Helix Mattress Review

While some shoppers still prefer scouring the local mattress showroom, it’s hard to beat the seamless convenience of selecting your mattress from one of the many online brands and having it delivered right to your door (or bedroom). But not all bed-in-a-box brands are created equal. With so many names entering this ever-expanding digital marketplace, it’s hard to decide where to start your search for the perfect sleep. That’s why we’re putting one of the most popular at-home bed brands, Helix, to the test to find out what makes their extensive line of hybrid mattresses the preferred pick for thousands of savvy shoppers nationwide.

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Pros Cons
Most awarded mattress brand of 2022 based on independent reviews While competitively priced, some Helix models can be on the higher end
Recommended by multiple leading doctors of sleep medicine, psychology and neurobiology Trial and warranty are not as generous as a few other popular brands
Hybrid design provides the best of both foam and innerspring worlds
A large selection of models tailored to different sleep positions, firmness levels and body types
Breathable covers and a mix of foam and coil layers makes for an extra cool night’s sleep
Completely custom-built in the U.S. and CertiPUR-US® Certified
Available online or in select partner showrooms nationwide
Free, fast shipping across the U.S.
100-night sleep trial and 10 to 15 year warranty

Helix Midnight Mattress 

While Helix has developed an extensive line of mattresses to fit almost anyone’s sleep style, we’re focusing on Helix’s most popular mattress model, the Helix Midnight, to find out why this is the mattress that so many shoppers prefer for a peaceful night’s sleep. 

Materials Used

The surface of the Helix Midnight mattress comes standard with a breathable soft touch knitted cover that helps ensure exceptional comfort and airflow. If you tend to run hot, you also have the option to upgrade to the silky GlacioTex™ Cooling Cover, which features special fibers to allow heat to be efficiently pulled away from your body while you sleep for ultimate breathability.  

Next up is a comfort layer consisting of memory foam for optimal pressure relief, followed by high-grade polyfoam for medium firm ergonomic support. 

A thick layer featuring hundreds of individually wrapped steel coils helps cradle your body while limiting motion transfer if you toss and turn throughout the night, and a reinforced perimeter provides extra edge support. 

Lastly, the Helix Midnight mattress features a DuraDense Foam base for strong support and durability. 

If you are okay with paying a little more for extra luxury and support, Helix makes all of their standard mattresses in a Luxe line. Featuring zoned lumbar support for an enhanced cradled feel, over 1000 individually wrapped coils, plus a premium quilted pillow top and Tencel™ cover for superior softness and an extended warranty, we definitely think the Helix Luxe line is worth a second look. 

Mattress Types

In addition to the Helix Midnight mattress, you can choose from over a dozen other custom options, making it easy for almost anyone to find the mattress of their dreams. These options are mainly differentiated based on preferred sleep position and firmness level. 

For people who prefer to sleep on their stomach or backs: 

  • Helix Moonlight-soft feel
  • Helix Moonlight Luxe-soft luxury feel
  • Helix Dusk-medium feel
  • Helix Dusk Luxe-medium luxury feel
  • Helix Dawn-firm feel
  • Helix Dawn Luxe-firm luxury 

For people who prefer to sleep on their sides: 

  • Helix Sunset-soft feel
  • Helix Sunset Luxe-soft luxury feel
  • Helix Midnight-medium feel
  • Helix Midnight Luxe-medium luxury feel
  • Helix Twilight-firm feel
  • Helix Twilight Luxe-firm luxury feel 

For kids or plus-size sleepers:

  • Helix Kids
  • Helix Plus 

Ages Suited For

Helix mattresses are designed to support adults of all shapes and sizes, plus they have a mattress made especially to suit growing kids between the ages of three and 12, making Helix a smart choice for almost any age. 

Sleeper Types Suited For 

With multiple mattresses in varying firmness levels that specifically cater to side sleepers (which approximately 74 percent of people identify as) or those who prefer to sleep on their stomach and backs, Helix has all preferred types and positions covered. Helix makes it easy to narrow down your ideal mattress based on your preferred sleeping position and firmness level so you can enjoy a perfect night of sleep regardless of your sleep style. 

Firmness Level 

Once you determine what your preferred sleeping position is, you can also narrow down your mattress choices based on whether you prefer a soft sinking-feeling sleep surface, a medium feel that suits multiple sleepers, or a firm surface with less give. 

How To Get The Helix Mattress 

While Helix offers an array of mattresses to suit any sleep style, they also offer multiple ways to shop to suit your preferences. The easiest way to shop their whole line of superior sleep surfaces is directly at Helixsleep.com. 

Whether you want to browse through all of the options they offer or get a personalized recommendation, Helix has got you covered. They even have a quick and simple quiz to help identify which Helix mattress would be right for you. 

