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Securely share passwords and passkeys with other NordPass users over an encrypted channel and grant full or limited access depending on your needs
Secure Notes are ideal for securing things like Wi-Fi passwords, alarm system codes, and other important information
Offers an auto-lock feature, with which you can select for how long you would like to stay signed in or if you lose internet or close the application
Breach Monitoring monitors your email address and will send you a real-time alert if your information appears in a data breach
XChaCha20 encryption

What is NordPass?

Developed by the security team behind some of the most trusted cybersecurity programs, NordPass is an ultra-secure password manager that makes it easy to create and store unlimited strong passwords across multiple devices for a safer online experience. 

NordPass aims to simplify password management while keeping your sensitive data secure. While users can securely store login credentials for multiple sites with just one click, you can also use NordPass to keep your credit card information, private notes and personal information under lockdown for anyone except you—in one private place. 

With a strong commitment to security and privacy, NordPass offers advanced end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication and zero-knowledge architecture to ensure no one else but you can see what’s in your secure vault. In addition to offering security features as part of their free plan, paid subscribers get access to premium features like a Data Breach Scanner, Password Health and Secure Item Sharing.  

With stacked features and a user-friendly interface, NordPass makes password management easy to implement for both beginners and pros alike.

Pros Cons
Generate and save strong passwords in seconds You can only by logged in on one device with free plan
Unlimited password and passkey storage in encrypted vault Some advanced features are only available with paid plans
Automatically log in to your favorite sites Only one to two year subscriptions available—no month-to-month options
Easily import and export passwords
Auto-save and auto-fill for easy account access
Sync your passwords across computers, tablets or phones
Strong multi-factor identification
Secure notes and document storage for sensitive information
Data breach monitoring to alert you of potential security risks
Secure sharing and emergency access for easy collaboration

Key Features of NordPass

NordPass offers a range of features designed to streamline password management and enhance online security, including:

Secure password management and storage: Save, import and sync your passwords for easy access across devices, meaning you never have to click that “forgot my password” link again. 

Auto-save and auto-fill: The NordPass browser extension makes it easy to save your information to be automatically completed when needed—saving you time and frustration. 

XChaCha20 encryption algorithm: Considered to be the future of encryption, Nordpass secures all your passwords and other sensitive data with XChaCha20 encryption. 

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Add an extra layer of security to your Nordpass vault by setting up MFA, which requires two or more verifications to confirm your identity for added protection. 

Password Health: Identify vulnerable passwords that are weak, old or too frequently used with this helpful tool, and use NordPass to generate and save a stronger suggestion. 

Data Breach Scanner: Let NordPass actively monitor and flag any leaks so your sensitive data never falls into the wrong hands.  

Secure notes and credit card storage: Protect things like Wi-Fi passwords, streaming account details, garage codes and more, plus safely store your payment info for quick access when shopping online. 

Secure sharing and emergency access: Share passwords securely with other NordPass users and grant special access to trusted family or friends in the case of an emergency.

Other Notable Features

  • Unlimited password and passkey storage 
  • Secure file storage 
  • Easy import and export of passwords
  • Clear folder organization 
  • Biometric verification
  • Zero-knowledge architecture

NordPass Price

While NordPass offers a free version of their password manager that includes an impressive set of features like unlimited password generation and storage, MFA and credit card storage for up to one user, most shoppers searching for the ultimate in password and asset security will see the value in paying a small monthly fee for total peace of mind. 

NordPass Premium 

With the personal premium plan, you’ll enjoy all of the top-tier security features from NordPass while logged in across multiple devices simultaneously for as little as $1.49 a month when you sign up for two years (or $35.76 total).* As is typical with subscription plans, you get the most substantial savings by paying for two years up front, versus yearly (NordPass does not currently offer a monthly plan). 

Only premium plan subscribers have access to certain coveted features, like data breach scanning, emergency access, password health, plus secure item sharing and up to 3GB of secure file storage. 

NordPass Family Plan

Protect your loved ones with the NordPass Family Plan, which includes the same features as the premium plan with access for up to six separate secure vaults under one subscription for $2.79 a month when you pay for two years in advance ($66.96 total).* Family Plan members will enjoy unlimited access per account so you can all be logged in across as many devices as you want. 

