Survival Frog Emergency Food Review

No longer just for survivalists and outdoor extremists, having a reserve of essential supplies at your disposal is critical for being self-sufficient and prepared in any emergency situation. From energy sources to clean drinking water and especially food, there are plenty of products and companies making it easier to expand your stockpile with everything you need. Survival Frog stands out for providing one of the largest selections of preparedness products and outdoor gear available online. But is it the right emergency food provider for you? We’ll help you decide with this comprehensive review. We’ll take a look at all of Survival Frog’s emergency food options, its nutrition and shelf life, pricing and more. We’ll provide detailed lists of pros and cons and even compare the company to other leading emergency food suppliers on the market today—so you can decide if Survival Frog is the best fit for your needs. 

Last Updated April 2024

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Free Shipping for Orders $99+

Canned Meat: Just two ingredients with up to 25-year shelf life
Made in USA
Each can contains 90+ grams of protein
No hormones or preservatives
6-month "no questions asked" refund policy
Free shipping on orders $99+

What is Survival Frog? 

Founded on the belief that everyone should have at least a 72-hour supply of the essentials on hand just in case, Survival Frog is quickly gaining traction as a one-stop shopping hub for all things survival, which appeals to both beginners and seasoned survival preppers alike. The company offers one of the biggest inventories of survival gear and goods, from tools to shelters, to heat and power sources, bug out bags, and most importantly, food and clean water supplies. 

As one of the most basic necessities we need, Survival Frog puts extra emphasis on their food and water supply section, featuring hundreds of meal choices within three main categories: protein-packed canned meat, nutrient-dense survival food bars, or freeze-dried meals. Most of these foods are specially packaged to last up to 25 years and are easy to prepare with minimal to no effort—so you and your loved ones can weather any storm without going hungry.

Pros Cons
Everything you need for survival preparedness in one place Emergency food is currently only available within the contiguous U.S.
High-quality survival food all made and shipped within the U.S. Certain items like canned beef can be pricier in comparison to similar brands
Canned meats made from all-natural, chemical- and hormone-free sources
Five- to 25-year shelf life depending on the type of food
Choose from drinks and bars to sample bundles and full-year food kits
Free shipping on orders over $99
Quick and easy online shopping experience
Exclusive rewards and perks as part of their Buyers Club
Six-month satisfaction guarantee or your money back

How Survival Frog Works 

Shopping with Survival Frog is straightforward and stress-free. Take your pick from a variety of different types of food and bundles, including featured items from a few partner brands you may recognize like Nutrient Survival, Legacy® Food Storage, ReadyWise™ and Backpackers Pantry. 

Orders totaling over $99 will qualify for free shipping, although it’s important to point out that Survival Frog currently only ships their emergency food products within the contiguous United States. Certain items like the canned meats come with the option to subscribe and save 10 percent on recurring orders with free shipping included. 

If you really want to get serious about survival prepping while enjoying some serious savings and perks, you’ll want to consider enrolling in their Buyers Club. For a set monthly fee, club members get front row access to exclusive launches, 10 percent off every purchase, free shipping and returns, VIP support and more. Plus, you can cancel at any time for any reason, and they even offer to provide store credit if you’re not saving more than the cost of membership. 

It’s a great way to save while slowly building up your stockpile until you feel safe and ready to meet any emergency head on. 

Survival Frog Food 

Shelter and power are often top-of-mind when we think of necessities needed for surviving any serious emergency, but food is arguably the most essential. 

Survival Frog takes the prepwork and guesswork out of starting a shelf-stable food supply by providing a variety of options to choose from that can meet anyone’s storage and flavor preferences. 

All of their food products are made exclusively in the United States in facilities that meet the highest standards for safety and quality, and are specially sealed and packaged to last from five to 25 years with proper storage (yes, even the canned meat!).  

So whether you want to keep a few high-calorie food bars in your bug out bag or you’re looking to get serious about a survival stockpile to keep everyone in your household well fed, Survival Frog has you covered. 

Survival Frog Canned Meat

One of their most unique and highly rated food choices is their Survival Fresh All Natural Canned Meat. They source only quality, all-natural U.S. meats with no added fillers, preservatives or hormones that pack an extra protein punch for added energy when you need it most. They are made using only meat and sea salt, and are sealed in BPA-free cans using a special process that allows them to last for up to 25 years on the shelf. They’re also fully cooked and ready to eat right out of the can if needed, although they can also be heated and mixed with other menu items for a balanced, delicious meal. 

Survival Frog Emergency Ration Bars 

When it comes to stressful situations, sometimes you need the quickest and easiest way to nourish your body. That’s why Survival Frog also offers specialized emergency food bars that are formulated to deliver extra calories, vitamins and minerals in a compact source that you can simply unwrap and enjoy. Containing 400 calories a piece and designed to last up to five years in storage, these bars are perfect to keep as backup in your bag or car when you’re on the go. 

Survival Frog Buckets and Freeze-Dried Meals

Survival Frog enables you to keep yourself and your loved ones satisfied in any stressful situation with convenient, easy-to-prepare emergency food kits and products. Whether you want to order enough food for a whole year or just want to keep a few essentials in stock, Survival Frog provides an extensive assortment of freeze-dried items from premier partners in the emergency food game. From delicious entrees to drink supplements and even pantry staples like milk and coffee, you can shop it all at Survival Frog. Plus, most of these items have the longest shelf lives of up to 25 years, so you can gradually build up your supply as you see fit.