But if you prefer to see and feel your mattress in person before buying, you can also find a selection of Helix mattresses available in certain retail partner showrooms, like CB2, Sleepare or Brooklyn Bedding.  

Pricing, Discounts and Offers

With so many different options from kids to plus size and luxury-level, Helix mattresses also have quite a wide range of prices. Their popular Helix Midnight mattress in a queen size retails for around $1,373.80* before any promotions or discounts are applied. Helix often runs special sales directly on their site, plus you can sign up for their emails to stay in-the-know on all of their latest offers. 

Helix also has a generous referral program. Simply email a friend or family member a special offer of up to $300 off plus two free Dream Pillows and you’ll receive a $50 gift card from Amazon when they make a purchase.* 

Plus, active-duty military service members, spouses, families and veterans are all eligible to receive a special 30 percent off discount on mattresses purchased through Helixsleep.com. Helix also offers a 15 percent discount for first responders, teachers and students.* 

*At the time this review was written; prices subject to change. 


When purchasing a Helix mattress directly from Helixsleep.com, you’ll enjoy free shipping directly to your door. Before making its way to your home, your helix mattress will be gently compressed, rolled and boxed to ensure a safe and secure transport via FedEx Ground. It’s important to note that delivery drivers are not required to bring mattresses up or down stairs or to your preferred room. 

Mattress Performance

The Helix mattress has been recommended by multiple leading doctors in the fields of sleep medicine, psychology and neurobiology as a solid choice for improving sleep quality. Here’s a look at how it performs across a number of critical criteria:

Motion Isolation

The Helix Midnight mattress is intentionally designed to isolate movement, ensuring you and your partner don’t have to worry about disturbing each other overnight. With a top layer of high-quality memory foam that contours to your body and absorbs movement, plus a reinforced layer of individually wrapped coils for superior support and stability, you can sleep soundly regardless of any motion happening on the other side. 

Pressure Relief

Specifically designed to support side sleepers with a medium firm feel, the Helix Midnight uses multiple layers of support to cushion the pressure points of your shoulders and hips to help promote less pain and more restful relief. The Helix Midnight Luxe mattress takes the pressure relief up a notch with targeted lumbar support zones to help with spine alignment and back pressure relief for superior ergonomic support. 

Temperature Control

The Helix Midnight mattress excels when it comes to breathability and heat regulation. The multiple layers of foam and coil support allow air to flow more freely and are finished in a hypoallergenic, breathable soft touch cover that promotes airflow. If you are a particularly hot sleeper, you may want to consider upgrading the standard cover to their cool-to-the touch GlacioTex cover, which uses special fibers with high thermal conductivity that actively pull heat away from your body while you sleep.  

Edge Support

Edge support is particularly beneficial for couples, people who experience body aches or mobility issues, or people who move around a lot in their sleep. With the Helix Midnight, you’ll enjoy reinforced edge support that runs lengthwise on the mattress to avoid feeling like you’re falling or slipping off the sides. For full edge support along all four sides, you’ll want to upgrade to the Helix Midnight Luxe mattress which features a reinforced perimeter around the entire mattress to maximize the usable sleep area. 

Ease of Movement

The hybrid construction of the Helix mattress makes for ultimate ease of movement, making it a great choice for those who toss and turn frequently in their sleep. Its multiple foam layers absorb motion, while the individually wrapped coil springs help to promote that bounce many people prefer from a traditional mattress, providing the best of both worlds. And the medium firm feel of the Helix Midnight mattress in particular provides just the right mix of contouring memory foam plus pocketed coils that make it easy to switch positions as needed throughout the night. 


Every Helix mattress is designed, manufactured and custom-built right here in the United States. They have specifically selected top-quality foams, covers and steel coils to ensure each mattress is made to last. Helix backs up their mattresses with a 10-year limited warranty on their standard models and a 15-year limited warranty on their Plus and Luxe mattress models, so you can feel confident in your mattress choice for years to come. 


Hybrid mattresses like those from Helix are especially suited for couples looking for the cradled feel of foam without sacrificing the bouncy response from traditional springs. The Helix Midnight’s individually wrapped coil core provides bounce and springiness, making it easier to move around and change positions during intimate moments. And with an array of firmness options, the Helix mattress can provide an enjoyable experience for most couples looking to spice up their bedroom activities.


All Helix mattresses have minimal off-gassing since they’re CertiPUR-US® Certified, which means they’re free of harmful chemicals. Plus, since the Helix mattresses are all hybrids, they tend to air out faster than an all-foam mattress. 

