitchens
  • Pause or cancel your subscription anytime
  • 2-week trial pack with multiple recipes
  • Four recipe options to find the best flavors for your dog
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    Biggest Sale Ever!
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    Dog Food Delivery Plan Reviews

    Our dog food delivery reviews are the comprehensive overview you need when shopping for the right pet food subscription service for your furry friend. We cover everything from what’s included to how each dog food plan works.

    Dog Food Delivery Buying Guide

    Subscription dog food delivery companies have exploded—and so have their claims about the quality and nutrition of their food. There are now dozens of brands that will ship pet meals directly to your door, and each one promises to be the most nutritious, tastiest food that will have your dog setting world records for tail wags. 

    So how can you know which one’s right for your best buddy? With this guide, of course! We’ll help you sift through all the different meal types, learn which ingredients are actually backed by science for your pet’s longevity, and see which doggie dinners match your budget.

    We’ll also cover the basics of ordering dog food online—how much to order, whether it’s safe, and how much to feed your dog each day. When you’re finished reading, you’ll have the confidence to click “buy” on the pet food delivery or subscription that’s ideal for your pup.

    Dog Food Delivery Buying Guide


    The Consumer Rating Difference

    In-Depth Reviews of the Top Rated Dog Food Delivery Plans

    Interested in a dog food delivery plan but not sure where to begin? Our experts dive deep into the details—so you don’t have to.

    Within each dog food review you’ll find:


    Comprehensive Overviews

    From available flavors and nutrition to the ordering and shipping process, we cover everything there is to know about each dog food delivery plan.

    Pricing Details

    We break down how much each dog food delivery plan costs, noting what is included, how often you’ll be charged, and promotions and discounts to watch for.

    Dog Food Delivery Comparisons

    We compare each dog food delivery plan against others just like it, scrutinizing the flavors, nutrition, pricing, guarantees and more—so you can see how they stack up.

    Customer Testimonials

    Who better to provide insight about dog food than pet owners? Our dog food reviews include feedback from real customers like you—so you get the full picture.