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Having the resources and space to house and maintain your own servers is rare, so everyone from businesses to bloggers can benefit from a reliable hosting service to help launch a successful website and keep it running smoothly behind the scenes. As one of the most popular and feature-packed providers out there, Bluehost has gained recognition from beginners and seasoned pros for its impressive performance, user-friendly interface, stellar support and convenient WordPress integration. In this review, we’ll drill down on the features, performance, pricing and more to help you decide if Bluehost can provide the seamless site experience both you and your users expect. 

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Starting at $1.99/mo*

Free Domain for the 1st Year
1-Click WordPress Install
Free SSL Certificate Included
Expert 24/7 Support

About Bluehost

Founded in 2003, Bluehost has quickly gained ground as one of the top go-to web hosting services, responsible for millions of websites across the world.

At its core, Bluehost provides an impressive suite of features designed to empower users to create, manage and grow their online presence with ease. Its integration with WordPress, a leading content management system, offers users a streamlined experience for creating dynamic websites. Additionally, Bluehost’s website builder, control panel and management tools are intuitive, making it easy for even novices to start their digital journey.

And with some of the most affordable entry-level hosting plans available, they’re perfect for individuals, entrepreneurs or businesses on a budget, while also including enough valuable extras like e-commerce and marketing tools to appeal to larger scale companies as well.

Pros Cons
Wide variety of hosting services: Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Cloud No uptime guarantee
Optimized for WordPress with one-click installation and AI-powered tools Limited storage on lowest-priced plans
Specialized plans and support for WordPress sites
One of the few directly recommended by
User-friendly website builder and tools perfect for beginners
Central control panel for easy uploading, management and tracking
Specialized e-commerce and marketing capabilities on some plans
Free domain name, SSL certificate and CDN
Build unlimited websites on one subscription with some plans
Some of the most affordable entry-level plans on the market
Unmetered bandwidth and fast speeds
Cloud hosting boasts ultra-fast speeds with 100 percent uptime
Comprehensive online resources with FAQs, blogs, webinars, etc.
Superior customer service with 24/7 live chat and phone support
Free trial for professional email services

Key Features of Bluehost 

Today’s digital market offers plenty of web hosting services to pick from, so why do so many users turn to Bluehost? With a robust suite of advanced features and security settings, user-friendly systems and dashboards, plus 24/7 support, it’s not hard to see why. 

Here are just a few of the main benefits that help Bluehost appeal to most:

Bluehost WordPress 

WordPress is the world’s most popular tool for building websites, which makes it fast and easy to create the blog, branded site or online store of your dreams. And Bluehost is one of the best web hosting platforms for WordPress fans and newbies alike. As one of the few’s top recommended hosting partners, Bluehost brings the best of WordPress to life with built-in tools to optimize WordPress websites for speed, performance and design. It’s automatically installed and updated with any Bluehost account, and features a helpful WonderSuite of tools to walk you through every step of the process of launching a successful site. Bluehost also includes popular WordPress plug-ins like WooCommerce to make it easy to set up your online store or service. 

Comprehensive Control Panel

Beyond creating and launching a website, Bluehost also provides a user-friendly admin dashboard that makes it simple to track and manage the site for optimal performance. Through the control panel, you can create and manage multiple sites, access plug-ins and themes, manage your domain and email accounts, monitor traffic and security and more. You can also access a cPanel interface for more advanced features if needed. 

Bluehost Webmail

With a Bluehost account, you’ll have access to their built-in webmail (or web-based email) provider RoundCube, which is a free software that allows you to check your emails from anywhere that has an internet connection. It has the same look and feel of standard email applications, but is available inside a browser with many similar features like managing an address book and preset responses. Bluehost also offers professional email packages and Google Workplace plans for an additional fee. 

Additional Valuable Features 

Free Domain Registration: Many of Bluehost’s plans include free domain name registration of your choice for the first year of service (with some even adding free domain privacy as well), which helps build your brand and credibility with a custom web address. 

Free SSL Certificate: Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates are the best indication for users to know that any information they share on your site will be safe. 

Free Content Delivery Network (CDN): A CDN caches (or temporarily stores) images, videos and other webpage files. It delivers them from a server closest to your audience, speeding up content delivery and improving user experience.

SSD Storage: Bluehost utilizes Solid State Drive (SSD) storage across various plans to help ensure quicker load times for sites, as well as improved reliability and security. 

Bluehost Pricing and Plans 

Bluehost offers a wide range of plans and hosting services to meet different user needs and traffic levels. They have options to meet nearly anyone’s budget, and their impressive features, free plan perks and support make them a great overall value in the web hosting world. 

Their affordable shared hosting plans start at only a few dollars a month, with Bluehost offering special introductory pricing of only $1.99 per month (billed annually) on their basic plan at*

For clients with multiple sites or larger companies, Bluehost also offers tailored VPS hosting and Dedicated Hosting plans with specialized features for an enhanced experience. Most recently, Bluehost also added Cloud Hosting made specifically for Managed WordPress websites and optimized for high performance with lightning-fast speeds and 100 percent uptime.
*At the time this review was written.

Bluehost Promo Codes 

In addition to sometimes running seasonal sales during specific times of the year (like Black Friday), Bluehost often offers the best discounts and plan pricing directly on their site. 

Bluehost Login and Setup 

Bluehost is known for its intuitive and user-friendly interface and functionality, and getting started is pretty straightforward. New users can select their desired hosting plan based on their needs, services and suspected traffic, or Bluehost also offers free consultations to help you select the best fit. 