*At the time this review was written.

NordPass Coupon Info & Free Trials

If you’re still unsure if you really need password management software, NordPass makes it easy to test it out with a 30-day free trial of their premium plan. If you’re still not sold on their full suite of services after 30 days, you always have the option to switch to their limited free plan. 

NordPass also stands behind their service by providing a 30-day money back guarantee good toward your initial subscription purchase. 

And while they don’t typically run promotional discounts or codes directly on their site, you can still cash in a month free for you and a friend with their “refer a friend” program. Plus, students qualify for a reduced monthly fee and an extra month free with NordPass.

NordPass’ Security and Privacy

NordPass places strong emphasis on security and privacy, leveraging cutting-edge XChaCha20 encryption that is quickly gaining popularity across major security providers as a newer, simpler, and faster alternative to the industry standard. It’s said to be three times faster and just as secure as 256-bit AES encryption, making it more efficient and less demanding on your device. 

NordPass also uses zero-knowledge architecture, encrypting your data at the device level, meaning even NordPass and its employees can’t access the sensitive information in your secure vault, so hackers don’t stand a chance. Zero-knowledge architecture also protects your privacy—since your data is already encrypted when it hits the NordPass servers, NordPass and other agencies can’t see or request access to whatever is in your vault. NordPass has no access to your master password or decrypted data, ensuring that you and only you have control and visibility.

NordPass has also been audited and validated by an independent third party to ensure ironclad protection.

Downloading and Logging In to NordPass

Getting started with NordPass is a breeze, thanks to its straightforward setup process. Their app is compatible with most popular operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. 

The user interface is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy to generate and manage your passwords effectively. NordPass also offers cross-platform compatibility, allowing you to access your passwords seamlessly while staying logged in across various devices under one account (premium plan only). 

We personally prefer to get up and running on desktop first by downloading the compatible app and creating an account. You can choose to play around with their free plan first, or jump right in to their premium plan for free for 30 days before fully committing. You’ll be prompted to create a master password, the only one you’ll have to remember from this point on, and then you can easily start using the software to create or import passwords as needed. Don’t forget to add their browser extension for seamless integration across all your favorite sites. 

Once you’re all set up, syncing up your mobile device is extremely easy. Simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play, sign in to your account, input your master password and you’re good to go.

About NordPass

NordPass was developed by Nord Security, one of the world’s leading providers of advanced cybersecurity solutions that keep businesses and people protected. Founded in 2012, Nord Security has created a highly rated, award-winning suite of products that provide the highest level of digital security, including NordVPN, NordLayer, NordLocker and NordWL. 

NordPass Customer Support 

NordPass provides a variety of support channels, including live chat and an extensive online Help Center full of informative FAQs, how-to guides and detailed articles to assist users with any inquiries or issues.

If you need more personalized support, you can contact one of their Customer Success agents via chat (available within the Help Center) or by emailing [email protected].

Comparing NordPass to Other Password Managers

While there are plenty of options out there to help you with password management, NordPass is consistently rated one of the top choices. Take a look to see why:

NordPass vs. 1Password

Both big names in the password management market, NordPass and 1Password offer the same features you’d want from a secure password manager, NordPass offers more cutting-edge encryption, multi-factor authentication methods and storage space for less per month than 1Password. You’ll see an even bigger price difference at the Family Plan level, with NordPass coming in at almost half the monthly cost of 1Password, plus NordPass includes coverage for up to six users, which is one more than you get with 1Password’s Family Plan. NordPass also offers a 30-day free trial vs the 14-day from 1Password. But perhaps the biggest differentiator between the two may be the fact that only NordPass offers a completely free plan, furthering NordPass’s lead in overall value.

NordPass vs. LastPass

Beyond similarly sounding names, both companies also often share a top spot on password managers lists. While both offer unlimited password storage across devices, data breach scanning and multi-factor identification, NordPass provides these features and more for a lower monthly cost than LastPass for both the individual and family plans. NordPass also has been audited by a third party and has earned high marks for security, while LastPass has suffered recent hacks, which is not something you want to hear about any company charged with protecting your most valuable information.

