Nutrafol Hair Loss Review

Gone are the days of leaving our hair health in the hands of genetics alone. With major steps in modern science, retaining or even improving hair growth is possible with a simple supplement routine—no surgery needed. But with these advances also comes an onslaught of products all promising to bring your hair back from the brink (or beyond). Not many have made quite as much buzz as Nutrafol, so we’re taking a deeper dive to see what makes their science-based, award-winning hair growth products the number one dermatologist-recommended hair growth supplement brand.

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What is the Nutrafol Hair Growth Supplement? 

Nutrafol takes hair growth and overall health seriously by specifically targeting key factors that can cause hair thinning and shorten, delay or affect the density of new hair growth. Their entire suite of products, from their supplements to their targeted boosters to their topical hair care product—are specifically formulated by physicians to address these key factors while catering to different stages of life and the unique needs that come with them. They’ve even been clinically shown to improve hair growth for men and women alike. 

Nutrafol Hair Products 

Best known for their award-winning Nutraceuticals supplement line, Nutrafol focuses on four unique daily supplement choices—Men, Women, Postpartum and Women’s Balance (for peri- and postmenopausal women)—which include ingredients designed to help promote hair growth and overall wellness based on what your body needs. 

Designed to pair with their Nutraceutical supplements for an extra nutrient punch, Nutrafol also offers what they call Targeted Boosters, which are essentially additional supplements, collagen powder, and even a spray that add a concentrated dose of extra support for specific issues like metabolism, hormones or stress. 

They round out their science-backed supplement offering with a variety of topical hair care products like a physician-created shampoo, conditioner, scalp serum and more to ensure total hair health both inside and out 

Nutrafol Hair Growth Pros and Cons 


  • Contains natural ingredients that are known to promote hair growth 
  • Results backed by multiple clinical studies
  • Science-based, multi-targeted approach 
  • Formulated to address lifestyle triggers along with root causes of hair loss
  • 100% drug-free, medical-grade, natural ingredients 
  • Recommended more than any other hair growth supplements by dermatologists
  • Personalized recommendations based on age, gender and lifestyle needs  
  • Flexible subscription plans offer cost savings and valuable benefits 
  • Free shipping within the U.S. 


  • Expensive compared to some other over-the-counter hair supplements  
  • May not work for everyone or for those with more progressed hair loss 
  • Need to continue use to see results (as with all supplements) 

How Do Nutrafol Hair Growth Supplements Work? 

While we’ve become conditioned to believe that genetics holds all the power around our hair health, science has now uncovered that there are multiple lifestyle and life stage factors that can also compromise the quality and quantity of our hair. 

The physician-developed Hair Growth Nutraceuticals from Nutrafol are specifically formulated to target six key factors that can contribute to the root causes of thinning hair—hormones, stress, lifestyle, metabolism, nutrition and aging—with a patented blend of clinically effective, medical-grade ingredients that work harder together for maximum efficacy. 

And while many supplement brands have variable potency, poor absorption, and rely solely on studies of individual ingredients, Nutrafol takes their commitment to science one step further by putting their complete formulas through multiple clinical trials to demonstrate that they did, in fact, improve hair growth—and they have the data to prove it. 

Nutrafol Hair Growth Ingredients 

It’s clear that the team behind Nutrafol cut no corners when it came to developing their clinically-tested hair growth formulas, and that applies to their ingredient list, too. 

Made with natural, drug-free ingredients that have been clinically tested in not one, but 11 clinical trials to validate their efficacy, the company’s award-winning Nutraceutical supplement line features a patented ingredient blend called Synergen Complex®, which is designed with potent ingredients in unique ratios to maximize efficacy and promote visually thicker, stronger hair. 

The Synergen Complex features the following clinically verified ingredients: 

  • Sensoril® Ashwagandha—helps balance stress hormones to support a healthy hair growth cycle; Sensoril is the highest quality Ashwagandha available in a hair supplement
  • Marine Collagen Peptides—provide the building blocks of strong hair and deliver moisture to the scalp
  • Tocotrienol Complex—a concentrated form of the antioxidant Vitamin E that helps minimize the effects of environmental stress to improve hair density
  • Curcumin—a supercharged antioxidant that addresses multiple root causes of hair thinning and is 500 times more potent than Turmeric alone
  • Saw Palmetto—promotes hair growth by helping to reduce a hormone associated with hair loss called DHT 

In addition to these powerful ingredients, Nutrafol also uses a mix of kelp minerals, keratin, zinc, horsetail, resveratrol, biotin, hyaluronic acid and more essential vitamins and minerals.

