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Last Updated November 2023

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  • Human-grade meat & vegetable meals
  • Made fresh in USDA-approved kitchens
  • Pause or cancel your subscription anytime
  • 2-week trial pack with multiple recipes
  • Four recipe options to find the best flavors for your dog
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    Biggest Sale Ever!
    Get 60% Off Your First Box



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    • Pre-cooked human-grade meat & vegetable meals
    • Meat sourced from human-grade farms in the US and Australia
    • Personalized for weight, activity level, age & breed
    • Products donated to shelters & rescue organizations
    • Algorithm helps you choose from four veterinarian-developed meals
    • Ships for free anywhere in the contiguous 48 states
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      • Highest standard, human-grade ingredients
      • Vet approved recipes (AAFCO nutritionally certified)
      • Recipes for picky eaters, sensitive stomachs, & dogs with allergies
      • Offers a shelf stable, fresh recipe that is 40% cheaper than fresh frozen
      • Convenient, free shipping
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        50% off first order + 2 FREE Chicken Bites w/ code SPOT2023



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        • Helps with shiny coat, healthy skin and better digestion
        • Custom-sized, mess-free meals
        • 100% sourced and made in the USA
        • Bonus dental treat in every package
        • Human-Grade ingredients, no fillers or preservatives
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          • 100% raw meals delivered to your door
          • Custom meal plan tailored to your dogs needs
          • 6 variety of meats including beef, lamb, duck & more
          • Sourced from USDA human-grade meats
          • Cold-pressure processed eliminating any harmful pathogens
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            $30 Off First 4 Boxes ($120 in Savings)



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            • Customizable dog food for every stage of a dog's life
            • PhD veterinary nutritionist created recipes
            • No preservatives, fillers, synthetics or by-products
            • 100% USDA-certified lean protein
            • Human-grade and AAFCO-compliant ‘Balanced & Complete'
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              20% off your first auto-ship order with code: BXA20

              • Humanely-raised meats, sustainably-caught fish & organic, GMO-free vegetables
              • Available in wet, dry, freeze-dried raw & fresh options
              • Available for subscription with a discount, or one-time orders online
              • Ships free for orders over $50
              • 15-Day Money Back Guarantee
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                20% off your first auto-ship order with code: BXA20



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                • 100% human-grade ingredients, made in USDA kitchens
                • Balanced with organic whole foods with no synthetic ingredients
                • 5 single protein recipes in a chunky or ground texture
                • Sourced from animals humanely raised with no hormones or antibiotics ever
                • Satisfaction guarantee on your first order.
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                  60% Off With Code HAPPY60

                  • Human-grade meat and fresh, fiber-rich ingredients
                  • Personalized feeding plans and expert access for questions
                  • Recyclable cardboard & compostable insulation
                  • Free seasonal poop tests to show how your dog’s gut microbiome and overall well-being is improving
                  • Cancel any time plus 30 day money-back guarantee
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                    20% Off First Full Box with code PETS20

                    • Recipes formulated by Veterinarian, Dr. Karen Becker
                    • High protein, low carb, limited ingredient whole food recipes
                    • Human-grade ingredients made in USDA inspected facility
                    • Every single batch they cook is lab safety tested
                    • Offers sample boxes in addition to custom meal plans
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                      Save 40% Off Your First Auto-ship Order

                      • Fresh, human-grade meat & vegetable meals
                      • Meals designed by veterinary nutritionists to meet NRC & AAFCO standards
                      • Studied by universities for digestibility & nutrition
                      • Ships free with subscription; pause or cancel subscription anytime
                      • Available in shelf-stable options for travel
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                        Save 40% Off Your First Auto-ship Order



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                        50% Off Your First Order

                        • Hormone-free, pre-cooked human-grade meat & vegetable meals
                        • Customized portion instructions for your pet
                        • Less expensive than many other subscription meal services
                        • Available in “topper” plan to mix with dog’s normal food
                        • Pause or cancel your subscription anytime
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                          50% Off + Free Shipping

                          • All dog food meets the AAFCO standards
                          • Uses natural ingredients like chicken, salmon, and sweet potatoes
                          • Customizable meal plans to fit your dog's needs
                          • All fresh recipes are handmade in the USA
                          • Plans start at $1.36/day
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                            50% Off + Free Shipping



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                            • Raw food meals made of vegetables & humanely-raised meat
                            • In-house consultants to help tailor a meal plan for your pet
                            • Formulas for pets with medical issues like cancer, kidney problems & more
                            • 10-lb trial of food
                            • Pause, change or cancel your subscription anytime

                              How We Determined the Best Dog Food Delivery Service

                              Anyone who has one knows: Dogs are family. And just like family, you want the very best for them—especially when it comes to their nutrition. But since very few of us have time to prepare homemade dog food from scratch every day, dog food delivery services are the next best thing. They’re convenient, reliable and, if you pick the right one, can be the healthiest thing you can do for your furry friend.

                              If you’re exploring a dog food delivery service, chances are good it’s because you want your pup to be eating the freshest, most nutritious and highest quality food—but you don’t have the time or knowledge to prepare homemade dog food yourself. But with so many companies claiming to be one of the best dog food brands, how do you go about picking the right one?

                              Here are some of the criteria we considered when choosing the best dog food delivery plan:

                              1. Healthy Dog Food Ingredients

                              The ingredient list will tell you a lot about what’s in a particular dog food. Since ingredients are listed in order of the most prevalent ingredient to the least, looking at the first three or so ingredients can help you determine if the formula is primarily vegetable-based (think corn and rice), or more of a meat meal—with chicken, fish or lamb. While every dog is different, many veterinarians recommend a protein-rich, meat-based diet.

