2Usmiles Clear Aligners Review

If you want a straighter smile fast, but don’t want to break the bank, 2Usmiles has you covered. The company’s  clear aligners not only deliver noticeable results quickly, they’re also more affordable than most leading aligner brands on the market today. Plus, they feature a proprietary plastic formulation that makes them 60 percent more discreet than the competition.

With all this to offer and more, it’s no wonder 2Usmiles has left so many patients smiling. Read on to find out everything you need to know about 2Usmiles clear aligners.

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$9.95 Impression Kit

Two treatment plans, including a nighttime-only option
Comprehensive, remote monitoring by an expert orthodontist
3D data modeling for precise customization & progress tracking
Patented plastic formulation that’s 60% clearer than most competitors
Short treatment duration—six to eight months for most users, even less for some
2U Lifetime Guarantee ensures refunds & replacements when necessary

Before we dig in, what are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are a virtually invisible alternative to traditional braces. Like braces, they use gentle pressure to gradually guide teeth into the correct position. Unlike braces, which use metal wires and brackets, clear aligners are made of plastic, making them much more inconspicuous. Most clear aligner companies offer a variety of treatment options like daytime and nighttime plans.

What are the top features of 2Usmiles Clear Aligners?

Here are some of the key features that set 2Usmiles apart:

  • 3-Dimensional Data Modeling: Once you return your impression kit, which is essentially a mold of your mouth, 2Usmiles will create a digital model of your teeth that replicates the impression. Using laser scanner technology, they can capture 3D data that enables their team to precisely develop your custom set of aligners. The 3D model will also serve as a point of comparison throughout your treatment—to ensure your results are progressing as they should.
  • 60 Percent More Clarity: If you want a straighter smile but don’t want the whole world to know you’re in the process of getting one, you want your aligners to be virtually invisible. 2Usmiles uses a patented plastic formulation that’s 60 percent clearer than most other aligners. They’re also specially engineered to be ultra soft and comfortable. So others won’t notice you’re wearing them—and neither will you.
  • Professional Dental Team: 2Usmiles provides comprehensive, remote monitoring by an expert orthodontist. In fact, the very same specialist who designed and prescribed your plan will be the one tracking your progress and ensuring that the scans you take from your phone are aligned with your straighter smile trajectory.
    • Affordable Plans: 2Usmiles offers two treatment plans: One that requires you to wear your clear aligners almost around the clock and one that requires you to wear them only at night. Whichever plan you choose, you’re pretty much guaranteed to pay less than you would with another brand. At the time of this review, the all-day plan is nearly $1000 less than the cost of a leading brand’s comparable plan, and the nighttime plan is about $700 less.
    • Treatment Time: Many clear aligner brands promise results in eight to 12 months; 2Usmiles customers can expect to complete their treatment in six to eight. That’s just an average, though—depending on the treatment plan and the severity of your case, 2Usmiles may take as few as four months to deliver visible results.
    • Convenience: With 2Usmiles, you’ll never have to step foot in a dentist office—every step of the process can be handled remotely. They offer a convenient online ordering process that makes it easy to get started, and remote monitoring from a dedicated dental professional throughout your treatment that ensures you get the care you need without the hassle of scheduling and driving to appointments.
    • Support: 2Usmiles’ level of support is exceptional. Not only do you get a dedicated orthodontics team supervising your entire treatment process, you also have access to a customer support team standing by to help answer any questions you have before, during and even after your treatment.
  • 2U Lifetime Guarantee: Nervous about taking the plunge? Don’t be. 2Usmiles offers a variety of guarantees throughout the treatment process that will put your mind at ease. They offer a 100 percent guarantee on their impression kits. This means that if you send in your kit and their specialists determine that you’re not a candidate for their clear aligners, you’ll receive a full refund. If, during your treatment, your designated dentist or orthodontist determines that you need adjustments and you’ve followed the treatment plan exactly, they will provide you with new aligners at no charge. And if your teeth become misaligned after treatment, 2Usmiles will provide you with a new set of impressions and aligners at no additional cost as long as you meet the criteria (even years later!).

What is the process of using 2Usmiles Clear Aligners?

Using 2Usmiles clear aligners is simple and straightforward. Once you sign up, they’ll send you an impression kit to take a mold of your teeth. You’ll send your mold back to 2Usmiles (using a pre-paid label they provide) and their orthodontic team will evaluate it to determine if you’re a candidate for their aligners. If you are, they’ll create a customized treatment plan for you (if you’re not a candidate, you’ll receive a full refund for the impression kit).

Before you commit to treatment, the  team will provide you with a 3D digital preview of your projected results. There is no obligation or commitment until you approve the treatment plan. If you do decide to move forward with your clear aligners, you’ll choose one of two treatment plans:

1. Quick Effective Plan:

  • Wear the aligner day and night (22 hours a day)
  • Results in four to eight months
  1. Night Comfort Plan:
  • Wear the aligner only while you sleep (10 hours a day)
  • Results in 12 to 14 months

Once you select your plan, 2Usmiles will ship your custom-made, BPA-free and FDA-approved clear aligners directly to you, along with a free whitening kit. Depending on your treatment plan, you’ll wear your aligners for 22 hours a day or just overnight. As you wear them, your teeth will gradually move into the desired position. Throughout the treatment process, the same orthodontist who designed your plan will remotely monitor your progress. You’ll log in to your account and upload progress photos taken on your phone every four weeks, so the orthodontist will keep track of your alignment journey and make sure the results are as promised.