Who are Nutrafol Hair Loss Supplements For? 

Nutrafol is meant for most people who are experiencing thinning hair. Their four primary Nutraceutical supplements cater to the hair and overall health needs of men and women based on their age and lifestyles, regardless of hair type.

  • Nutrafol Women—a daily hair growth supplement specifically formulated for women 18 to 44 who are seeing signs of hair thinning 
  • Nutrafol Postpartum—developed with the help of OBGYNs to support women experiencing thinning hair in the first year after giving birth or while breastfeeding
  • Nutrafol Women’s Balance—designed for women over 45, who are concerned with thinning hair that often comes with hormonal shifts and aging
  • Nutrafol Men—for men over 18 with excess hair shedding and scalp coverage 

How to Use Nutrafol Hair Growth Supplements

The steps to a healthier, happier head of hair is fairly simple with Nutrafol. They recommend taking four of the appropriate Hair Growth Nutraceuticals a day, paired with a meal for maximum absorption of the fat-soluble ingredients. This dose was carefully formulated and tested in their clinical trials to provide visible results within three to six months. 

As with most routines, consistency is key, so we found it easiest to choose the same meal to take the supplements with each day so we didn’t forget. And as with most supplements, you’ll need to continue taking them to continue seeing positive results and avoid forfeiting any progress. 

The targeted boosters from Nutrafol are meant to be used in combination with the Nutraceuticals for added support in the areas you need it most (like stress). These boosters, as well as the additional topical hair care products from Nutrafol, come with their own set of usage guidelines per item, so it’s best to refer to their labels for specific directions. 

Where to Buy Nutrafol Hair Growth Products 

Nutrafol offers a few different shopping experiences. The simplest and most straightforward way to purchase is directly through their website at There you can browse products to get a sense of what may be right for you, or opt to take a short, three-minute quiz to get a personalized recommendation of which products would be the most beneficial based on your age, lifestyle and health history.

While you can certainly choose to purchase a one-time order of their main Nutraceutical supplements and topical hair care products (targeted boosters are only sold in combination with a Hair Growth Nutraceutical purchase), signing up for a subscription plan comes with a host of added benefits, including: 

  • Cost-savings of 10 to 20 percent, depending on the subscription plan
  • One-on-one access to a naturopathic doctor who can provide personalized plan recommendations and guidance tailored to your total hair health journey
  • Optional hair health analysis with lab tests to accurately track your progress 

Nutrafol also partners with a national network of hair health doctors and specialized stylists who can provide their products as well as additional recommendations as needed. Their website makes it easy to find an approved provider near you with a user-friendly search tool that includes contact information and location. 

You can also purchase Nutrafol through Amazon. 

Prices, Discounts and Offers 

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for, and Nutrafol’s physician-formulated, clinically-tested products made from natural, potent ingredients do come in at the higher end of hair care supplements. 

Luckily, they offer a variety of savings and added benefits with their subscription plans that help to bolster their overall value in the long run.

Let’s take a look at the cost breakdown of ordering the Women’s Hair Growth Nutraceuticals:

Single Bottle Monthly Subscription (1-month supply delivered monthly) 3-Month Subscription (3-month supply delivered every 3 months) 6-Month Subscription (6-month supply delivered every 6 months)
Price $88 $79 $224 $422
Savings 10% (originally $88) 15% (originally $264) 20% (originally $528)

In addition to the cost savings, subscription plans also come with access to personalized consultations with naturopathic doctors and lab-tested hair analysis to make sure you’re seeing the results you desire throughout your journey to healthier hair. 

You can customize your subscription plan to ship when you want, and you always have the option to pause, skip or cancel at any time.

Trial Period and Shipping 

While Nutrafol does not offer a money back guarantee, the company does allow customers to return or exchange unused products for a full refund for up to 30 days past the date of purchase. 

Nutrafol offers free shipping within the United States. And although they do ship outside to some countries internationally, they recommend customers outside of the U.S. contact them for details prior to purchasing.

