NewSmile Invisible Braces Review

NewSmile might be the new kid on the block, but they’ve got what it takes to stand up to the competition: A safe, effective, high-quality product at an ultra-affordable price, freebies that make your teeth-straightening experience more enjoyable and a convenient, in-home treatment that allows you to skip the hassles of traditional braces and get straight to what matters most: A more confident smile.

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NewSmile Braces
Pros Cons
Starting at $1,495—One of the most affordable clear aligner systems Retainers are recommended indefinitely but only one set is included in the plan cost
Prescribed and overseen by board-certified dentists & orthodontists Limited customer support hours
Convenient in-home treatment—no office visits required No in-office scan locations available; must use in-home impression kit for molds
NewSmile™ Monitoring App to help keep your treatment on track
Free retainers, whitening foam, removal tool & chewies to ensure a snug fit
Nighttime-only aligners available
FDA approved and Licensed by Health Canada, BPA-free & latex-free
Guaranteed financing with no credit check
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Save $100 Off Aligners

Much lower price point compared to most competitors
Treatment plans are designed and monitored by board-certified dentists & orthodontists
Average treatment time is four to six months
No office visits required—entire process is completed from home
Price includes impression kit, treatment plan, aligners, retainers, teeth whitening foam and comfort tools
Full refund if you’re not a candidate for treatment

What Are NewSmile Invisible Braces?

There’s a reason that people don’t like going to the dentist (if we’re being honest, it’s probably more than one reason). It’s a hassle to set up an appointment, take time off to go to the office and navigate unpredictable wait times. Then you have to get a referral to the orthodontist, and the process starts all over again.

When it comes to teeth straightening, many people shy away from a solution, because they think they either have to endure clunky, painful braces or shell out thousands for clear aligners—or both.

Luckily, there’s an alternative for those seeking straighter teeth: You can ditch the dentist and get a million-dollar smile from the comfort of your home. NewSmile is just one of the popular brands providing quality invisible braces at an accessible price.

NewSmile clear aligners aren’t just a convenient alternative—for many people, they’re also much faster and cheaper than traditional braces or Invisalign. That’s right: NewSmile aligners can produce results three times faster than metal braces, for a quarter of the price. Even compared with other clear aligner options on the market, NewSmile will save you hundreds—if not thousands—on your treatment plan.

Treatment with NewSmile is completely safe, too. Your plan is designed and monitored by a team of licensed dentists and orthodontists, and the FDA-approved clear aligners are BPA-free, latex-free and made with medical-grade materials.

You can choose from two treatment options depending on what works best for your lifestyle: All-day aligners are worn 22 hours a day and have the fastest treatment time (four to six months), or night aligners, which are worn for 10 consecutive hours at night and take about eight to ten months to deliver a straighter smile.

The whole treatment from start to finish is completed right from your home, on your terms and at your convenience. Plus, NewSmile makes it easy for anyone to afford the smile of their dreams with easy, guaranteed financing.

How NewSmile Works

To get started, you can take NewSmile’s online smile assessment. It’s a quick process: A series of easy questions about your current smile and dental history will determine whether you’re a good fit for clear aligners. 

Once you get the go-ahead from the smile assessment, the next step is to purchase your NewSmile plan. In about a week, you’ll receive an at-home impression kit, which includes everything you need to take molds of your mouth that the NewSmile team uses to create your treatment plan and aligner system. The kit contains four trays (two for the top teeth and two for the bottom) and putty for creating the molds. You’ll also get detailed instructions for taking your molds, cheek stretchers and a prepaid shipping label to send the molds back with when they’re complete. If you’re nervous about taking the molds on your own, NewSmile offers a free video consultation with an impression specialist, who will help walk you through the process and answer any questions.

You can also opt to purchase the impression kit on its own and preview your projected results before purchasing a plan. The cost for this option is $139, though the company frequently offers promotions that lower the price of the kit. But since the impression kit is included in the price of the plan, you’d save yourself the extra fee by opting to purchase the plan first (a good option if you’re certain about wanting the treatment!).

Either way you choose to go, NewSmile will refund your up-front payment in full if they determine that you’re not a good candidate for invisible braces.

Now comes the fun part: NewSmile’s team of doctors and orthodontists will evaluate your molds, create your personalized treatment plan and send you a 3-D projection of what your smile looks like now—and what it will look like after. If you’re happy with your treatment plan, simply approve it and NewSmile will start creating your custom set of clear aligners. The whole process, from placing the initial order to receiving your aligners, takes between seven and eight weeks.

Your aligners are made with a thin, ultra-clear, medical-grade plastic that’s trimmed to the gum line in a scalloped fashion so they don’t rest on your gums. Not only does this cause less irritation, but it makes the aligners less visible while you’re wearing them.

When your aligners arrive, you can start wearing them right away. Your treatment plan will outline exactly how long to wear each set for, but you can generally expect to change your aligners out every two to three weeks. Be sure to download and set up your NewSmile™ Monitoring App to help keep your treatment on track. In the app, you can also add smile selfies to see your progress in real time and get help with your treatment plan whenever you need it. 

NewSmile recommends that you take your aligners out before eating or drinking anything except water, and before brushing. All-day aligners should be worn for 22 hours each day, while night aligners are worn for a continuous 10 hours at night and while you sleep.

Your plan also includes free teeth whitening foam, so you can complete your mouth makeover with a bright set of pearly whites. NewSmile customers love the whitening foam, citing that it’s both easy to use and effective. 

