Secretlab TITAN Evo Gaming Chair Review

So much more than just a souped up office chair, a comfortable, cutting-edge gaming chair that can provide serious support through hours of intense gameplay is a must for modern gamers.  And one well-established name in the game is Secretlab, known for their collection of exceptionally engineered, award-winning gaming chairs made from premium materials that make it easy to see why theyre a trusted choice for gamers of all sizes. For this review, were focusing on one of their most popular models—the TITAN Evo—to see what features make this chair stand out, how it stacks up against other gaming chairs, and why it may or may not be the throne to own. 

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Titan Evo
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5-year extended warranty
Available in NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette and SoftWeave® Plus Fabric
Magnetic Memory Foam Head Pillow with cooling gel
Dynamic and Personalized Lumbar Support System
Medium-firm Cold-Cure Foam for optimal balance between comfort and support

What is the Secretlab TITAN Evo?

The Secretlab TITAN Evo series is not just your typical chair. Excelling equally in comfort, craftsmanship and style, the Secretlab TITAN Evo features a carbon steel frame, built-in adjustable lumbar support, extra-stable base support, and premium materials, including a patent-pending cold-cure foam and luxurious upholstery options. With a generous height and weight limit, this chair is built from the ground up to help gamers withstand hours of gameplay in superior comfort and support. 

Secretlab TITAN Evo Specifications

Here are some of the specs:

Size guide: 

Specs Small Regular XL
Height ≤ 169 cm (≤ 5’6”) 170-189 cm (5’7” – 6’2”) 181 – 205 cm (5’11” – 6’9”)
Weight < 90 kg (200 lb) < 100 kg (< 220 lb) 80 – 180 kg (175 – 395 lb)
Max Weight 130 kg (285 lb) 130 kg (285 lb) 180 kg (395 lb)

Materials: Steel frame, Secretlab Cold-Cure Foam, Secretlab NEOTM Hybrid Leatherette, Softweave fabric or NAPA leather, Aluminum Alloy base 

Pros Cons
Ergonomic design for extra support over long periods of sitting Assembly required
Built-in lumbar support that easily adjusts to boost lower back support Pricier end of gaming chair spectrum
Patent-pending cold-cure foam mix for superior seat support
Near-flat recline and multi-tilt mechanism to find your perfect position
Premium materials like NAPA leather, carbon steel & cold-cure foam
Three unique, extra durable upholstery options to choose from
More than 40 fun colors and licensed designs
4D armrests with greater range of motion
High-quality memory foam pillow at no extra charge
Extensive third-party and internal testing beyond industry standards
Up to five-year extended warranty

Features of the Secretlab TITAN Evo

While the Secretlab TITAN Evo strikes an impressive stance at first sight, what makes it truly stand out is below the surface: 

  • 4-way L-ADAPT™ Lumbar Support: The Secretlab TITAN Evo comes with the patent-pending 4-way adjustable lumbar support for optimal lower back support that you move up and down and in and out as needed with the turn of a knob. For additional support, the Secretlab TITAN Evo chair also comes with a complimentary Signature Memory Foam Pillow featuring premium materials that mold to the shape of your body, plus a layer of cooling gel to actively pull heat away from your body for hours of gaming fun without the familiar aches. 
  • Full-metal 4D armrests with CloudSwapTM replacement system: Serious gamers know how important solid wrist and elbow support is, and so does Secretlab. Coated in plush polyurethane (PU) padding, their 4D armrests integrate a full-metal internal mechanism for superior ease of movement and durability with the ability to smoothly shift each armrest into the exact position you want, helping to mitigate the risk of carpal tunnel and provide your wrists and elbows a much-needed resting spot. 
  • Multi-tilt mechanism: Whether youre a straight-backed sitter, low-lounger, or somewhere in between, you have complete control of your chair with a multi-tilt mechanism that adjusts effortlessly to your preferred position. Simply sit at whatever angle you want and lock the seat in place for personalized comfort that fits your sitting style. The Secretlab Titan chair also features a 165-degree recline for nearly lay-flat rest right at your fingertips. 
  • Superior base support and mobility: Specially selected for strength and stability, the Secretlab TITAN Evo chair sits atop a perfectly balanced ADC12 Aluminum Wheel Base, while the extra-large caster wheels are coated in PU to smoothly glide over any surface while keeping your floors scratch-free. 

Secretlab TITAN Evo Pricing and Availability

Because the Secretlab TITAN Evo chair is available in a range of fabrics and special edition designs (like esports teams or popular culture characters), the price varies depending on the options you choose, ranging from $429 for the standard SoftWeave fabric to $749 for NAPA leather.* 

Secretlab often runs sales in addition to offering special discounted pricing for buying directly from their site versus purchasing their chairs through Amazon.  

