Bidet King Alpha JX Review

Bidets are catching on in the U.S. in recent years—and for good reason. They help stop the spread of germs, keeping your hands (and tushies) cleaner; they limit reliance on toilet paper, which is great for the environment (and septic tanks); and for people with certain health conditions, such as hemorrhoids, they can help soothe (or even prevent) these issues.

The Alpha JX is a bidet toilet seat that attaches to your toilet, replacing your existing toilet seat. It has an impressive roster of luxury features—like tankless heating for warm water, a heated seat and air dryer, LED night light, wireless remote control, power save mode, multiple wash settings and more—and it manages to come in at a price point that’s comfortably mid-range. So is the Alpha JX the right bidet for you? Keep reading to find out.

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Feature-forward electric bidet toilet seat with remote control
Endless, on-demand warm water, heated air dryer and heated seat
Adjustable temperature and pressure controls
Self-cleaning nozzle with aerated water for a gentler wash
Pre-programmed wash settings, front and rear wash and nozzle oscillation mode
Slim, streamlined design with LED night light and easy installation

Alpha JX Bidet Toilet Seat Price & Availability

The Alpha JX is available for purchase on the Alpha Bidet website. The full retail price of this model is $499, but you can often find sales and discounts on the company website. You can also purchase the Alpha JX on a number of other sites online, however we recommend purchasing directly from Alpha Bidet to take advantage of any current deals as well as the company’s excellent customer service.

Alpha JX Construction & Features

The Alpha JX is made from high-quality materials, including a high-grade durable polypropylene seat with soft-close lid and remote control. It has a slim, low-profile design and whisper-quiet operation. The self-cleaning antimicrobial aluminum nozzle provides adjustable water pressure and temperature and features an oscillation mode. 

With a heated seat, endless warm water supply, warm air dryer, LED night light and multiple wash modes, the Alpha JX has all the must-have luxury features, and then some. 

And thanks to a three-year warranty and 30-day risk-free trial, you can rest assured that the company stands by their product and your satisfaction. 

Alpha JX Bidet Performance Ratings

Here’s how the Alpha JX ranks across some of the most important bidet features:

Water Heat:

Thanks to its tankless design, the Alpha JX provides consistently warm water that can be adjusted to the desired temperature for comfortable use. The temperature range is 93 to 104 degrees.

Water Efficiency:

With its adjustable nozzle settings, the Alpha JX bidet is highly efficient when it comes to water usage. In general, a bidet attachment should use about as much water to wash your rear as it takes to wash your hands.

Energy Efficiency:

The Alpha JX’s tankless water heating and photo-sensitive eco modes save energy while drastically reducing your family’s toilet paper consumption.

Functionality & Comfort:

This model offers a comfortable heated seat, heated water, adjustable nozzle and adjustable wash settings. The heated air dryer adds convenience for drying off after use, and many of the settings are adjustable to your comfort level. Overall, the features of the Alpha JX deliver a highly functional and comfortable experience.


Just about everything is adjustable on the Alpha JX right from the handy wireless remote control, including spray pressure, water temperature, seat temperature, air dryer temperature, nozzle position and nozzle oscillation—so it can be suited to your exact comfort specifications.

Controls Available:

The Alpha JX comes with a wireless remote control, which makes adjusting settings easy. From the remote, you’re able to control the water temperature and pressure, heated seat, air dryer, energy-saving mode and more. 

There are also built-in controls on the back edge of the bidet seat itself, although the remote control is much more convenient.

Air Dryer:

The air dryer on the Alpha JX features a strong flow of warm air and an adjustable temperature, and is a great way to dry off after using the bidet.

Cleansing & Sanitation:

The Alpha JX provides adjustable water pressure and temperature as well as a self-cleaning antimicrobial aluminum nozzle with oscillation mode for maximum hygiene. With a front feminine wash, rear and rear plus wash, the Alpha JX performs exceptionally in the cleansing and sanitation category.

Alpha Bidet JX vs Other Bidets

Now that we’ve covered the basics of the Alpha JX bidet toilet seat, let’s find out how it compares to other top models on the market:

Alpha JX vs Alpha iX Hybrid

The Alpha JX and Alpha iX Hybrid are two bidet toilet seats made by Alpha Bidet. Both models have similar features, including front and rear wash, heated seat, warm air dryer, LED night light (the iX Hybrid’s light is blue, while the JX’s is white), soft-close lid, adjustable spray pressure and nozzle position and wireless remote control. 

