Purple Garden Online Psychic Review

Whether you’re feeling confused, concerned or simply curious about what life has in store for you, turning to a psychic advisor can help provide the sense of clarity and confidence you need. And with platforms like Purple Garden, consulting with a vetted, experienced psychic advisor right from the comfort of your own home is simpler than ever. We’re breaking down the details of this leading psychic site, from its setup and pricing to its psychics and vetting process, plus how it compares to other sites to help you decide if Purple Garden is the right source to help you find the answers and advice you seek.

Last Updated April 2024

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Purple Garden
Advisors available via video, phone, or chat
Love readings, mediumship, tarot cards, career advice & more
Hundreds of psychics to choose from
Vetted and voted for by actual clients

About Purple Garden 

Launched with the mission to provide accessible, credible psychic insights that mimics the in-person experience from the comfort of your own home, Purple Garden has rapidly become a go-to destination for those seeking clarity and guidance in their personal lives.

Purple Garden is essentially a connection hub that helps advice-seekers find a professional psychic advisor based on their interests who can provide a private reading or spiritual guidance via a live video call, phone call or chat. Their more than 1,000 advisors are vetted and voted on by users like you so you can connect with someone who best suits your needs. 

Featuring everything from relationship and career advice to astrology and tarot card analysis, plus love and relationship readings, Purple Garden is a trusted resource for psychic consultations with a 91.5 percent customer-rated prediction accuracy, making it a go-to choice for spiritual guidance worldwide.

Types of readings: 

  • Live psychic readings via video, chat or phone 
  • Astrology readings and zodiac compatibility
  • Tarot card readings
  • Love and relationship readings 
  • Soulmate and twin flame readings
  • Spiritual and soul readings
  • Empath tests
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Virtual palm readings
  • Angel insights
Pros Cons
1000+ psychic advisors means you’re more likely to find a good match No satisfaction guarantee, though you can request a refund
High ratings for accuracy from customers Vetting process for psychics is somewhat vague
Focuses only on live readings for real-time feedback
Multiple ways to connect: Video calls, chat or phone
Video calls closely mimic in-person experience in a more personal setting
Can easily browse and filter psychic profiles before creating an account
Wide selection of reading types
Helpful categories and clear filters help narrow your search
Includes real reviews on psychic profiles—good and bad
Prices start as low as $.99 per minute
User-friendly app makes it easy to get guidance from anywhere
Real-time availability helps you find someone quick

How It Works

Connecting with a psychic advisor and getting the guidance or answers you need is quick and straightforward with Purple Garden. 

Step 1: Create an Account

Users begin their journey by signing up on Purple Garden, either through the app or website. This process involves creating a profile, which includes basic personal information and preferences. This step is crucial as it personalizes the user experience right from the start.

Step 2: Find the Right Psychic for You

Users can explore the vast array of psychic profiles available on Purple Garden either with or without an account, although it’s better to have one to help “favorite” and save your top picks. You can narrow down your search by selecting the type of reading you’re interested in, or browse through categories like “Voted Most Accurate” or “Top Rated.” Each profile provides detailed information about the psychic, including their areas of expertise, years of experience, user ratings and reviews, and pricing. This transparency helps users make informed decisions when selecting a psychic that resonates with their needs. You’ll also be able to see what type of availability each psychic has in real time (some may be available for chat only at the moment).

Step 3: Start Your Session

After selecting a psychic, users can choose their preferred method of communication from a live video, phone call or chat session. Simply select the duration of your reading (typically in increments of five minutes), with the cost per minute being clearly displayed for each method, and submit your payment through their secure portal to connect with your psychic. Readings on Purple Garden are interactive, and users are encouraged to share their questions and concerns, plus seek clarification on certain points during the session to ensure satisfaction. Psychics may request additional information, such as birth dates for astrology readings, to provide more tailored insights. After the session concludes, users have the opportunity to leave a review and rate their experience with the psychic, which helps continue the community feedback loop that is so valuable to Purple Garden.

Purple Garden App

While users can connect with a spiritual advisor via the company website, Purple Garden is an app-based platform that works on both iOS and Android mobile devices and tablets. The Purple Garden app is user-friendly and free to download from the App or Google Play store, making it simple to seek guidance whenever and wherever you need it most.

Purple Garden Psychics

Purple Garden is one of the top-rated apps for live psychic readings, earning rave reviews from real users, particularly for their vast network of more than 1,000 psychic advisors. Every psychic reader on Purple Garden is vetted through tests and interviews that ensure they bring real insights and valuable experience to the table—although the company does not guarantee the accuracy of any readings. 

With a robust filtering system, users can easily navigate through the psychic’s profiles, selecting based on specialties, ratings, price and languages spoken. Each psychic on Purple Garden includes an introductory video to help you get to know them a little better, and is accompanied by reviews and ratings from previous clients, providing transparency and helping new users make informed choices based on others’ experiences. They even add a badge to advisors who have been voted most accurate by users.