Your best bet for saving money is to sign up to receive emails from Secretlab, which will alert you to special promos theyre running (plus theyll send a $20 off promo code just for signing up).

*At time of review; prices are subject to change.

Secretlab TITAN Evo Design and Build Quality

Materials & Construction

Secretlab certainly doesnt cut corners when it comes to the construction of their industry-leading chairs. The TITAN Evo features ample space and ergonomic design, delivering on the quality and durability the brand is known with features like: 

Patent-pending cold-cure foam mix: Secretlab sets itself apart by employing a unique foam manufacturing process to provide just the right firmness level to help evenly distribute weight while gently relieving pressure points that can pop up from prolonged sitting. 

Custom upholstery: Secretlab sticks to their promise of delivering customized comfort by offering three different fabric options to suit your gaming style, from breathable SoftWeave fabric to extra NEO™ Hybrid leather and luxurious NAPA leather.

ADC12 aluminum wheel base: You wont find any cheap nylon on this chair. The robust body is perched atop a five-point aluminum base reinforced with additional ribs and gussets throughout for superior structural stability. 

Class 4 hydraulics: Standard in all Secretlab chairs, the Class 4 heavy-duty KGS gas pistons are the best-in-class for consistency, stability and safety.

Upholstery and Color Choices 

With a variety of colors, special licensed designs and premium fabrics, you can create a personalized Secretlab TITAN Evo chair that fits your gaming style. 

SoftWeave™ fabric: Secretlabs signature blend and their most cost-effective fabric, the SoftWeave is made from dense yarn that offers a buttery-smooth feel that scores high in softness, breathability and durability. 

Secretlab NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette: Specially designed and tested to be 12 times more durable than regular PU leather, this study fabric still maintains the flexing and abrasion resistance you need for those marathon gaming sessions without sacrificing the supple feel. 

NAPA leather: Need we say more? The preferred pick for luxury cars and designer bags, this ultra-refined leather cradles you in the smoothest surface thats cool to the touch and screams class from every corner. 

Colors: Choose from more than 40 colors, with the NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette upholstery offering the most variety, including fun licensed editions from esports, classic video games and popular characters. 


Secretlab takes extra steps to ensure their chairs last for the long run. In addition to using best-in-class materials for superior stability and longevity, they run every chair through rigorous quality assurance tests set by internationally recognized authorities and push beyond industry standards to make sure that your chair is always up to the challenge.

They even guarantee their chairs after they leave the warehouse by offering an extended warranty program that will cover all functional portions of the chair (outside of aesthetic damages or misuse) for up to five years. 

Secretlab TITAN Evo Assembly

Secretlab provides a detailed, easy-to-follow assembly video via email, on their website and a set-up card in the box.  Assembly isnt super complicated, but this video walks you through each step while providing valuable tips along the way. They recommend watching this video prior to beginning assembly, and it takes about 20 minutes or less to fully put the chair together. 

Secretlab TITAN Evo Functionality and Comfort

With a well-thought-out ergonomic design, premium materials and built-in adjustable lumbar support, the Secretlab TITAN Evo chair is built to support you through hours of gaming without the common aches and pains that typically go with it, even helping to improve your posture. From their one-of-a-kind cold-cure foam that provides exceptional weight distribution to their nearly lay-flat recline and multi-tilt adjustment, all wrapped in top-of-the line materials, the Secretlab TITAN Evo series is an ideal spot to stay cool and comfortable when the gameplay gets hot.

Extra Accessories?

The Secretlab TITAN Evo chair currently comes with their Magnetic Memory Foam Head Pillow thats topped with a layer of cooling gel—at no additional charge. 

Secretlab TITAN Evo vs Other Gaming Chairs

Weve gone through the details around the Secretlab TITAN Evo, but how does it compare other chairs out there? Let’s start by stacking it up against some of the other top gaming chairs from the same brand:

Secretlab TITAN Evo vs Secretlab Omega 2020

At first glance, the Secretlab TITAN and Omega chairs share a lot of similarities, from the cold-cure foam, upholstery choices and base materials, but there are a few unique things that only the Titan offers:

  • The TITAN 2020 has a higher height and weight limit than the Omega
    • TITAN is recommended for people up to 67” who are 290 pounds or less
    • Omega is recommended for people up to 511” who are 240 pounds or less
  • The Titan has built-in adjustable lumbar support, while the Omega comes with a memory foam lumbar pillow 
  • The TITAN Leveled Seat is built with more flexibility (like crossing your legs), while the Omega comes with a snug-fit seat base with higher side wings” 

Because of these extra features and higher limits, the Secretlab TITAN chair starts at $40 more than the Omega. 