Once you’ve completed your treatment, you’ll need to wear retainers for at least one or two years. For the first two weeks after treatment, you will have to wear your retainers 22 hours a day. After this period, you’ll wear them at least eight hours a day (overnights are fine). 2Usmiles will provide you with your first pair of retainers (retainers usually last about six months each, but this varies case by case. Every additional set is $60).

How much do 2Usmiles Invisible Braces Cost? 

2Usmiles offers some of the most affordable clear aligner treatment plans on the market today. At the time of this review, they range in price from $1195 to $1345. And while the price of your specific plan will depend upon the treatment you select, you can be confident that you’ll be spending much less than you would on most other clear aligners. In fact, at the time of this review, the 2Usmiles plans were nearly half as much as one of the most popular brands.

The company also offers financing options—you can pay all costs up front, or put less than $400 down and then pay a monthly fee that, at the time of this review, comes out to be less than $100 per month regardless of the treatment plan chosen.

And, if you have a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA), you may be able to use them to cover the cost of your impression kits, clear aligner treatment and retainers. You can also request 2Usmiles to check if your insurance will cover any part of your treatment.

Who is 2Usmiles?

2Usmiles is a clear aligner and online orthodontic services provider located in Tustin, Calif. The company offers customized clear aligners and two primary treatment plans designed to correct orthodontic problems without requiring patients to ever step foot in a dentist office.

Best invisible braces: How does 2Usmiles compare?

With clear aligners rapidly increasing in popularity, there are new brands popping up every day. Here’s how 2Usmiles compares to some of the other top brands:

2Usmiles vs. Byte

Byte is similar to 2Usmiles in many ways – —they offer full-day and overnight treatment plans, they offer ongoing remote monitoring by dental professionals, they offer whitening treatments and retainers in their packages, and they both offer a variety of guarantees throughout the straighter smile journey. The main difference between the two brands is that while Byte touts itself as the best option for the cost-conscious crowd, its plans are still more expensive than 2Usmiles. The all-day system is about $700 more and the overnight system comes in at nearly $1000 more, at the time of this review.

2Usmiles vs. Candid

Like 2Usmiles, Candid offers clear aligners, whitening kits, and remote treatment plans. Also like 2Usmiles, Candid guarantees that the same orthodontist who designs and prescribes your plan will be the one tracking your progress. But unlike 2Usmiles, all of this can come at a price: While the price of your plan depends on your teeth before treatment, plans can cost several thousand dollars, which, if insurance doesn’t help cover it, is a pretty penny for a pretty smile.

2Usmiles vs. Smile Direct Club

Perhaps one of the most popular clear aligner providers, Smile Direct Club has helped bring straighter smiles to more than 1.5 million customers since its inception. In addition to all the basics, Smile Direct Club offers some extra perks like 24/7 access to a dedicated dental team, regular virtual “Smile Check-Ins” with a prescribing doctor, a 30-Day Money-Back Promise and more. But again, all of those extras come at a pretty hefty price: These treatment plans can run you more than $2000.

2Usmiles Clear Aligner FAQ

What are the benefits of using 2Usmiles clear aligners?

There are many benefits to using 2Usmiles. Here are just a few of them: 

They offer a hassle-free experience. You order your aligners from the comfort of your own home. Plus, you never have to set foot in a dentist’s office—you’re monitored remotely by the same orthodontic specialist who created your treatment plan. Their aligners feature a patented plastic formulation that makes them 60 percent clearer than other brands, which means they’re far more discreet. They also offer some of the most affordable clear aligner treatment plans on the market—nearly half the price of some of the larger brands. They are committed to providing the best possible results for their patients, so they offer a variety of guarantees throughout the treatment plan.

How does the shipping process work for 2Usmiles clear aligners?

2Usmiles ships to all 50 states, and the shipping process is pretty simple. You start by ordering your impression kit. Once you do, it will be shipped to your home in three to four business days. Once you receive the kit, you’ll take your impressions and return them to 2Usmiles using the prepaid shipping label they provide. Once the company receives your impressions, you’ll wait approximately five business days for their orthodontic team to review the impressions and determine if you are a candidate for treatment. If you are deemed a candidate, they will then ship your aligners directly to your home along with instructions on how to use them and how to track your progress.

Are there any restrictions on what I can do while wearing my 2Usmiles clear aligners? 

As with most clear aligners, you should avoid eating or drinking while wearing your aligners as this could damage or break them. Simply remove your aligners during mealtimes or when you’re drinking anything other than water.

It should also be noted that you may experience a temporary lisp during the first few days of treatment. This is completely normal and will disappear as your mouth adjusts to the aligner.

Can I still brush and floss my teeth while wearing my 2Usmiles clear aligners? 

It is generally recommended that you brush your teeth before you put your aligners in, and then brush them again when you take them out.

As for the aligners themselves, you can clean them by carefully rinsing them with cool water (Do not use hot water as this can damage them). You can also use a soft-bristle toothbrush for a deeper clean.

What happens if I lose or damage my 2Usmiles clear aligners? 

If you lose or damage your clear aligners, you should reach out to the 2Usmiles support team immediately at [email protected]. They will be able to help you determine whether you need a new set of aligners or if the damaged ones can be repaired. In some instances, you may be eligible to receive a new set of aligners free of charge.

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