And since Purple Garden focuses on providing live consultations, users can see which psychics are online and available to provide real-time readings and instant feedback. While there are multiple ways to communicate with Purple Garden psychics, they specialize in providing readings and advice over live video calls, creating a space for that face-to-face experience that can strengthen your connection and overall experience. 

Purple Garden Pricing

Pricing on Purple Garden varies, with each psychic setting their rates based on experience and demand. While some psychics offer introductory rates or lower prices, as with any online psychic service, the cost can quickly escalate, especially for sessions with top-rated advisors. 

Generally, Purple Garden offers one of the lowest entry-level prices in the market at 99 cents per minute, but we found that the majority of psychic advisors fell closer to the $4 to $10 range. You typically pay for sessions in five-minute increments, so users should carefully consider their budget when selecting psychics and services.

Generally, live chat sessions tend to be more budget-friendly, while video calls can cost the most per minute. 

Purple Garden Promo Code 

For new users, Purple Garden often offers promotional rates or discounts on initial readings. Regular users might also find loyalty discounts, referral codes or special offers, making it worthwhile to keep an eye on the platform’s deals.

Comparing Purple Garden with Other Online Psychic Platforms

Purple Garden stands out for its vast network of advisors, user-friendly interface, wide range of readings and the flexibility of communication methods, including video consultations. Here’s a look at how it stacks up against other psychic reading platforms.

Purple Garden vs. Psychic Source

When comparing Purple Garden with Psychic Source, two prominent platforms in the realm of online psychic readings, several key differences emerge. While Psychic Source is one of the longest-standing psychic reading services, their network of advisors is only a fraction of the psychics available through Purple Garden, which means you’ll have many more options to choose from to fit your preferences, reading type and budget with the latter. 

Purple Garden also allows users to freely browse their site and network of advisors prior to creating an account, so you can get a feel for their services. On the other hand, there are very few details available about Psychic Source and their advisors prior to handing over your personal information. 

Both sites are within the same range for readings and introductory offers, but with Purple Garden, you’re more likely to be able to try a session for free for at least a few minutes with a promo before having to pay, while Psychic Source has a strong satisfaction guarantee policy on your reading. 

Purple Garden vs. Kasamba

Purple Garden and Kasamba are both trusted resources for online psychic readings, but a closer look reveals they offer distinct features and services tailored to different user needs. 

Kasamba has been connecting users with spiritual advisors for more than two decades, and while Purple Garden is newer to the market, they offer a much larger network of psychics so it’s easier to find someone you truly connect with, plus only Purple Garden offers the option to talk with your psychic via a video call for a more personal, instant connection. There is also more detailed information, including videos and transparent reviews, available on each psychic’s profile on Purple Garden, so you can get to know them better before committing to a reading. 

Overall, Purple Garden has a more modern and user-friendly interface and app than Kasamba, making it easier to navigate. And the ability to connect with Purple Garden’s vast network of experience advisors via video is a major win for users looking for the benefits of a traditional face-to-face reading in a more private space.

The Bottom Line: Why We Love It

Earning top ratings in accuracy from customers, Purple Garden makes seeking guidance from a higher power in a personal, private session—or even on the go—extremely easy and even enjoyable. Whether you want to talk career, love, life or more, the fact that Purple Garden offers one of the largest networks of psychics advisors means you can be confident you’ll find someone who you connect with. We particularly like that you can clearly browse and filter through their more than 1,000 psychics, viewing their specialities, strengths and a short intro video, without needing to create a profile or submit any personal information first. And Purple Garden also includes thousands of real user reviews for each of their advisors so you can get a feel for a person before committing to anything. They focus on live readings so you can get real-time feedback, and the option to connect via video really adds to that more personalized, deeper connection many users desire. And their user-friendly mobile app along with 24/7 availability makes it easy to ask for advice whenever, whenever you need it. So whether you need confirmation, comfort or just extra confidence in your choices, there’s a strong chance that Purple Garden has a psychic advisor who can help. 


Is Purple Garden legit?

From the makers of Purple Ocean & Bitwine, Purple Garden is an established psychic platform that focuses on live readings via video, chat or phone calls with one of the largest networks of trusted psychic advisors. 

Reviews indicate that it is authentic and reliable, with users generally having positive experiences. The company is transparent in its review process, not deleting negative reviews, which further lends to its credibility. However, the vetting process for its psychics is somewhat unclear. 

The app has high ratings on both Google Play and the App Store, demonstrating user satisfaction. As with any online service, it’s recommended to do your own research before making a decision.

How can I apply for Purple Garden?

To apply as an advisor on Purple Garden, you need to download the Purple Ocean app (available in both the App and Google Play stores) and create an advisor profile there. The company specifies that only professional psychic advisors will be accepted and you will need to submit your personal information along with a test reading to be considered. You’ll need to use the Purple Ocean app to be connected to clients on Purple Garden. 

If you’re looking to use Purple Garden as a client for psychic readings, you’ll need to register as a user either on the website or through the mobile app.


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