Nutrafol Hair Supplement Safety Tips and Side Effects 

While supplements including those from Nutrafol are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, in Nutrafol’s own clinical studies, participants reported no side effects. As always, it’s best to carefully read the ingredient labels and talk to your doctor prior to taking supplements if you have questions or concerns. 

How Nutrafol Hair Growth Products Compare to Other Brands 

Nutrafol is one of the leading hair growth supplement brands on the market, but there is certainly no shortage of supplements claiming to help promote hair health. Here’s how Nutrafol compares:

Nutrafol vs. Hair La Vie 

While both brands offer a variety of natural, chemical-free hair growth products and supplements or vitamins, Nutrafol has the science to back up their claims with bio-specific formulations and multiple clinical trials. 

Nutrafol vs. Moon Juice Super Hair 

Moon Juice offers supplements to promote healthier hair, as well as a large selection of holistic products to help with everything from skin care, energy, sex drive and more. They also lack the science-based approach and studies that come standard with Nutrafol, as well as the complete plan approach to hair thinning. 

Nutrafol vs. Hair Hero 

Hair Hero from Essential Elements® is a widely-available, affordable hair supplement. While it shares a few of the similar ingredients found in Nutrafol’s Hair Growth Nutraceuticals, it lacks the targeted, science-based approach and clinically-tested results. Hair Hero is more of a standard hair supplement versus a complete hair growth and total health approach like what Nutrafol offers. 

Nutrafol Hair Loss Supplements Company Info 

Faced with trying to save their own thinning hair and frustrated with the side effects of drugs or inefficacy of topical solutions, the founders of Nutrafol set out to create a natural, effective solution for hair growth. And with more than 775,000 customers on their side, they’re showing that taking a total health approach to hair is more than just smart…it’s science. 


Nutrafol is headquartered in New York, New York.

Customer Service Information

There are a few convenient ways to connect with their customer support team  if needed: 

  • Email [email protected]
  • Chat directly on; Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (EST) 
  • Call or text at 1-888-454-3320

Additional Services 

In addition to their Nutraceuticals supplement line and complementary targeted boosters, Nutrafol also offers a variety of physician-formulated hair care products, including shampoo and conditioners, scalp masks and more that are made from natural ingredients specifically sourced to help thin or thinning hair. 

Awards Won 

In addition to being the number one dermatologist-recommended hair growth supplement brand according to survey results, Nutrafol has won more than 20 wellness, beauty and innovation awards from top media outlets, including being named a 2021 Harper’s BAZAAR Awards winner and a winner in the 2022 NewBeauty Awards. 

Our Verdict

While the supplement market is overrun with unregulated products making all sorts of unchecked claims, Nutrafol stands out from the crowd as one of the only science-based brands to offer supplements that are clinically shown to promote visibly thicker, stronger hair. It’s this deep science-backed approach to targeting the root causes of thinning hair by taking into account not only genetics, but age, lifestyle and more—which makes their patented line of Nutraceuticals more than just your average hair supplement. Their robust network of physician and stylist partners, awards and satisfied customers make it easy to see why Nutrafol holds the top spot as the number one dermatologist-recommended hair growth supplement brand.

Nutrafol Hair Loss Supplements FAQ

Nutrafol supplements are made with medical-grade, clinically effective ingredients that are sourced and carefully combined to target the root causes of thinning hair and promote powerful results from within. All of their patented formulas contain potent concentrations of plant extracts for powerful results. And their commitment to 100 percent drug-free, natural ingredients means you won’t find any harmful chemicals, the most common allergens or unwanted stuff, like GMOs, soy, eggs, dairy, gluten, peanuts and artificial flavors and colors.

While Nutrafol products have been clinically shown to produce visually thicker hair, we suggest consulting your doctor or one of the Nutrafol-affiliated physicians or stylists near you to discuss how Nutrafol can help you combat male pattern baldness as a primary or complementary hair regrowth routine. 

In short, no. Nutrafol uses saw palmetto as one of their primary ingredients, which has been shown to reduce DHT activity (DHT is a hormone associated with hair loss) to help promote healthy hair growth on your head, and only your head. 

Nutrafol products contain natural ingredients that are carefully combined to promote overall hair health and growth. Their products have not been shown to have any negative side effects, including hair loss.

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