Where they differ is water heating type. The JX is tankless, while the iX is hybrid, which means they both have an endless supply of warm water for washing, but the hybrid has a small tank of pre-warmed water to draw from before switching over to its tankless heating element. This makes the hybrid design slightly less energy efficient than tankless, since it has to continually warm the water that’s in the reservoir. 

Additionally, the iX has a more entry-level price point while the JX is more mid-range, but the JX comes with a three-year warranty, while the iX’s warranty only covers one year.

Alpha JX vs Toto C200

The Alpha JX and the Toto C200 are both powerhouses in the bidet toilet seat category with good reputations for performance and quality. They share a lot of the same features too, such as adjustable spray pressure and water temperature, self-cleaning nozzle with oscillation, heated seat, warm air dryer, soft-close lid and remote control.

Where they differ is in the heating system: The Toto C200 is a tank system while the Alpha JX is tankless. Ultimately this means the Alpha JX will be a bit more energy efficient. The Alpha JX features a night light, while the Toto C200 does not. And Toto’s build has pulse mode, deodorizer and premist functions that Alpha JX is lacking, although that comes at a price: The Toto C200 is a couple hundred dollars more expensive than the Alpha JX.

Alpha JX vs Brondell Swash 1400

These two best-in-class bidet toilet seats share many of the same core luxury features, like tankless heating for on-demand warm water, adjustable water pressure and temperature, seat warmer, warm air dryer, LED night light, soft-close lid and remote control.

But the Brondell Swash 1400 comes in at a couple hundred more than the Alpha JX, and that’s due mostly to a few additional features that you may or may not find necessary: Dual nozzles for multiple spray patterns, carbon deodorizer and a programmable remote control. 

For those seeking a more affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice any of the must-have features, the Alpha JX is your best bet.

Our Verdict

Overall, the Alpha JX is an excellent option for those looking for a mid-range bidet toilet seat. It offers a variety of features such as adjustable water pressure and temperature, heated seat, heated air dryer, energy saving mode, LED night light, wireless remote control and more. The Alpha JX is also competitively priced compared to similar products from other top brands. With its high-quality construction and performance ratings, the Alpha JX is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable bidet toilet seat.

Alpha Bidet FAQ

Why is the Alpha JX so cheap?

The Alpha JX falls into the mid-range pricing for bidet toilet seats. It offers many of the features of more expensive luxury bidets, like endless warm water, heated seat, heated air dryer, night light and remote control, at a fraction of the cost. This makes it perfect for those who want a luxury experience at a more affordable price point.

How to install an Alpha JX bidet seat?

Alpha JX bidet seats can be installed in less than an hour by following the simple instructions provided in the product manual. You can check out the installation video and guides on the Alpha Bidet website to get an understanding of what is involved, and be sure to hire a professional if this type of work is out of your comfort zone.

Heads up: You will need a GFCI outlet nearby to plug the bidet into a power source.

In general, here’s how to install the Alpha JX bidet toilet seat:

  • Remove your existing toilet seat and lid, turn off the water supply valve and flush the toilet tank completely.
  • Disconnect the supply hose from the toilet tank and install the t-valve. Reconnect the water supply hose to the bottom of the t-valve.
  • Install the mounting plate and lock the bidet seat into place by sliding the unit back into its mounting plate.
  • Connect the optional water filter and the bidet hose to the t-valve. 
  • Once the plumbing is connected, open the shutoff valve at the wall and check for leaks. 
  • Plug the electrical cord into a GFCI outlet.

How do you remove the seat from an Alpha bidet toilet?

To remove the Alpha JX bidet toilet seat from your toilet, slide the seat forward to detach from the mounting bracket. 

To remove the entire bidet attachment from your toilet:

  • Unplug the bidet from the wall outlet.
  • Turn off the water supply valve and flush the toilet tank completely.
  • Disconnect the supply hose from the toilet tank and remove the t-valve. Reconnect the water supply hose to the toilet tank.
  • Slide the bidet seat off the mounting plate.
  • Remove the mounting plate from the toilet.
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