PuroAir 400 Air Purifier Review

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air pollutant levels can sometimes reach up to 100 times higher than outdoor levels. Since most people spend the majority of their lives indoors, and extended exposure to poor air quality can cause significant and serious health effects, investing in a powerful home air purifier can be an especially smart move. The PuroAir 400 is one of the best models on the market today. We’ll break down the specs, standout features, special pricing and more to help you decide if this highly praised commercial-grade air purifier is the right fit to freshen up your home or office. 

Last Updated May 2024

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The world's first, quietest, and most powerful HEPA 14 filter available
Clean large rooms up to 2,145 sq. ft automatically
3 different fan speeds including a sleep and auto mode
Filters out 99.99% of pet dander, smoke, pollen, allergens, dust, mold, odors and contaminants
2 year cleaner air guaranteed warranty included
Timer option settings for 1, 2, 4, and 8 hour increments

About the PuroAir Air Purifier  

While we all have a vacuum on hand for cleaning visible dust and debris, an air purifier is just as important for capturing the stuff you can’t see. The PuroAir 400 HEPA 14 filters airborne pollutants like dust, pollen, pet dander and mold spores at a microscopic level before they can ever reach your lungs. 

Capable of cleaning spaces up to 2,145 square feet (sq. ft.) in under an hour, this scientifically-backed model features the very first HEPA 14 filter—currently the most powerful filter available—to remove up to 99.99 percent of contaminants from the air. 

Its whisper-quiet operation automatically adjusts to keep your air quality consistently clean 24 hours a day so you can breathe easy knowing your space is safe.

Pros Cons
World’s first HEPA 14 filter Replacement air filters can get pricey
Scientifically backed by scientists at Harvard and MIT Only available online
Removes up to 99.99 percent of fine particle matter down to 0.1 microns
Effectively captures dust, pet dander, odors, smoke and more
Up to 10 times more powerful than a HEPA 13 filter*
Third party lab tested and certified
Automatic air sensor for 24/7 cleaning
Sleek black design and quiet operation
Adjustable timer, fan speed and sleep mode
Convenient change air filter indicator light
Free shipping and returns
Two-year warranty

Highlights of the PuroAir 400 HEPA 14 Air Purifier

The PuroAir 400 boasts an impressive list of features that set it apart from other air purifiers on the market.

HEPA 14 filtration: The PuroAir 400 uses a medical-grade HEPA 14 filter, which is one of the highest levels of air purification available. 

Scientific stamp of approval: Superior filtration system validated by scientists at Harvard and MIT. 

High-capacity cleaning: Perfect for homes and small offices, this powerful purifier can clean large rooms up to 2,145 square feet in just 60 minutes. 

Automatic air sensor: This air purifier can monitor the air quality in your home and adjust the cleaning power automatically to ensure continuous fresh air. 

Convenient settings: In addition to automatic air sensing, this model also includes a timer, multiple fan speeds, sleep mode, and a filter replacement indicator.  

Two-year cleaner air guarantee: The PuroAir is backed by a two-year warranty, making it a risk-free investment in a healthier home.

How the PuroAir Performs

From the thousands of rave reviews from real customers to third-party scientific studies, one thing is clear: the PuroAir 400 is one of the most impressive and effective purifiers on the market. 

First-in-Class Filtration 

The PuroAir 400 is a top-of-the-line air purifier that utilizes the world’s first HEPA 14 filter. The HEPA 14 has been scientifically proven to filter out 99.99 percent of particles as small as 0.1 microns, including pollutants, allergens, smoke, mold, pollen, dust and odors, among other fine particles you don’t want to breathe in. An independent lab study found the PuroAir’s filtration system to be 10 times more effective than the standard HEPA 13 filter, making it an ideal solution to improve the quality of your home’s air and help improve your allergies, asthma and sleep. 