After your treatment is complete, you’ll need to wear retainers to keep your perfect smile in place. NewSmile recommends that you wear your retainers for 22 hours a day during the first six months post-treatment, and from there, you’ll wear them while you sleep. Your first set of retainers is included free with your plan, and they’re designed to be worn for six months, so plan to purchase replacement retainers over time. One set of retainers is $149, or you can purchase a two-pack for $225.

How Long Will NewSmile Take?

NewSmile is among the fastest in the industry, with treatments averaging four to six months (for all-day aligners) or eight to 10 months (for night aligners). Only Byte offers a faster treatment time, at three months, but it comes at an additional cost. Anyone on a budget who has a couple of extra months to spare will be happy with NewSmile’s results

Is NewSmile Covered by Insurance?

The NewSmile site states that some dental insurance plans reimburse customers for a portion of the cost of invisible aligners. So while the company doesn’t offer the level of insurance assistance that some of its higher-priced competitors do, it’s definitely worth investigating on your own to see whether your insurance plan will cover any of the cost.

How Much Does NewSmile Cost?

As a newcomer to the invisible braces market, NewSmile has made it a priority to offer a quality service at an exceptional value to their customers. NewSmile is among the two lowest-priced options in the industry, bested only by ALIGNERCO, whose base price is just $50 less.

When it comes to payment, you have two options: Pay in full up-front, or finance your purchase to break it up into smaller monthly payments.

The best value is NewSmile’s Fast Track plan, which is a one-time payment of $1,495 (or $1,595 for night aligners). Paying up front will save you $100 over a finance plan.

But if monthly payments fit your budget better, don’t worry: NewSmile offers easy financing that will bring a smile to your face, with guaranteed approval, no credit check, a small deposit and affordable monthly payments spread out over 12 months.

If you have a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) through your insurance, you can also use it to make a full or partial payment toward your NewSmile plan.

Since we love a good comparison, here’s a peek at each of NewSmile’s plan options—all-day aligners and night-only aligners—to see how the price breaks down and what’s included:

All-Day Aligners Cost Night Aligners Cost
Fast Track: One-time payment up front $1,495 $1,595
Monthly payment plan $84/month for 12 months; $295 deposit ($1,295 total) $92/month for 12 months; $295 deposit ($1,395 total)
Impression kit Free ($139 value) Free ($139 value)
Treatment preview Free Free
Clear aligner system Free Free
Retainers to prevent shifting Free ($149 value) Free ($149 value)
Teeth whitening foam Free ($39 value) Free ($39 value)
Shipping Free Free

NewSmile Coupon Codes & Discounts

NewSmile offers periodic sales and promotions that can save you some extra cash, along with a generous $200 discount for active or retired military. Be sure to check their site for current deals.

How Do SmileDirectClub’s Invisible Braces Compare?

As one of the newer invisible braces brands on the market, NewSmile knows they need to stack up to competition—and they definitely deliver. Here’s a look at how they compare:

NewSmile Invisalign Byte Candid SmileDirectClub
Average treatment cost $1,495 $3,400 - $7,100 $1,895 - $2,295 $2,400 $1,950
Approximate treatment time 4-6 months 12-18 months 3-4 months 6 months 4-6 months
Doctor/dentist directed treatment Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3-D preview of expected results Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nighttime-only option Yes No Yes No Yes
Impression kit included with plan Yes No No No No
Retainers included Yes No Yes No No
Free teeth whitening kit Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Accepts FSA/HSA Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Easy financing with no credit check Yes No Yes No Yes
Convenient virtual-only experience Yes No Yes No Yes

Why We Love It: The Bottom Line

Braces and Invisalign are so expensive that a beautiful smile used to be reserved only for those with a lot of extra cash. And that’s why we love NewSmile so much: They’re making a straighter smile—and the confidence and quality of life that comes along with it—more attainable for more people.

In addition to their attractive price point, NewSmile also offers a better military discount than their competitors: An extra $200 off.

We also love the convenience of a 100 percent at-home treatment option—it’s great for busy people and parents—and the simplified approach of having all your accessories included (even a whitening kit and retainers!) makes the whole process that much easier.

For the budget-conscious, or those who simply want to avoid the in-person visits that other aligner companies require, NewSmile is a solid choice.

About NewSmile

NewSmile joined the online clear aligners party in early 2020. Founded in Vancouver, B.C., they currently operate in the U.S. and Canada. A combination of low prices and high-quality treatment has laid a solid foundation for future growth.


Becca B.

Satisfied with the result!

Compared to what my teeth looks like from the beginning, I am very satisfied with the result of my teeth I have now!

Lindsay G.

Great journey

I enjoyed my journey so much! From very misaligned to now beautiful teeth that I love so much! Thank you NewSmile!

Kate K.

highly recommend

I had braces when I was young but it did not give me the result that I wanted and expected. Good thing that I have tried NewSmile. The treatment preview they sent me is exactly matched to the result I got. I highly recommend!

Corrine E.

This is definitely worth it!

NewSmile helped me get back the confidence I lost due to crowding of my teeth! My friends keep telling me I look joyful nowadays! Seriously, this is so worth it! You have to give this a try.

Tina H.

Got the result as expected

It took six and a half month for my treatment and I've got what I expected! This process is definitely easy and helpful and I will surely recommend this to anyone!

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