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The Top Home Air Purifier: Everything You Need to Know

Interested in getting a room air purifier, but not quite sure where to begin? Our air purifier reviews, rankings and recommendations will help you learn everything you need to know about air purifiers—so you can breathe easy knowing you’re picking the best air home purifier for you.

Best Air Purifiers

With so many air purifiers claiming to be the best, it’s difficult to know which to try. From the best air purifier for Covid to the best air purifier for allergies, we shed some light on the differences between countless top air purifiers—so you can decide which is the best room air purifier for you.

Best Overall Air Purifier



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  • Removes 99.99% of tested bacteria and viruses from the air
  • UltraHEPA® filter, that’s 100x more effective than ordinary HEPA
  • 3-stage filtration with 4 fan speeds
  • Filter particles like allergens, dust, smoke, odors, VOCs and more
  • Color changing air quality sensor, filter replacement light
  • Covers up to 1,274 sq. ft. every 30 minutes
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Special Offer: $280 Off

Air Purifier Reviews

Whether you’re curious about the Molekule air purifier, or you want to know what the buzz is about AirDoctor, our air purifier reviews have all the detail you’re looking for. So you can be confident you’re making the best, most informed decision.

The Consumer Rating Difference

In-Depth Reviews of the Top-Rated Air Purifiers

Interested in an air purifier but not sure where to begin? Our experts dive deep into the details—so you don’t have to. Within each air purifier review, you’ll find:


Comprehensive Overviews

From the filters they use and the pollutants they remove to the square footage they cover and the noise levels they generate, we’ve got everything there is to know.

Pricing Details

We break down how much each air purifier costs by size and coverage area, noting the price of filters and other accessories, and how often they have to be replaced.

Air Purifier Comparisons

We compare each air purifier against other models like it, scrutinizing features, performance, pricing, warranties and more—so you can see how they stack up.

Customer Testimonials

Who better to provide insight than actual customers? Our air purifier reviews include feedback from real customers like you—so you can get the full picture.