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Last Updated April 2024

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Purple Mattress Review: The Pros, the Cons and Everything In Between

If you’re in the market for a new mattress and you want something that provides exceptional comfort, support and temperature regulation, you’d be wise to consider Purple. Since its inception in 2016, Purple has earned itself a stellar reputation among sleepers of every size, shape and sleep style thanks to its premium materials, innovative design, exceptional construction and long list of unique features that work together to provide an unprecedented sleep experience.

But is the Purple Mattress really the right fit for you? We’ll help you decide with this comprehensive review. From the fabrics and design to the features and benefits, we pull back the covers on everything there is to know about this top-selling, one-of-a-kind mattress. We also provide pros and cons, plus side-by-side comparisons with other popular brands—so you have all the information you need to decide if Purple really is the mattress of your dreams.

What is the Purple Mattress?

The Purple Mattress is an innovative sleep essential that instantly adapts to your body and position, simultaneously maximizing comfort, support and cooling. It is available in most standard bed sizes, and comes in several different models, including all-foam and hybrid options.

While Purple’s high quality, American-made materials and meticulous construction certainly distinguish it from many other mattresses on the market today, what really sets the brand apart is its signature technology, the GelFlex® Grid. A super responsive comfort layer that’s made from an ultra-stretchy polymer material, the Grid immediately flexes to support your position and springs back into place as you move. Its unique design includes hundreds of columns that work together to support broad surfaces like your back, while also gently cradling pressure points like your shoulders and hips. And, unlike memory foam, which tends to retain body heat, the Grid optimizes airflow and keeps sleepers cool thanks to its 1,400+ individual air channels.


  • All-foam and hybrid options available—in most standard bed sizes
  • Firm enough to support your frame; soft enough to reduce tension & pressure
  • Instantly adjusts as you move to provide optimal balance of comfort & support
  • Proprietary GelFlex® Grid technology backed by 20+ years of rigorous testing
  • 1,400+ individual air channels for optimal air flow & temperature regulation
  • Hypoallergenic and 100% nontoxic
  • CleanAir GOLD- and CertiPUR-US certified
  • No strong off-gassing
  • Made in the U.S. using American-made materials
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Financing available
  • 100-night trial
  • 10-year warranty


  • It can take some time to get used to the feel of the Grid
  • Can be pricey, especially the higher-end models
  • Larger sizes can be very heavy

Purple Mattress Details

Together, Purple’s high-quality materials and innovative design deliver soft, cloud-like comfort, superior support and the kind of cooling sleepers dream of. 


Purple offers both all-foam and hybrid mattresses. The foam mattresses include several layers of soft, cushiony polyurethane foam; the hybrid models contain both polyurethane foam and coils. All mattresses are hypoallergenic and made in the U.S. using American-made materials, and Purple’s high-density foam is both CleanAir GOLD and CertiPUR-US certified. A CleanAir GOLD rating is the top rating offered by a third-party quality assurance company. It confirms that certified products will reduce health risks related to chemical exposure and meet the standards of other agencies promoting minimal VOC exposure. The CertiPUR-US program is a nonprofit organization that focuses on certification of flexible polyurethane foam contained in bedding and upholstered furniture to assure low emissions and high performance, among other things.

Every Purple mattress includes the brand’s signature GelFlex® Grid, a two-inch, grid-like layer at the top of the mattress that is made of a proprietary, 100 percent non-toxic, hyper-elastic polymer. As with Purple’s high-density polyurethane foam, the Grid material is CleanAir GOLD and CertiPUR-US certified.