Once you have your plan in place, you’ll need to register a domain (or transfer an existing one), and head over to the control panel to easily access and manage the majority of features and applications, like webmail or WordPress, and adjust your site’s settings to optimize performance and security.

Bluehost Customer Service 

Often garnering high praise for their exceptional customer support, Bluehost makes it easy to get the help you need through a variety of channels, such as 24/7 live chat, phone support and robust online resources. The quality and responsiveness of Bluehost support stand out as key advantages of the service.

They also offer Pro Design Live that gives you on-demand access to a team of WordPress experts for an extra fee. 

Bluehost Performance 

While a fully-packed feature suite, affordable plans and easy-to-use interface are reasons enough to give Bluehost a try, they also deliver what users want when it comes to speed, reliability and security.  

Site Speed & Uptime

Bluehost boasts impressive uptime (aka the time it takes for a website to be accessible to users) and response time statistics, ensuring websites remain accessible and fast. This reliability is crucial for maintaining user engagement and SEO rankings, making Bluehost a strong contender for those prioritizing site availability and speed.


Security is paramount in the digital age, and Bluehost addresses this through comprehensive security features that protect websites from potential threats. SSL certificates, regular backups and defenses against malware and DDoS attacks are just a few of the measures in place to safeguard users’ online assets, providing peace of mind and reliability.

How Bluehost Compares to the Competition

When stacked against other big brands in the space, Bluehost holds its own, offering a balance of performance, features and cost.

Bluehost vs. GoDaddy

Two of the top names in the web hosting world, Bluehost and GoDaddy share many similar benefits and plan perks. Bluehost is known for its strong performance and excellent WordPress integration, and its hosting plans are generally seen as offering better value for money, especially for those prioritizing website performance and superior customer support. GoDaddy is popular for its domain registration services and flexible plans, but its lower tier plans come in at more than twice the monthly price of similar plans from Bluehost, which can make a big difference for individuals or smaller businesses. While GoDaddy’s interface is user-friendly, Bluehost is often praised for its intuitive interface, plus top-notch customer support and reliability, making it a preferred choice for users who want the best overall value as well as the best price. 

SiteGround vs. Bluehost

SiteGround and Bluehost are often compared for their WordPress hosting capabilities, with both providers being recognized as preferred WordPress hosting services for millions of users. SiteGround distinguishes itself with high-performance hosting solutions, including advanced caching mechanisms and a strong emphasis on speed and security. Bluehost garners rave reviews for offering integrated WordPress hosting and AI-powered tools, as well as being generally more affordable with added perks that offer more value for the price, like free domain registration for the first year, while SiteGround only offers a minimal discount on the typical registration cost. Additionally, Bluehost provides a more seamless user experience with its integrated control panel and various site-building tools, making it an attractive option for individuals and businesses alike. 

Bottom Line: Why We Love It

Web hosting services are like landlords, managing your site and making sure all the amenities run smoothly—and Bluehost is the type of landlord you want. Its emphasis on performance, security and user-friendly interfaces, coupled with competitive pricing and strong customer support, makes it a compelling choice for those looking to establish or grow their online presence. They’re also a match made in hosting heaven for WordPress fans and newbies alike, as one of the few hosting services directly recommended by due to their built-in integration and site building suite, optimized tools, specialized support and hosting plans. Beyond its popular WordPress capabilities, Bluehost can really appeal to almost any user thanks to their reliable and robust suite of web hosting services, plus one of the most affordable entry-level plans on the market. 


What is Bluehost?

Known for offering a variety of hosting services with a strong focus on reliability, customer service and value for the money, Bluehost is also recognized for its ease of use and low monthly plan prices, making it a popular choice among millions of websites worldwide. 

As the longest-running recommended host, Bluehost provides features that are optimized for WordPress sites, including one-click installation, AI-powered tools and several perks tailored for better performance and security on the WordPress platform.

Who owns Bluehost?

Bluehost is owned by Newfold Digital, a web presence solutions provider that also owns several other hosting companies, including HostGator. Endurance International Group (EIG) and Group merged to become Newfold Digital.

What is Bluehost used for?

Bluehost is used for web hosting services, providing a platform for individuals and businesses to create and manage their websites. It offers various hosting options, including Shared, WordPress, VPS, Dedicated and Cloud hosting. Bluehost is particularly optimized for WordPress websites, offering features like one-click WordPress installation and free site migration for WordPress users. It also acts as a domain name registrar, allowing users to search for and purchase domain names directly through its service, with free domain registration included for the first year on all hosting plans.

How much does Bluehost cost?

Recognized for providing full features for an affordable monthly price, Bluehost offers a range of hosting plans at various price points to meet different needs. Their most economical Shared Hosting plans typically start at only a couple dollars a month (charged annually) for the Basic level, which is typically sufficient for single websites, while options like Plus, Choice Plus and Pro come with added features at increasing rates.

WordPress Hosting also starts at similar introductory rates as shared hosting, with specific plans tailored for WordPress users. VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting and Dedicated Hosting plans are available for those needing more power and control over their hosting environment, with prices starting significantly higher than shared hosting options.

For the most accurate and current pricing, including any promotional offers or discounts, it’s best to visit Bluehost’s official website directly. Renewal rates tend to be higher than the introductory prices, so it’s important to check the specific renewal prices for your chosen plan.


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