Secretlab TITAN 2020 vs Secretlab TITAN Evo Series 

When taking a look at these two chairs side-by-side, youll see that Secretlab basically took tried-and-true features of the popular Titan 2020 gaming chair to the next level and beyond on the new and improved Titan Evo series. Heres are a few of the most notable upgrades:

  • The TITAN Evo 2022 has advanced, more durable upholstery options like the new NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette thats 12 times more durable than regular PU leather vs the Titan 2020s PRIME 2.0 PU leather, which is four times more durable than regular PU leather
    • The TITAN Evo  also has an upgraded SoftWeave Plus fabric that is 3.5 times more durable than the regular SoftWeave fabric that you can order on the Titan 2020 
  • The TITAN Evo has a redesigned propriety pebbled seat base that fuses together the best of both of the TITAN and Omega 2020 chairs 
  • The TITAN Evo has a new four-way adjustable lumbar support design versus the two-way adjustable lumbar support that comes standard on the Titan 2020
  • The TITAN 2020 comes with a complimentary memory foam pillow, while the TITAN Evo 2022 now includes a souped up version that has an improved ergonomic shape, higher-density foam, and attaches magnetically to the chair
  • The 4D armrests on the TITAN Evo 2022 also now feature magnetic, interchangeable tops vs the fixed 4D armrests on the Titan 2020 
  • The TITAN Evo is the first Secretlab chair to come with an embedded NFC anti-counterfeit tag to ensure your chair is 100 percent authentic 

Our Verdict

Secretlab invested countless hours of research and development along with rigorous testing to develop a gaming chair that delivers on both substance and style. Its not hard to see why their TITAN Evo chair is one of the most popular models, offering a perfect blend of smart design features that provide the support you need, plus top-of-the-line materials for the luxurious feel you want from a chair in this price range. Yes, some of those features will cost you, but serious gamers (and newbies alike) will easily see it as money well spent after a marathon gaming session.  


What is the difference between Secretlab TITAN and Omega?

While these two chairs share a few important similarities like an enforced steel frame, patent-pending cold-cure foam, and upholstery selections, the TITAN 2020 offers more than just a higher weight and height limit over the Omega 2020 (up to 67” and 290 pounds versus up to 511” and 240 pounds, respectively). The TITAN 2020 chair comes with a built-in, adjustable lumbar support that helps alleviate aches and pains that can follow hours of gaming fun, while the Omega 2020 only offers a separate lumbar support pillow that can shift during play. Another difference worth noting is the seat base on the TITAN 2020 is leveled, which allows for more flexibility in sitting positions (like if you prefer to sit cross-legged) over the winged, snug-fit seat base on the Omega chair. When taking these extra features into account, as well as the larger height and weight limits that can provide more space and comfort for gamers of all sizes, we feel that for $40 extra (the starter price difference between the two), the TITAN 2020 gaming chair is well worth it. 

Is Secretlab TITAN worth it?

If you’re looking for a gaming chair that’s comfortable, supportive and stylish, the Secretlab TITAN 2020 is definitely worth considering. It’s one of the more popular gaming chairs on the market, and for good reason.

Featuring a combination of superior materials like a carbon structural steel frame, adjustable lumbar support, extra-strong base and a variety of superior fabrics and designs, the Secretlab TITAN chair is thoughtfully designed to support gamers through hours and even years of play, making it a serious contender for your gaming chair shortlist. 

Where to buy Secretlab TITAN?

For exclusive savings, the most up-to-date stock and designs, we recommend heading directly to the Secretlab website to purchase the TITAN 2020 chair. The chair is also available on Amazon, but the prices and savings often vary.

What is the difference between Secretlab TITAN 2020 and TITAN Evo?

Secretlab essentially took the features that people love from their popular TITAN 2020 and put them into overdrive with new and improved designs for the upgraded TITAN Evo. Things like the memory foam pillow and 4D armrests on the Titan 2020 have been updated with new materials and now attach magnetically for ease of use and ultimate flexibility. The upholstery options have also undergone a major revamp on the TITAN Evo, with new PU leather and SoftWeave fabric thats even more durable than the already tough products used on the TITAN 2020. The TITAN Evo features even more customizable four-way lumbar support (versus the two-way on the TITAN 2020) as well as a proprietary pebbled seat base that incorporates what gamers love from the leveled seat base of the TITAN 2020. In short, the TITAN Evo is the next generation gaming chair that builds on everything gamers love about the TITAN 2020 and then some.

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