Comparison To Other Brands

The straight-to-your-door mattress market has really exploded over the last decade or so with no signs of slowing down. So we’ve compared some of the most popular brands to see how they stack up against the Helix mattress:   

Helix vs Saatva

While Saatva offers a variety of hybrid, innerspring and all foam options to choose from, Helix’s line includes about twice as many hybrid mattress options so you can really find a mattress that suits your unique sleep needs. Saatva mattresses typically provide more of the traditional springy feel with dual layers of coils, while Helix is more of a true hybrid with multiple layers of foam and pocketed coils. Saatva is typically priced higher than comparable models from Helix, but they do offer a longer warranty and trial period. 

Helix vs Casper

While both of these are popular home delivery mattress picks, the Casper mattress features an all-foam construction that people often associate with the bed-in-a-box style, while the Helix mattress is a true hybrid featuring both foam and individually wrapped coils to keep the springiness people prefer from a traditional mattress. The Casper mattress is slightly firmer than Saatva and has more of the “sinking in” feeling due to its multiple layers of foam, but both mattresses will appeal to people looking for solid pressure point relief while they sleep. Casper is priced slightly less than Helix, but not by much, and both companies offer free shipping, a 100-day trial, and 10-year warranty (Helix provides an extended 15-year warranty on their Luxe line). 

Helix vs Nectar

Another popular bed-in-a-box brand, Nectar’s main model is an all-foam mattress featuring multiple layers of dense foam which closely contour to your body while you sleep. But for those who prefer more responsiveness and a slight bounce to their bed, the hybrid design with its foam top and pocketed coil layer that comes standard for all Helix mattresses provides a cooler, springier sleep surface overall. Nectar may be better for budget shoppers as it’s priced slightly less than similar size mattresses from Helix. Consumers might also want to consider that Helix is 100 percent made in the U.S. while Nectar is manufactured in China. 

Helix Company Info

Helix Sleep Inc., headquartered in New York City, was founded in 2015 to create custom sleep solutions based on your body type, sleep position and firmness preference so everyone can enjoy a truly restful night of sleep. They have since become one of America’s leading online mattress companies offering high quality products at affordable prices. They’ve also launched multiple other product lines that “celebrate the power of personal preferences and individuality.”

Customer Service

There are multiple ways to connect with Helix’s customer support team when you need them: 

  • Chat with an agent on Helixsleep.com from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET, Monday through Sunday.  
  • Call 1-831-777-5976 between 12 and 6 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday
  • Text Helix directly at 67069. Once you’re opted in, you’ll need to reply SUPPORT for assistance.
  • Submit a email directly through Helixsleep.com.

Trial Period

Sleep is personal, and most people need to experience their mattress for more than just a night to know it’s right. That’s why Helix offers a 100-night trial that begins on the day your mattress is delivered. If for any reason you’re not happy with your Helix purchase, you can return it for a full refund at any time within those first 100 nights. It’s important to mention that Helix requires a 30-day break-in period to ensure you have ample time to adjust to your new mattress before making any final decisions. 


New Helix mattresses and Helix Kids mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty that protects your purchase from manufacturing defects. The Helix Luxe and Helix Plus mattresses include an extended 15-year limited warranty for added peace of mind should anything happen down the line. 

Our Verdict

When you want a mattress that feels like it was made for you, it’s hard to beat Helix. With 14 different models to choose from that are tailored to meet your preferred firmness level, sleep position and body type, Helix truly does have a mattress to make almost anyone wake up happy. And their hybrid design provides the best of both worlds when it comes to the cradled feel of foam and the springy response of traditional coil mattresses. We appreciate that their entire design and manufacturing process is done right here in the U.S. And they take the pressure off of online buying with free delivery and a 100-night trial, so you can rest easy knowing you made the right mattress choice. 


Are Helix mattresses sold in stores?

While you can test and purchase Helix mattresses through select retail partners across the country (like CB2 or Sleepare), they are primarily sold directly from their website at Helixsleep.com. 

Do Helix mattresses have fiberglass?

No, Helix mattresses do not contain fiberglass. Helix mattresses consist of multiple layers of high-quality foam plus pocketed coils designed to provide maximum comfort and support while you sleep. They are designed with a fire retardant yarn made from rayon, which is a derivative of cellulose (bamboo fiber). 

Where can I try a Helix mattress?

If you prefer to feel your mattress in person first, you can test out certain Helix models at select partner showrooms nationwide. Visit Helixsleep.com to find locations for Brooklyn Bedding, CB2, Sleepare and more showrooms near you. 

How long do Helix mattresses last?

Most mattresses are designed to last up to 7 to 10 years with proper care and maintenance. However, it’s important to remember that the longevity of a mattress is largely based on personal use and can vary depending on an individual’s body size and weight distribution. Helix does provide a 10 to 15 year limited warranty on their mattress to cover against manufacturer defects. 


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