Our Review Process

Our goal is to provide all of our readers a thorough, well researched review that helps them make an informed buying decision with confidence. “We do the research so you don’t have to!”

All of the reviews, comparisons, guides, and articles included on the ConsumerRating.org website are based on rigorous research and thorough evaluations of products and services by a team of professional writers trained to take a consistently unbiased and thorough approach.

The information included in our content has been collected from consumer-facing sources, including brand websites, credible consumer resource sites, published customer reviews, and available research, data, and relevant scientific studies.

Our team of experts conducts extensive comparative analysis on each of the brands reviewed across critical criteria consumers care about most—like pricing and product benefits, features and performance—to determine rankings. Our subject matter experts have also personally tested the products and services included in our reviews and rankings to better inform their assessments of both the customer experience and the products’ performance.

What does that mean?

  1. We establish a standard set of criteria for each category that will be used to evaluate each product or service. These standards persist and each brand is evaluated on them. You can see this reflected in the different bulleted lists, tables, and sections of our lists and reviews
  2. Each brand’s materials are researched to determine how they stack up against the standards
  3. Based on each brand’s performance within each of the criteria the review, tables, comparison, analysis, etc is written
  4. All editorial staff are only compensated for their time and are in no way incentivized, financially or otherwise to write a favorable review.
  5. Our editorial team is comprised of experienced and accomplished writers and editors
  6. Our editorial team is kept separate from all other aspects of the business and adhere to the highest ethical guidelines so that each review is unbiased and factually accurate