Zoma Mattress Review

Calling all athletes: The Zoma mattress was made specifically with your needs in mind. But you don’t have to be an athlete to reap the benefits—the highly specialized foam layers work in sync to alleviate pain and speed up muscle recovery for anyone living an active lifestyle.

Last Updated April 2024

Zoma bed
Pros Cons
Designed for athletes & those with demanding lifestyles No white glove delivery service or old mattress removal
Targeted, zoned support alleviates pressure points May not be ideal for stomach sleepers
Responsive foam layer promotes healthy spinal alignment No financing available
AirCloth cover wicks away heat and moisture to keep you cool
Made in the U.S.
Works with most bed frames & bases
10-year warranty & 100-night in-home trial
Free shipping & returns in contiguous U.S.
CertiPUR-US® certified to be free of harmful chemicals
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Firmness: Medium
Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King
Materials: All-foam & hybrid options
Design: Triangulex™ zoned layer & Reactiv™ layer designed to promote faster muscle recovery
Trial Period: 100 nights
Warranty: 10-year limited warranty
Shipping: Free shipping & returns

Is Zoma a Good Mattress for Back, Stomach or Side Sleepers?

You don’t have to be a hardcore athlete to enjoy the benefits of a Zoma mattress. Customer reviews from casual athletes and people living active lifestyles to people living with chronic pain and working overnight shifts all reported an improvement in sleep quality on this mattress.

When it comes to firmness, Zoma is a solid medium (or a five on a scale of one to 10), which means most sleepers will find it to be both comfortable and supportive—especially side and back sleepers up to 230 pounds.

The bounce of the Reactiv™ layer makes it easier to change positions without feeling “stuck,” which makes Zoma a good choice for combination sleepers, too.

Stomach sleepers who weigh more than 130 pounds generally need a mattress that’s closer to a seven or eight on the firmness scale in order to avoid uncomfortable sagging in the midsection, so the Zoma may not be a perfect fit, despite the firm zoning in the Triangulex™ layer of the mattress.

Couples will appreciate that the Zoma performs well in the motion isolation department, too. That means if your partner moves around a lot at night, the motion won’t transfer over to your side of the bed, so you should be able to sleep undisturbed (this is especially important for light sleepers who share the bed with a partner).

Still unsure which model is best for you? Here’s a general guide:

Firmness Ideal For
Plush Soft Side sleepers and those under 130 lbs.
Luxury Firm Side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, couples, and those between 130 to 230 lbs.
Firm Back or stomach sleepers and those over 230 lbs.

How It Works: Purchasing Your Level Sleep Mattress

Ready to step up your game with a Zoma mattress? Well you’re in luck, because online ordering on Zoma’s website couldn’t be easier.

First, choose the mattress type that suits you best. We’re focusing on the all-foam model in this review, but sleepers who tend to prefer an innerspring mattress will be happy to know that Zoma also offers a foam-coil hybrid mattress as well. The all-foam has less motion transfer, better spine alignment and zoned support, while the hybrid has a bouncier feel, better breathability and edge support. 

Next up: Mattress size. Zoma makes all six standard sizes, plus a split king option. If you need help figuring out which mattress will work best in your room, or you have special space considerations like a tricky hallway or stairs to navigate, Zoma’s experts are standing by. Heads up: Zoma support is only available Monday through Friday, so be sure to reach out during business hours for the fastest response.

To complete your sleep set-up, Zoma offers a few accessories, like specialized sports pillows, cooling sheets, a waterproof mattress protector and two styles of bed frames. Be on the lookout for a free bedding bundle promotion, where you can score two free sports pillows and a mattress protector with your Zoma mattress purchase (it’s a $280 value).

After you complete your order, Zoma will process and ship your mattress within three to seven working days. Once shipped, your order will arrive in one to five business days via FedEx.

All mattresses are compressed into a 19 x 19 x 42.5-inch box for shipping. Zoma mattresses are an average weight for a memory foam mattress, with the queen size weighing in at 75 pounds, so it’s advisable to have an extra person on-hand for setup.

Where to Buy Zoma Mattress

The Zoma mattress is available on the Zoma website as well as some third-party retailers, such as Amazon and Walmart. The benefits of buying directly from the Zoma website include taking advantage of the company’s sales and promotions, as well as working with Zoma’s customer service team directly if you have any questions or issues.

Where Is Zoma Mattresses Made?

Zoma mattresses are designed and manufactured in the U.S. using the highest quality-control standards—they’re even certified eco-friendly by CertiPUR-US®.

Zoma Mattress Materials & Design

Years of research, design and testing went into the making of the Zoma mattress. It’s an all-foam design that’s made to enhance rest and rejuvenation for anyone with a demanding lifestyle.

Curious how the Zoma mattress sleeps? Here’s a peek under the covers:

The Top Layer:

The plush cover is constructed from ultra-stretchy, ventilated AirCloth performance fabric that’s a blend of polyester and spandex. This breathable mesh layer wicks away heat and moisture to help keep you cool throughout the night.

The Middle Layers:

The comfort system of the Zoma mattress is made up of two distinct layers of foam that work together in harmony.

The Triangulex™ gel-infused memory foam layer is a zoned support layer that reacts differently to each main area of the body. Near the hips and shoulders, triangular cutouts are spaced further out to offer more compression, which cradles the joints and alleviates pressure that builds up in these areas. In the spinal zone, the Triangulex™ is firmer and offers more stability so your back muscles can fully relax and recover in this supported state.

