Stoke Pizza Oven Review

Whether you frequently entertain or you just love the idea of making restaurant-quality pizza in the comfort of your own backyard, a pizza oven is a great investment. These outdoor ovens make it easy to create delicious, artisan-style pizza in mere minutes. And Stoke pizza ovens are some of the best options on the market today. They’re safe, portable, easy to use, competitively priced and perhaps most important, they make really, really good pizza. Here’s our comprehensive review of this popular product:

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Stoke Pizza Oven
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Up to 33% Off + Free Pizza Kit

Lightweight and portable, can be set up in less than five minutes
Safety features like heat-resistant shell, four stabilizing legs and smokeless technology
Comes with several free accessories, including a pizza cutter and carrying case
365-day risk-free trial and Never-Ending Warranty
Free and fast shipping—in as little as two days

What’s the Stoke Pizza Oven?

The only thing better than biting into a piping hot slice of pizza straight out of the oven is doing it from the comfort of your own backyard—without any of the hassles of ordering delivery. Stoke Stove makes that possible with their wood-and gas-powered outdoor pizza ovens. They make it easy to cook your own restaurant-quality pizza quickly—and deliciously. They’re made with high-quality, durable materials and are designed with safety in mind. They’re also fairly lightweight and compact—which means you can bring the pizza party anywhere.

Stoke Pizza Oven Models

The Stoke pizza oven is available in a wood-powered and a gas-powered model, as well as a newer hybrid model that enables backyard chefs to utilize wood, gas or a combination of both to cook their perfect pizza. Regardless of which you choose, you’re guaranteed to get delicious pizza fast—all models can reach very high temperatures quickly, allowing you to make incredibly delicious pizza in 60 seconds flat. Here’s an overview of the various models:

Wood Powered Oven

Using wood pellets, charcoal or a combination of the two, this model enables a tasty, smoky, wood-fired flavor (and that awesome crackling sound that only a true, wood-powered fire can deliver). With this model, you’ll need to keep an eye on the flame to ensure it’s cooking your pizza as you like it, and add more wood if it starts to dwindle.

Gas Powered Oven

Using gas gives you a little more control over the temperature—you can cook at super high heat (950ºF/500˚C) or at lower temperatures (aka “low and slow”), just use the gas knob on the burner to manage the heat. This option is great for backyard chefs who’d prefer to “set it and forget it.” The gas oven is available in two sizes: 13-inch and 16-inch.

Stoke Premiere Hybrid Pizza Oven

Stoke also recently released this hybrid model, which enables users to choose from wood or gas (or both) when cooking their pizza. It heats to a maximum temperature of 1000°F, and can bake your pizza in two minutes.

Stoke Pizza Oven Design and Build

All Stoke ovens feature durable construction and are designed for maximum safety. They include a heat-resistant, steel shell so you never have to worry about kids, pets or clumsy guests burning themselves. They also sit on four stabilizing legs—most other ovens sit on three, which means they won’t tip over easily. The Stoke pizza ovens also feature smokeless technology, so those with smoke sensitivities are able to join the pizza party without worry.

The ovens are also lightweight and portable, and they come with a weather-proof bag to protect them from the elements.

Stoke Pizza Oven Specifications

Here’s a little more detail about what you can expect from your Stoke pizza oven:

Fuel Source: Gas or wood


  • Gas-powered and wood-powered 13” oven: 13”L x 18.22”H x 11.15”W
  • Gas-powered 16” oven: 16”L x 18.22”H x 11.15”W

Weight: 40.7 pounds

Oven temperature: Gas and wood-powered models get up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit; hybrid model can get up to 1000 degrees.

Pizza size:

  • 13” ovens make up to 12” pies
  • 16” ovens make up to 15” pies

Colors: The gas- and wood-powered ovens are both black. The hybrid model is metallic with a black door.