Survival Frog Pricing

Intentionally created to make prepping for emergencies easy and affordable, Survival Frog has something to fit any budget. From single freeze-dried packs or starter bundles to an entire year’s supply of food, the pricing for items on varies anywhere from tens to thousands of dollars. Plus, you can also purchase nutritionally powered drinks or emergency food bars, with the bars offering one of the best cost-per-calorie ratios on the market. 

Survival Frog Discount Codes and Coupons 

Survival Frog often runs special pricing on select bundles or kits directly on their site, as well as a sale section you should keep an eye on for extra savings.

They also offer 10 percent savings on their top-rated canned meats when you place a recurring subscription order. All military personnel receive a special 10 percent discount and free shipping on their entire orders. 

Survival Frog Buyers Club

We’d have to say that the best way to save on items from Survival Frog is to sign up for their Buyers Club. 

For a small membership fee of either $9.99 a month or $99 for the year, Buyers Club members get exclusive access to: 

  • 10 percent off every order (even applicable on top of other promotions)
  • Free shipping and returns—no minimum required 
  • VIP customer support with a direct line to your very own personal rep 
  • Frog points you can use toward free products or savings
  • Early access to product launches and promos  

Plus, you can cancel your membership anytime, and Survival Frog will even provide store credit if you don’t save more than the cost of your dues. You’re essentially guaranteed to save money with no risk to you.

Shipping and Refund Policies 

Survival Frog is currently only shipping food orders to the continental U.S. via FedEx, UPS or USPS—you can select your preferred carrier during checkout. Orders over $99 qualify for free standard shipping. They also offer something called Premium Shipping Protection, which covers your order in case anything happens in transit. Make sure to toggle the option to “off” during checkout if you want to skip the extra $5.50 since they have it auto-selected under your subtotal. 

When it comes to refunds, Survival Frog has an industry leading six-month “any reason” guarantee. That means if you’re not 100 percent satisfied, you can request a refund within six months of your purchase to receive your money back. They’ll even cover return shipping if you send your items back within 14 days of delivery. 

Survival Frog also has a generous three-year product warranty against any defects, which means they’ll either replace the defective product with a new one or something similar, or provide store credit. 

About Survival Frog 

Based in Denver, Colo., Survival Frog has grown into one of the largest and most trusted online suppliers of survival products that caters to beginners and experts alike. True to their motto of Preparing Made Easy®, the team at Survival Frog is dedicated to making emergency food accessible and affordable for everyone.

Survival Frog Customer Service 

Besides being able to find most answers immediately in their Help Center, you can also reach their customer service team by calling or texting 1-800-773-7737, or chatting directly on their site. Since their hours are somewhat limited and vary, you can also submit a ticket by clicking “Contact Us” on

Comparing Survival Frog to Other Survival Food Providers

With more and more survival food providers entering the market, Survival Frog still stands out as one of the largest, industry-leading in the survival space. Here’s how it compares to the competition:

Survival Frog vs. Wise Company

While both companies provide emergency food supplies to help you prepare for any situation, Wise Company has a much more limited selection—the company primarily offers freeze-dried meals. Survival Frog, on the other hand, has an expansive collection of supplies, canned meats, emergency bars and freeze-dried kits. You’ll also need to spend over $199 to qualify for free shipping with Wise Company, while Survival Frog offers free shipping on orders over $99. Plus, Wise Companies’ 30-day return policy can’t compare to the six-month satisfaction guarantee from Survival Frog. 

Survival Frog vs. Mountain House

Mountain House gets high ratings for their freeze-dried emergency foods, but Survival Frog was voted the number one best-tasting survival food for their canned meats. These canned meat products are specially cooked in the can to retain all of the natural flavor and juices, plus have no extra chemicals or preservatives. These, along with many other products from Survival Frog, require no cooking or water, while the freeze-dried meals from Mountain House do. Mountain House does provide free shipping on all orders, which is a great perk, but they only allow returns for up to 30 days past purchase, which is a fraction of the six-month return policy from Survival Frog. 

Bottom Line: Why We Love It

Being prepared for an emergency situation doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Whether you just want to throw a few extra bars in your bag before a big hike or beef up your survival stockpile with some serious protein, Survival Frog has an incredibly diverse selection of food that can work for all taste buds, budgets and needs. They make shopping for survival gear simple by having it all neatly arranged and ready to checkout in just a few clicks, and we appreciate that they’re not trying to constantly upsell you on other things as you browse. And since preparedness prepping is usually something you continue to build on over time, we like that Survival Frog offers exclusive perks through their Buyers Club that proves it pays to be prepared. 


What is Survival Frog?

Survival Frog is a leading survival gear and supplies online store that has been rated number one for best-tasting survival food. They are committed to helping people be prepared and protected for any survival scenario by making it easy and affordable to shop a wide range of supplies in one digital shop, featuring high-protein canned meat, convenient emergency bars, and freeze-dried kits and packs to ensure you always have food on hand. They provide free shipping for orders over $99 and a six-month refund guarantee.

Is Survival Frog legit?

Survival Frog is a well-known and trusted company with a large stock of wilderness tools and survival gear.

Who owns Survival Frog?

Survival Frog is owned by Byron Walker, who is also the CEO and founder of the company. The company was founded in 2009, and is headquartered in Denver, Colo. Survival Frog specializes in retail and personal products related to survival and preparedness.

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Free Shipping for Orders $99+


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