Keeper Password Manager Review

According to Verizon’s 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report, human error, like creating weak passwords or falling for phishing scams, was the number one cause of data breaches. So much of our lives are spent working, shopping and surfing online, that we sometimes forget the constant risk that comes with such convenience. Protecting your passwords is the first line of defense in keeping your identity and personal information safe, and using a password manager tool makes it easy for anyone to actively prevent cyberattacks. Keeper Security is one of the most trusted names in cybersecurity, so we’re taking a closer look to see why millions of people and businesses choose Keeper to ensure their most valued information is always protected.


Last Updated May 2024

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Unlimited secure password storage across devices
Zero-knowledge encryption renders data breaches irrelevant
Ultra-secure password and file sharing, plus file storage
Easy autofill so you never have to remember unique passwords
Personal, family and business plans to cater to all users
30-day free trial as well as a free basic plan

What is Keeper Security?

Creating weak passwords and reusing the same passwords across multiple sites makes you a prime cyberattack target. Keeper Security provides leading password management software that creates unique, complex passwords for all of your website logins and apps that are stored in an encrypted vault, so you never have to worry about managing—or remembering—your passwords again. Your passwords can be securely accessed and shared on any device while also being autofilled on websites and apps to streamline your logins.

Keeper is a zero-knowledge and zero-trust security product, which means even employees of Keeper do not have access to your personal information. This ensures users have the highest level of security and privacy. The service provides multi-factor authentication for added security.  It’s available on mobile, desktop and as a browser extension, so you can easily sync and access the passwords to your accounts across any system or device. It also offers file encryption, so files can be securely shared with others and protected from any unauthorized access, as well as dark web monitoring to alert you if and when your credentials are found on the dark web.

Keeper also offers business plans that include specialized visibility, management and compliance features to safeguard systems and data for both private and public organizations.

Pros Cons
Unlimited password protection in encrypted vault Free plan is available, but only accessible on one mobile device with limited features
Autofill usernames, passwords, credit card info and more with browser extension Some premium add-on features like dark web monitoring and secure file storage are an additional cost
Generate and store strong and unique passwords for every account Limited file storage included with paid plan; can add on more
Multi-factor authentication including fingerprint or facial recognition
Access and sync your passwords from all of your devices
Store attachments, important documents and photos in your secure vault
Securely share passwords and logins with others, even if they are not a Keeper user
Safely store credit and debit card information
Send encrypted messages for free with KeeperChat
Compatible with Apple Watch and Android Wear devices for two-factor authentication
Zero-Knowledge Security
Utilizes AES-256 and PBKDF2 technology
Certified TRUSTe and SOC-2 for peace of mind
Award-winning customer support available 24x7
30-day free trial features full suite of features

Advantages of Using Keeper Security

Keeper Security is one of the most secure and reliable password managers on the market today. It uses 256-bit encryption to store all your data securely, making it virtually impossible for hackers to gain access to user accounts or information. In addition to generating and storing secure passwords, Keeper also includes secure file sharing and storage, plus digital wallet storage for payment information. Bonus features like passkey support and the encrypted messaging app, KeeperChat, make Keeper much more than just your typical password manager.

Limitations of Keeper Security

While Keeper offers some of the most advanced security features available, some of them come at an added cost or are only available to certain levels of paid users. For example, Keeper BreachWatch, which monitors the dark web and alerts you of any potential threats, is available for an extra fee across all plans. And unlike some competitors, they don’t currently offer additional services like VPNs or credit monitoring.

Features of Keeper Security

Password Management: Keeper Security helps you easily generate and store unlimited secure passwords across apps and devices in an encrypted vault. A master password, known only to the user, is used as the key to unlock access to your vault.

Password Sharing: Securely share individual passwords or an entire folder of passwords with others. Keeper allows you to set the permissions of what the recipient can do with the record and folder, such as limiting them to view only or allowing them to edit and share it with others. Users can also share passwords on a time-limited basis by setting an expiration date.

256-Bit AES Encryption: Virtually impossible to crack and employed at the federal level to protect sensitive information, Keeper uses 256-bit AES encryption to keep your data safe.

Multi-Factor Authentication: Keeper keeps your account extra secure by requiring more than two levels of identity validation, including options for FIDO2 hardware security keys, biometric login like Touch or FaceID, and Keeper DNA, which verifies your identity using an Apple Watch or Android Wear device.

KeeperFill®: Keeper’s autofill feature allows you to log in to your favorite sites and apps on all devices in seconds without having to remember or enter usernames and passwords.

Emergency Access: Designate up to five trusted family members or friends to have access to your Keeper Vault in case of an emergency. You can even decide how much time should pass before their access is granted.

Identity and Payment Information Storage: The service provides a digital wallet feature that stores and automatically fills in payment information like credit card numbers, making online shopping easier and more secure.

Secure File Storage and Sharing: For personal Keeper accounts, you can store and organize up to five files in your vault with full end-to-end encryption. Family plans include up to 10 GB of secure file storage, making it easy and safe to share important documents between loved ones.

Other Notable Features

Keeper also provides other features worth noting, like:

  • Auto-fill passwords
  • Password security audit
  • Multi-device sync
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Easily delete or restore passwords
  • Import/export passwords
  • Store time-based one-time password (TOTP) codes

Keeper Security Pricing

While Keeper has tailored cybersecurity solutions to serve the specific needs of private and public enterprises, they have two main subscription plans to choose from for personal use:

Keeper Unlimited

This plan is ideal for the single user with access to all of the ultra-secure features you’d want in a password manager, and then some, for $35 a year. This includes unlimited devices, unlimited password storage, unlimited cloud backups, free access to KeeperChat encrypted messaging and secure file storage for up to five files with additional storage available for purchase. 