What’s in the box: With the purchase of your Stoke pizza oven, you’ll also get:

  • One pizza peel
  • One pizza cutter
  • One carrying case
  • Pizza ingredients
  • Pizza recipes

Pros and Cons of the Stoke Pizza Oven

After doing a deep dive into the Stoke pizza ovens, we’ve uncovered a long list of pros and very few cons. Here’s a look at what we found:

Enables you to make restaurant-quality pizza in your backyard The ovens aren’t the lightest models on the market, which could be a deterrent for some
Wood, gas and hybrid options available Since the ovens heat from the back, you need to rotate your pizza frequently to make sure the heat is evenly distributed
Heats to 900°F in 20 minutes; once hot, it bakes your pizza in two minutes
Lightweight and portable, can be set up in less than five minutes
Safety features like heat-resistant shell, four stabilizing legs and smokeless technology
Comes with several free accessories, including a carrying case
365-day risk-free trial and Never-Ending Warranty
Free and fast shipping—in as little as two days

Stoke Pizza Ovens’ Performance and Functionality

The Stoke pizza ovens perform exceptionally well, reaching temperatures of up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit (1000 degrees for the hybrid) in as little as 20 minutes. The ovens are easy to use and produce delicious, restaurant-quality pizza.

Stoke Pizza Ovens Price, Warranty & Refund Policy

Here’s a look at the pricing, warranty and refund details for Stoke’s ovens: 

Pricing: At the time of this review, the wood- and gas-powered Stoke pizza ovens both cost less than $350. The hybrid model, which is much larger and includes a long list of additional features, comes in at a much steeper price point—just under $2,500.

Warranty: Each pizza oven is covered by Stoke’s Never-Ending Warranty.

Discounts: There are often discounts available on the Stoke website. 

Refund Policy: Stoke offers a 365-day risk-free trial, which means if you’re not satisfied with your pizza oven, you can return it within one year for a full refund.

How to Use the Stoke Pizza Oven

The Stoke pizza ovens are extremely easy to use. They come with a helpful manual that provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for setting up and using each model, and there are several tutorials on the Stoke website as well.

Stoke Stove Pizza Oven Accessories

Stoke pizza ovens come with several useful accessories, including:

  • Pizza Peel
  • Pizza Cutter
  • Weather-Proof Carrying Case
  • Pizza Ingredients
  • Pizza Recipes

Pro Tips for Using the Stoke Pizza Oven

Whether you’re a pizza-prepping newbie or you could just use a few pointers to help you perfect your process, Stoke’s got you covered with lots of tips and tutorials on their website. Here are some of their suggestions for perfecting your pizza:

Always preheat your oven: Prior to placing your pizza in the oven, let the oven fully heat with the stone inside. This typically takes between 20 and 30 minutes.

Add lots of flour: Always flour any surfaces you will place your pizza on—whether it’s for stretching and rolling or for cooking. This will ensure your pizza doesn’t stick. Semolina flour is especially effective at preventing sticking.

Don’t overdo the toppings: Adding too many toppings to your pizza may prevent it from baking evenly so its best to streamline the toppings.

Rotate frequently: Ensure even cooking by turning your pizza a half turn every 20 to 30 seconds. Keep an eye on your pie—you may want to turn it even more frequently to ensure the heat is properly distributed. 

Practice, practice, practice: Experiment with different cooking times and temperatures to find what works best for you.

How does Stoke Compare to Other Brands?

Here’s a quick comparison of Stoke and some of the other leading outdoor pizza oven brands:

Stoke vs Ooni

There are several similarities between Stoke and Ooni. Like Stoke, Ooni enables users to create restaurant-quality pizza from the comfort of their own backyards. And just like Stoke, Ooni offers a variety of models, including a gas-powered and a wood-powered model. Ooni’s prices are also comparable to Stoke’s (although their gas oven comes in a bit higher). But there are a few key differences:


  • Ooni only makes 12” pizzas; Stoke offers 12” and 16” options
  • Ooni doesn’t offer all the free accessories Stoke does, like a carrying case, pizza cutter and pizza peel
  • Ooni ovens have three legs; Stoke’s have four, making them much more stable
  • Ooni gets hotter faster—950 degrees in 15 mins; Stoke ovens can get to 900 degrees in about 20 to 30 minutes
  • Ooni ovens weigh 22 pounds or less—a little more than half what Stoke’s ovens weigh
  • Ooni offers a 60-day return period; you can return a Stoke pizza oven anytime within the first 365 days
  • Ooni’s warranty is shorter—one or three years compared to Stoke’s Never-Ending Warranty

Stoke vs Gozney

Like the Stoke pizza ovens, Gozney’s ovens create delicious, restaurant-style pizza in mere minutes—all from the comfort of home. But there are some notable differences, like:


  • Gozney does not have a strictly wood-powered option. They have gas-only models or dual fuel models, which come with a gas burner as standard, and the option to buy a detachable wood burner as an additional accessory
  • Gozney pizza ovens tend to cost more than Stoke’s comparable models—at the time of this review, $150 to $250 more
  • Gozney ovens have only three legs, making them less stable than Stoke’s four-legged models
  • Gozney ovens can reach up to 950 degrees; Stoke gets to about 900 degrees
    Gozney’s models tend to be a bit heavier than Stoke’s, making them slightly less portable.
  • Gozney orders have longer shipping lead times—they ship within 10 to 15 days from the warehouse; Stoke’s pizza ovens typically ship  within two to five days
  • Gozney’s return policy is more rigid—returns are accepted within just 30 days of purchase; Stoke offers a 365-day risk-free trial
  • Gozney’s warranty is less robust as well—their one-year warranty comes standard, and customers can benefit from an extended five-year warranty if they register their product within 60 days of purchase. Stoke offers all customers a Never-Ending Warranty

Our Verdict

After testing and reviewing the Stoke pizza oven, we can confidently conclude that they are a great option for anyone looking for a high-quality, durable and easy-to-use outdoor pizza oven that  makes it possible to enjoy delicious, restaurant-quality pies from the comfort of your backyard. Stoke’s pizza ovens come with a variety of innovative features and they’re some of the most affordable options on the market today. Plus, they come with a variety of useful accessories that make the deal even sweeter.


How do you use a Stoke pizza oven?

To use a Stoke pizza oven, you’ll start by loading the wood pellets or hooking up the gas, (depending on the model you chose). Next, you’ll insert the ceramic pizza stone into the oven and heat it on max heat for at least 20 minutes prior to cooking the pizza. Stoke recommends you use a pizza peel as a surface to build your pizza on. Whatever surface you use, you’ll want to heavily flour it before placing your pizza inside the oven. Then, you’ll place your pizza in the oven, and let it cook, monitoring its progress and rotating it often to ensure it’s cooked just how you like it before carefully removing it and letting it cool.

What’s the difference between Stoke’s wood vs gas ovens?

The wood-powered model runs on pellets, hardwood or charcoal, while the gas-powered oven runs on propane gas. While some users prefer the smokier taste of wood-fired pizza, the wood oven comes with a steeper learning curve than the gas oven, which simply entails turning a knob to control the temperature of the oven.

How should I store my Stoke pizza oven?

Stoke recommends storing your oven in the carrying case that comes with it, somewhere removed from the elements—like in a garage, shed or under an awning. The ceramic pizza stones should be stored indoors as they are extremely sensitive to extreme temperatures.

How do I clean my Stoke pizza oven?

The best way to clean your oven is with a mixture of soap and water and a lint-free rag. The pizza stone can be cleaned by heating your oven to the maximum temperature for about an hour, then wiping any residue off of it with a wet rag once the oven cools.

What type of metal is the Stoke pizza oven made from?

The Stoke pizza ovens are made from cold-rolled steel.

Why doesn’t the Stoke gas oven have a front door?

The oven was deliberately designed without a front door because the oven already gets very hot and the temperature is set by the knob on the back.

Is there a wood and gas combo option (dual oven) for Stoke?

Stoke recently released a hybrid pizza oven model, which enables users to choose from wood or gas, and heats to 1000°F, baking your pizza in two minutes.


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