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Last Updated November 2023

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  • Rosetta Stone
  • Lifetime subscription available with unlimited languages
  • 25 languages including Spanish, French, Chinese, & more
  • Leading speech recognition technology to perfect accent
  • 100% Satisfaction: 30-day money-back guarantee
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    • Pimsleur
    • Based on Dr. Pimsleur’s research in memory & effective communication
    • 51 languages
    • Add up to four users
    • Core lessons, vocal coach, games and more
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      • Babbel
      • Live online classes, original podcasts, games, videos and more
      • Over 10 million subs sold
      • 13 languages available
      • Gift options and employment discounts
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        • Lingoda
        • Live language training available online 24/7
        • German, English, French, and Spanish
        • Interactive private and group classes via Zoom
        • Immersive learning with professional teachers
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          • Mondly
          • Used by 100+ million learners worldwide
          • 41 languages to learn from your native language
          • Chatbot with world-class speech recognition
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            • LingoPie
            • TV shows & tools make learning effective and fun
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            • Click to instantly translate custom subtitles
            • Accounts for kids also available
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              • IXL
              • Personalized learning for children
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                The Best Language Learning Apps for Every Need

                Whether you’re planning a trip abroad, you work for a global organization, or you just want to be a more dynamic communicator, learning another language can be a very smart step. Luckily, doing so no longer requires spending hours in a classroom—there are a variety of language learning apps and programs that can help you effectively learn a new language in a format that works for you, from the comfort of your own home. But how do you know which of these programs is best for your unique needs and specific goals? We’ll help you decide in this comprehensive guide to the best language programs. We’ve researched all the top brands and products so whether you’re looking for the best language learning app for Spanish, the best free language learning apps, or the best language learning apps for kids, we’ve got you covered.

                Best Language Learning App for Globetrotters

                Travelers looking to master one or more languages have several great options to choose from. Rosetta Stone is a leading language learning tool that uses cloud-based solutions and bite-sized lessons to help customers read, write and speak a variety of languages (30, to be exact). They take a highly visual and interactive approach, helping learners navigate real-world scenarios, providing immediate feedback on pronunciation, and offering live coaching with native speakers. Their award-winning app is equal parts fun, effective and easy to use. Plus, the program comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, making it a risk-free investment in a highly beneficial new skill.

                Babbel, Mondly and Pimsleur are also great options for travelers. All are app-based language learning tools that offer fun and flexible programs designed by teams of expert language teachers. They each have their own unique selling points—Babbel offers a wide variety of learning tools, from live online classes and original podcasts to games, videos and more; Mondly has one of the most expansive selection of languages and makes learning fun by using a variety of gamification strategies; and Pimsleur best enables learning on the go. But all of them can help globetrotters master practical and common words and phrases quickly and effectively.

                While not an app-based program, Lingoda is another excellent choice for travelers. It is an online language school that offers live classes with certified, native-speaking teachers—so you get personalized feedback and support. This is a great option for anyone who appreciates more structured learning, or who needs a little support in the accountability department.

                Best Language Learning Program for Businesses

                For global organizations looking to improve cross-team communication, boost productivity and improve business outcomes, a language learning tool can make all the difference. Rosetta Stone for Enterprise is a corporate language training experience featuring a customizable online and app-based curriculum plus unlimited tutoring from expert native speakers. The courses cover industry-specific terms and common business communication topics, equipping learners with relevant language skills and everything they need to effectively communicate with team members and customers.

                Lingoda is another excellent business language training option. The company offers exclusive online classes so you can gather your team for group lessons, no matter where they’re located. Lingoda also offers detailed reports on ROI and attendees’ learning progress, flexible scheduling and tailored account management services, providing a very personalized approach. 

                Babbel also offers a comprehensive language learning program for businesses that is definitely worth checking out. 

                Best Language Learning Apps for Kids

                Research suggests that kids may be more adept at learning new languages than adults, which is why getting your children or students started on a language learning program at a young age can be beneficial. Mondly Kids is a family-friendly app featuring game-like lessons and kid-centric topics and illustrations, making language learning fun and accessible for younger learners.

                Best Free Language Learning Apps

                While they may not provide the most comprehensive or personalized learning experiences, free language apps can be a sufficient solution for those looking to learn a few quick phrases in a few common languages. Of the free language learning programs on the market today, Duolingo, Memrise and busuu are some of the most prolific. Keep in mind that if you’re choosing a free service out of fear of investing in a paid service and not liking it, Some of the top brands like Lingoda, Pimsleur and LingoPie offer free trials, and Rosetta Stone comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

                Best App to Learn a Language if You’re a Visual Learner

                Visual learners like to see what they are learning—they process and absorb knowledge by connecting imagery to words. For these types of learners, Rosetta Stone is an excellent option. Its approach relies heavily on visual cues to establish connections, and you’ll rarely be introduced to a word or concept without some kind of accompanying image. Babbel is another visual-centric program that is popular among visual learners. For those looking for something a little different, LingoPie helps people become fluent in various languages simply by watching TV. Learners choose from thousands of shows and movies, all of which come with two sets of subtitles, and viewers learn the language from visual and context clues. Learners can get instant translations, and can review and reinforce what they learned with contextual and video-based flashcards post-show.


                What is the best language learning app?

                While the best language learning app depends on your individual learning style and unique goals, there are several that continue to be top picks among travelers and professionals alike. These include Rosetta Stone, Lingoda, Mondly, Babbel and Pimsleur.

                What is the best free language learning app?

                Duolingo, Memrise and busuu are frequently cited as some of the best free language learning apps due to their effective approach and ease of use.

                What are the best language learning apps for speaking Japanese?

                If you want to learn Japanese, you’ll be happy to know you have a lot of great options and approaches to choose from. Rosetta Stone is a comprehensive language learning tool that offers bite-sized online and offline lessons, which have successfully helped learners read, write and speak more than 30 languages, including Japanese. They offer a fully immersive environment and an award-winning, easy-to-use app. Mondly is another great option for those interested in learning Japanese. It uses gamification strategies and advanced language learning technology to help you master new languages quickly and effectively—and to have fun doing it. For those who prefer a more contextual learning experience, LingoPie offers an innovative and entertaining approach to learning Japanese—they help people become fluent by watching and listening to native speakers on TV. Learners choose from thousands of shows and movies, all of which come with two sets of subtitles, and viewers learn from context. You can click any word to get an instant translation. After, you can review and reinforce what you learned with contextual and video-based flashcards.


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