Keeper Family

Keeper Family provides everything you’d get with the Unlimited plan with access for up to five unique users with their own private vaults, 10GB of secure file storage (more available as an add-on), and secure sharing for $75 a year, so you can easily access shared WiFi passwords, streaming service logins, important documents and more. Users in the same family plan will not be able to access each other’s vaults.

Keeper Security does have a free password manager plan that offers a few of their basic features, like password generation and storage plus two-factor authentication, on a single mobile device.

Keeper Security Promo Code and Trial

While they don’t always run special pricing on their site, Keeper Security does offer 30 percent off to military families, first responders and medical personnel. Keeper offers an even bigger discount to students, with up to 50 percent off their Keeper Unlimited plan.

Even if you don’t qualify for one of their promotions, you can try all of the premium features available with the Keeper Unlimited plan for up to 30 days completely free. If you decide not to purchase the yearly subscription once the trial is up, you can use their limited free plan on one mobile device.

Keeper Security’s Data Security

There’s a reason why Keeper Security is one of the highest-rated and most trusted password management tools on the market. In addition to holding the longest-standing SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certifications in the industry, Keeper is GDPR compliant, CCPA compliant and is certified by TrustArc for online privacy.

Keeper Security’s zero-trust and zero-knowledge encryption model ensures that even in a worst-case scenario, all of the contents of your Keeper Vault would be protected with multiple layers of safeguards and encryption. The data stored in a Keeper Vault is encrypted and decrypted locally on the user’s own device utilizing AES-256 encryption and PBKDF2 technology.

Downloading and Logging in to Keeper Security Password Manager

Signing up and onboarding with Keeper Security is a pretty straightforward process. With clean, user-friendly apps optimized for all popular operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, users can sync and access their account information from any device.

To get started, you simply enter your email, create a master password and verify your email address. Once logged in, you’ll follow their easy Get Started wizard, which will help you import passwords, download and install the KeeperFill browser extension and set up account recovery. You can also check out one of their super helpful Quick Start Guides at, or dig into one of the more detailed user guides for more specific set-up instructions.

About Keeper Security

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Chicago, Keeper Security has grown into one of the most trusted and top-rated cybersecurity companies. Millions of customers around the world trust Keeper’s zero-knowledge platform to prevent password-related cyberattacks. It has been recognized as the top-rated password manager by multiple outlets such as U.S. News, PC Mag and CNET.

Keeper Security Support

Keeper Security offers a variety of customer support channels to help users with their password management needs. Customers subscribed to their personal or family plan have 24/7 access to support via phone, email or live chat (the free plan only includes email and chat support).

Keeper Security also provides an extensive help center directly on their website with detailed articles that explain how to use the different features of the service. The company also offers a variety of user guides and 101 videos that provide step-by-step instructions and tips, and you can even register for a free Q&A support webinar for real-time feedback. 

Comparing Keeper Security to Other Password Managers

Keeper Security is one of the most popular and highly-rated password management services on the market, so we put it up against some of the top competition to find out how it fared.

Keeper Security vs. 1Password

As two top providers of secure password management software, Keeper Security and 1Password share similar features and pricing on the surface. And while both companies are zero-knowledge, Keeper Security offers more robust features overall, with superior password sharing being one of them. With Keeper, you can share passwords easily within a single vault versus the separate vaults you need to set up when sharing passwords with 1Password. Keeper also offers a longer free trial at 30 days, while 1Password’s free trial lasts only 14.

Keeper Security vs. LastPass

Keeper Security and LastPass are both big names in the password management market. However, Keeper’s superior MFA support, multi-level encryption and zero-hack history gives it the edge overall. Keeper also offers more standard discounts for certain groups like military, medical personnel and students. 

Bottom Line: Why We Love It

With a comprehensive collection of features and top-tier encryption that caters to both personal and professional users, Keeper Security keeps you protected by providing peace of mind from the constant threat of cyberattacks. Its intuitive user interface, iron-clad encryption, secure file sharing, digital wallet storage, multi-factor authentication and more, make it a standout among competitors. And we also appreciate their robust support with 24/7 access to customer service, incredibly detailed tutorials and user guides, plus live webinars to make password management painless. It’s clear to see why Keeper is a top choice for millions of customers and businesses who want super secure password management from a company they can trust. 


What is Keeper Security?

Keeper Security is a highly-rated password manager and digital vault that helps protect businesses and individuals from cyberthreats. Its primary function is to securely store your passwords, but it can also manage other sensitive information like credit card details, encrypted messages and more. It uses zero-knowledge security with best-in-class encryption to ensure your data is stored securely and only accessible to you. Keeper Security can generate strong, unique passwords for your accounts, auto-fill your login information on websites, and sync your data across all your devices. It offers solutions for individuals, families and businesses, each designed to enhance cybersecurity and simplify password management.

Is Keeper Security legitimate?

Yes, Keeper Security is an awarded, highly-rated password management service serving millions of customers and businesses worldwide. It is recognized for its robust suite of top security features such as zero-knowledge encryption, which ensures that only you have access to your data. Keeper has been recognized as a leader in password management from trusted sources like U.S news, PCMag, Forbes and Trustpilot. Keeper Security holds the longest-standing SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certifications in the industry, as well as being GDPR compliant, CCPA compliant, FedRAMP authorized, StateRAMP Authorized, and certified by TrustArc for online privacy. Keeper is also PCI DSS certified.

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