Quick, Quiet Operation 

The PuroAir 400 can effectively clean the air in areas up to 2,145 square feet in mere minutes, which is perfect for large rooms or offices. This powerhouse purifier also includes a smart sensor that detects the level of pollutants in the air and adjusts the fan speed accordingly, ensuring efficient purification while also conserving energy. The PuroAir operates at a low noise level without causing disruptions so you can breathe clean air anywhere.

Pricing and Availability 

You can purchase the PuroAir 400 directly at GetPuroAir.com or through authorized retailers like Amazon. At the time this review was written, the PuroAir 400 was on sale for $299 (regularly retailing for $459) on the manufacturer’s website with free, two-day shipping. You’ll also get a two-year limited warranty and free returns up to 30 days when purchasing direct. 

To maintain optimal performance, it is recommended that you replace the HEPA 14 filter every six months. These superior filters can be expensive to replace, so it’s important to factor in this cost when considering purchasing the PuroAir 400.

Comparing the PuroAir to the Competition 

The PuroAir 400 stands out among other popular air purifiers on the market due to its HEPA 14 technology and smart sensor feature. While it may have a higher price point, its proven efficiency and effectiveness make it well worth the investment.

PuroAir 400 vs. Blueair Blue Pure 311 Auto

The Blueair Blue Pure 311 Auto is another powerful choice in air purifiers, with its own impressive list of features and technology. However, the PuroAir 400 edges ahead with its HEPA 14 filtration, which is considered one of the best on the market, compared to the particle and carbon filter of the BlueAir. The PuroAir is also better suited for larger spaces and has more customizable settings than the Blue Pure 311 Auto. 

PuroAir 400 vs. Dyson Pure Cool TP04

The Dyson Pure Cool TP04 combines the perks of an air purifier and cooling fan in one sleek machine. And while the Dyson Pure Cool also features a HEPA filter, only the PuroAir 400 has the leading HEPA 14 filter for a higher level of air purification, making it more suitable for individuals with allergies or respiratory issues. The PuroAir is also nearly half the cost of the Dyson for superior air purification, which lands it in the lead as a better value overall.

Bottom Line: Why We Love It 

Whether you’re battling allergies or asthma, have furry friends at home, or simply want to ensure you’re breathing the freshest air possible, investing in an air purifier can make an immediate difference in your space. And for the best, fastest filtration in rooms with serious square footage, the PuroAir 400 is a prime pick. With the class leading HEPA 14 filter by Harvard and MIT scientists, the PuroAir is able to efficiently remove 99.99 percent of fine particles that can cause short- and long-term health issues. Plus, the automatic smart sensor and quiet operation helps the PuroAir 400 work seamlessly to ensure your air is always fresh, delivering on its promise to provide improved air quality anyone will appreciate. 


What features does the PuroAir 400 Air Purifier offer?

The PuroAir 400 Air Purifier comes with a range of features designed to provide cleaner and healthier air. One of its most notable features is the HEPA 14 filter, which is currently the most powerful available, that was validated by scientists at Harvard and MIT. This filter is capable of filtering out 99.99 percent of fine particulate matter down to 0.1 microns in size, including pollutants, allergens, smoke, mold, dust, odors, pet dander and pollen.

Another impressive feature is its large room coverage. It can clean rooms up to 2,145 square feet in just 60 minutes. It also has an automatic air sensor that constantly monitors the air quality to ensure it stays fresh 24 hours a day. 

What is the size and weight of the PuroAir 400 Air Purifier?

The PuroAir 400 Air Purifier is compact and relatively lightweight for its capabilities. It weighs approximately 16 pounds, or 7.3 kg, and measures about 17.5 x 10.6 x 12.5 inches. 

Please note that there might be slight variations in the weight and dimensions due to different models or versions of the PuroAir 400 Air Purifier.

How effective is the PuroAir 400 Air Purifier at removing impurities from the air?

The PuroAir 400 Air Purifier provides the highest level of air filtration through the use of the world’s first medical-grade HEPA 14 filter. Backed by scientists at Harvard and MIT, this powerful filter is capable of capturing and removing 99.99 percent of particulate matter down to 0.1 microns in size. It effectively filters out allergens, dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, mold spores and odors.


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