Bottom Line: Why We Love It

Password management is quickly becoming a vital part of our day-to-day online activity, and NordPass makes the process of safely securing your most valuable information easy and pain-free. While we appreciate the fact that they offer a pretty solid free plan with all the basic features you’d want to save and create strong passwords across all your devices and accounts, we think there’s great value in their paid premium and family plans, which take personal cybersecurity up a notch with things like data breach monitoring and password health. Plus, NordPass leads the pack as one of the first to employ next-generation XChaCha20 encryption, plus their zero-knowledge architecture and third party audit further prove their commitment to providing the best in password management—minus the stress. 

NordPass FAQs

What is NordPass Premium?

While NordPass offers a free plan with limited features for one account/device, NordPass’s paid plan for personal use, known as NordPass Premium, offers enhanced features worth considering for a low monthly cost. 

With NordPass Premium, you can stay logged in on unlimited devices simultaneously, which is particularly useful if you frequently switch between devices. The Premium plan also includes password sharing, allowing you to securely share passwords with others. This is particularly useful for teams or families who need to share access to joint accounts.

Additionally, NordPass Premium comes with a Data Breach Scanner, which alerts you if your data appears in any leaks or breaches, and it provides a password health report to help you improve the strength and security of your passwords. You’ll also get access to secure file storage and sharing, emergency access and more to build even more value behind their premium plan. 

What is NordPass?

NordPass is a leading password management solution designed to make your digital life stress-free and secure. Developed by the team behind NordVPN, this service helps you create strong passwords, securely stores them in one place, remembers them for you, and autofills online forms and logins, allowing you to access your accounts seamlessly across desktop and mobile platforms. 

NordPass also offers other useful tools like data breach monitoring to ensure your information hasn’t leaked elsewhere, plus secure credit card and personal information storage to make online shopping safe and simple. 

Is NordPass safe?

Yes, NordPass is considered safe and prioritizes the security of user data. While no system is completely impervious to potential security risks, NordPass has implemented robust security measures to safeguard user data. By combining strong encryption, multi-factor authentication, zero-knowledge architecture and third-party security audits, NordPass provides a safe environment for managing and protecting your passwords.

How does NordPass work?

NordPass is designed to simplify cybersecurity for the average person by securely storing and managing your passwords. Here’s a high-level look at how it works:

  • Password storage: NordPass stores all your passwords in a secure, encrypted vault. Whenever you sign up for a new online account or change a password, NordPass can save the login details.
  • Password generator: If you’re creating a new account or updating an existing password, NordPass features a password generator that creates secure and complex passwords for you automatically.
  • Autofill and auto-login: NordPass can automatically fill in your login details when you visit websites, saving you the time and effort of typing them in manually. This feature works on various websites and applications across multiple platforms, including desktop and mobile.
  • Sync across devices: With NordPass, your passwords sync across all devices on which you’ve installed NordPass and signed into your account, so you have access to your passwords whether you’re using your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Data breach scanner: This premium feature scans the web to see if any of your data has been compromised and sends real-time notifications if it finds anything.
  • Biometric authentication: NordPass supports biometric authentication, like face and fingerprint recognition, on supported devices, offering an additional layer of security.

Remember, all this data is encrypted before it leaves your device, so only you can decrypt and access your information. NordPass does not have access to your master password or your stored data.

Is NordPass free?

Yes, NordPass does offer a free version. The NordPass Free plan provides essential features such as unlimited password storage, automatic sync across devices, autosave and autofill. However, the free version allows only one active session at a time.

For more advanced features like being able to stay logged in on unlimited devices simultaneously, secure sharing, data breach monitoring and more, you would need to upgrade to the NordPass Premium plan.

Is NordPass Premium worth it?

Yes, NordPass Premium is worth it for individuals and businesses seeking enhanced password management and online security. While the free version of NordPass offers basic password management capabilities, upgrading to the premium plan unlocks a host of advanced features that significantly enhance your online security and convenience. Therefore, if you prioritize robust security, seamless syncing and additional features, investing in NordPass Premium is worthwhile.

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