                              Speaking of meat, veterinarians say it’s a good idea to choose a dog food delivery plan that specifically names the type of meat included. Look for beef, chicken or lamb, and keep in mind that anything listed simply as “meat,” “meat byproducts” or “bone meal” can be sourced from any animal. “Poultry meal” also refers to any bird.

                              The dog food ingredients list will also reveal additions you may want to avoid, like dyes, sugar and excess sodium (which is often used as a preservative). Vets also tend to frown upon solvents and other preservatives like propylene glycol, BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin.

                              2. Vet Recommended Dog Food (or Animal Nutritionist Approved)

                              If the idea of navigating ingredient lists and nutrition labels intimidates you, don’t worry—if the people behind the dog food you select are experts on the subject, you don’t have to be. Choosing a dog food subscription service that has animal nutritionists or veterinarians developing the food, is a foolproof way to ensure your dog’s health is a priority. They know which ingredients make sense for pups of every age, gender, breed and size. They’re also familiar with the health issues your dog might be experiencing, and can ensure the dog food they recommend is best for your furry friend.

                              It’s also a good idea to ensure that the dog food you select meets or exceeds the standards established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). This is a non-profit organization comprised of federal and state officials, veterinarians, scientists and more, who are tasked with identifying safe ingredients, outlining pet food label requirements and building science-based nutrient profiles based on the latest data in pet nutrition research.

                              Because animals at different life stages require different nutrition—a pregnant dog needs more nutrients than a senior dog, for instance—AAFCO established two nutrient profiles for both dogs—one for Growth and Reproduction, which includes growing, pregnant and nursing animals; and one for adult maintenance (most dogs over the age of one are considered adults, although there are a few exceptions).

                              One thing to keep in mind: You may see variations of these nutrient profiles on dog food packaging—a food that fits into the Growth and Reproduction nutrient profile may indicate that it’s formulated for puppies or gestational mothers.

                              3. Dietary Restrictions & Health Conditions

                              If your dog has health issues that necessitate a special diet, avoidance of certain ingredients, or inclusion of extra nutrients, you’ll want to make sure the dog food brands you’re considering can accommodate them.

                              If your dog needs to lose or gain weight, you’ll want to ensure that the dog food delivery service you choose will work with you to customize a meal plan that includes low or high calorie dog food. Many brands offer a variety of plans and take into account your dog’s breed, weight, age, activity level and health when determining the best dog food for your pup.

                              4. Dog Food Cost

                              While it’s true that many dog food delivery services tend to be bit a more expensive than the dog food you find in your local pet store. But there’s a reason for that: In most cases, you’re getting human-grade, nutritionally complete food delivered right to your door. Not only that, many dog food delivery companies will customize your dog’s meal plan based on his or her specific needs.

                              If cost is a concern for you, keep an eye out for promotions—many dog food delivery services offer discounts on shipping or even the first few weeks of the programs.

                              5. Dog Food Customer Reviews

                              If a dog food delivery brand boasts that it’s the best but the dog food reviews from customers suggest otherwise, you’ll want to think twice before moving forward. We’ve scrutinized the research and pored through thousands of dog food reviews to compile our list of the top dog food brands—so you don’t have to.

                              6. Company Policies

                              You’ll want to know if the dog food delivery service you choose offers a trial period so you can make sure your pup actually likes the dog food before you make a commitment, and that the shipping cadence makes sense for your lifestyle. If there’s no trial period, you’ll want to at least be sure you know the cancellation policy ahead of purchasing the service. Some companies offer full refunds, others just cancel future deliveries.

                              Dog Food Companies FAQs

                              Most veterinarians agree: The best dog food includes meat for protein, vitamin-rich vegetables and fruit, and omega fatty acids for a shiny coat. It’s also likely to have very few fillers like wheat, corn and soy. Some of our top picks include The Farmer’s Dog, Ollie and Nom Nom.

                              Dog food can cost anywhere from $30 to $300 per month, depending upon the size of your dog (the bigger the pup, the more food they’ll need), what life stage the dog is, and whether they have any dietary restrictions or health conditions. If you choose a dog food subscription service that sends premium hand cooked meals, you are likely to pay more than if you buy dry dog food at a pet store.

                              Make sure to ease your dog into her new diet by mixing some of the new food with the old food, gradually increasing the ratio of new dog food to old dog food over the course of a few days—without increasing the amount of food. This will protect your pet from any gastrointestinal issues that can come with an abrupt switch.


                              The Consumer Rating Difference

                              Behind Our Best Dog Food Delivery Ratings

                              We make choosing the best dog food delivery plan easy with expert reviews and rankings. Here’s the methodology behind our ratings:


                              Exhaustive Research

                              From the best dog food for allergies to the best dog food for puppies, we do a deep dive into the data to ensure all our recommendations are backed by sound science.

                              Dog Food Reviews

                              No one scrutinizes dog food like the parent of a fur-child. We comb through consumer forums and thousands of customer reviews to find out which dog food pet owners like best.

                              Personal Experience

                              Our pet-loving experts tried out the top dog food delivery plans on their own furry friends so they could get the true experience before recommending the best dog food.

                              Side-by-Side Comparisons

                              From The Farmer’s Dog to Ollie, we compare the best dog food brands across key criteria to determine the best option for every pooch—from puppies to senior dogs.