The gel memory foam in the Triangulex™ layer is six times more breathable than most memory foams, so it allows heat and moisture to move away from the body better, which means a cooler—and drier—night’s sleep.

Beneath the zoned support layer is Zoma’s responsive Reactiv™ foam layer. This layer has a slight bounce and prevents the heavier parts of the body from sinking in too deeply, keeping the body lifted and the spine properly aligned in a neutral position.

With the combination of the soft Triangulex™ memory foam layer protecting the joints, and the responsive Reactiv™ layer keeping the spine in a healthy position, sleepers are more likely to fall into a deeper, more restorative sleep that repairs and rebuilds the muscles overnight, so you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the next day.

The Bottom Layer:

A high-density, durable, polyfoam Support+ core layer sits at the bottom of the Zoma mattress, supporting the layers above and promoting proper spinal alignment.

How Much Does Zoma Mattress Cost?

Compared to other memory foam mattresses on the market, Zoma comes in at a very competitive price point. On top of that, the company also offers discounts and promotions (like free sleep accessories) from time to time on the website that increase the value and reduce the price even further from the base prices you see in our chart below.

Mattress Size Price
Twin (39” x 75”) $649
Twin XL (39” x 80”) $749
Full (54" x 75") $849
Queen (60" x 80") $949
King (76" x 80") $1,049
Cal King (72" x 84") $1,049
Split King (76" x 80") $1,348

All prices listed are list prices at time of writing and do not include any offers or discounts. Please visit the Zoma website for best pricing and any applicable offers and discounts.

How Does Zoma Stack Up?

If it were up to price alone, the Zoma mattress is an excellent value compared to other popular picks. But Zoma doesn’t stop there: They’ve created a high-quality mattress that’s made in the U.S. and designed to support our demanding lifestyles, with technology that helps sleepers truly rest and recover overnight—and we all know a good night’s sleep is priceless.

Check out our side-by-side comparison of Zoma versus other mattresses on the market:

Zoma Casper Leesa Nectar Purple
Price (Queen) $949 $1,095 $1,099 $1,198 $1,199
Best Suited For Side & back sleepers up to 230 pounds Side sleepers & back sleepers up to 230 pounds Side & back sleepers up to 230 pounds All sleepers up to 230 pounds All sleepers up to 230 pounds
Pain Relief Back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain Back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain Back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain Back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain Hip pain, shoulder pain
Construction Triangulex™ gel tri-zone foam & Reactiv™ response foam Cooling foam & zoned support foam Three layers of memory foam Gel memory foam, dynamic foam & standard foam Gel grid & two layers of comfort foam
Designed to speed up muscle recovery Yes No No No No
Dynamic responsive layer to prevent “sink in” Yes No No Yes No
Made in the U.S. Yes No Yes No Yes
Trial Period 100 Nights 100 Nights 100 Nights 365 Nights 100 Nights
Warranty 10 years 10 years 10 years Forever Warranty™ 10 years

All prices listed are list prices at time of writing and do not include any offers or discounts. Please visit each brand's website for best pricing and any applicable offers and discounts.

Why We Love It: The Bottom Line

It’s clear that the Zoma mattress is backed by years of sleep research and innovation. We love the Triangulex™ technology for zoned support how and where your body needs it, and the Reactiv™ foam layer is great for anyone that prefers a bouncier feel than a traditional memory foam mattress.

If you’re looking for a high-quality mattress at a great price point, and you lead an active lifestyle or have a demanding job, Zoma is an excellent choice. And athletes: It’s a no-brainer for you.

About Zoma

With more than 25 years of experience in the bedding and sleep industry, Zoma’s founders set out to develop a mattress and set of accessories that work together to enhance the way athletes sleep and recover so they can perform their best every day. Zoma’s headquarters are located in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Ryan D.

The perfect mattress

I ordered the Zoma mattress on a whim because I was moving across country. I'm not an athlete, per se, but I lead a pretty active lifestyle and was tired of waking up with a sore back and legs on my old mattress. The moment I got my Zoma mattress, I could tell it was exactly what I was looking for. It's so comfortable. The mattress is soft to touch but the support is firm. The memory foam transforms fairly quickly without leaving that "sinking" feeling. I can roll on my back or side and I feel totally supported, which is important because it takes a moment for me to find out what'll be most comfortable. I can pass out in a matter of minutes and wake up feeling totally rested. I highly recommend and am totally impressed.

Andrew P.

First & Forever Mattress!

We have had our king mattress since January and absolutely love it. My job athletic based and personal training and having a bed that supports my body and promotes restful sleep is exactly what I need! I will forever go with Zoma!

Nick B.

A bed for athletes

I have had my bed for about 2 years and it is still as good as the day I got it. Love this thing and I have been able to track my sleep to see it has improved. Well worth the price for something I spend 7-8 hours in a night.

Georgiana H.

Zoma mattress

I really enjoy this mattress! I am a back sleeper and lately my old mattress would cause we pain when I wake up. I saw that zoma mattress's help with back sleepers so I bought it and let me tell you, it is so worth it. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to get my day started. I wish I would have known about Zoma sooner!

Gabriel R.


Unbelievably comfortable mattress!!! Our old memory foam mattress just wasn’t cutting it anymore. My wife and I are in our 50s and very active. We did our research online and found the Zoma mattress rated best for physical recovery. It’s the truth.


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