Each Purple mattress model features its own unique construction. Here’s a look at the layers that comprise the brand’s flagship product, the original Purple Mattress:

  1. SoftFlex Cover: This is a breathable, stretchy and ultra-responsive top layer that works with the GelFlex® Grid to instantly adapt to your unique body shape and position.
  2. GelFlex® Grid: This is a two-inch, grid-like layer that’s designed to instantly respond to a sleeper’s body and movements, providing the optimal balance of comfort and support no matter how much you change position. The Grid features a repetitive geometric structure with hundreds of columns that work together to support broad surfaces like your back while gently cradling areas of high pressure like your shoulders and hips. Thanks to its open design, the Grid also provides excellent airflow and temperature regulation.
  3. Edge Support Foam: Adding increased support and durability to the mattress, this feature makes it easy to get in and out of bed, and prevents the sides from sagging as the mattress ages.
  4. Comfort Foam: As its name implies, this adaptive foam is to thank for the hug-like feel you’ll get from the Purple Mattress. It provides an optimal balance of cushion and support, and enhances overall comfort. 
  5. Base Support Foam: This layer provides stability for the comfort layers above it. It ensures you get the support you need without too much bounce.

Purple also offers hybrid models, which contain a combination of comfort foams and coils. Unlike traditional spring mattresses, which typically consist of one piece of metal connecting all the springs together, the Purple mattress uses coils that are individually responsive. This enables them to immediately adapt to your body and its pressure points. It also helps to isolate motion and prevents the dreaded squeaking that often comes with spring mattresses as they age.

Mattress Types

Purple offers three mattress collections; each include a few different models. All of the mattresses include the brand’s signature GelFlex Grid, which instantly adapts to your body and ensures that you get the best balance of comfort and support.

Here’s a high level overview of each of the Purple mattress product lines:

Essential Collection: Mattresses in this collection contain a cushiony, GelFlex Grid and temperature-balancing materials. Like all Purple mattresses, they instantly adapt to, cradle and support your whole body.


Premium Collection: In addition to the GelFlex Grid, these mattresses contain additional comfort foam layers designed to isolate motion, along with a responsive coil system that provides targeted support and superior cooling.


Luxe Collection: The brand’s most luxurious-feeling mattresses, models in this line include extra layers of ultra soft, premium foam plus individually-responsive coils, for a cloud-like comfort that doesn’t compromise on support. These mattresses include a quilted foam top and include the temperature balancing GelFlex® Grid Plus, which offers increased density and stability for premium pressure point relief and full-body support.

Firmness Level

Mattresses in the Essential and Luxe collections are generally medium-firm to firm; those in the Premium Collection are available in either soft or firm. That said, one of the most unique features of the Purple mattress is that it adapts to your body to deliver the optimal level of support for you. The GelFlex Grid’s columns provide support to broad body surfaces like your back, and cradle areas of concentrated weight like your hips and shoulders—so you wake up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and completely pain-free.

Ages Suited for and Sleeper Types

The adaptability and responsiveness of the Purple mattress make it a great choice for sleepers of every size, weight and sleep style. If you’re intrigued, but a little nervous to make the commitment, you’ll be happy to know that Purple offers a 100-night, risk-free trial—so you can test out the mattress and decide if it’s the right fit for you.

How to Get the Purple Mattress

The Purple mattress can be purchased via the company’s website or in one of the many Purple showrooms across the U.S. You can use the “Purple Showroom Finder” feature on the company’s website to find a showroom near you.

Purple mattresses are also sold online through eCommerce sites like Amazon, and in various brick and mortar mattress stores. That said, we recommend purchasing directly from the brand since this is the best way to ensure you can take advantage of the 100-night sleep trial, 10-year warranty and free shipping and returns.

Purple Mattress Price

Purple offers several different mattress models, each with different features, benefits and price points. The Essential Collection is the brand’s most affordable line, with prices for a Queen starting at $1095.* Queens in the Premium Collection begin at $2095 and, in the Luxe collection, $5495.* Purple frequently offers discounts that reduce these prices by a few hundred dollars, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for special promotions.

*These are the prices at time of this review; they are subject to change.

Shipping and Delivery

Purple offers free shipping and returns on all mattress models. Mattresses from the brand’s Essential and Premium Collections are shipped in a weather-resistant and waterproof bag that includes handles for ease of movement. Mattresses from the brand’s Luxe Collection are shipped flat (and never vacuum sealed).

Purple Mattress Performance

The Purple Mattress has been rated highly by sleepers across a number of key performance areas, including: 

Motion isolation: Purple’s proprietary GelFlex® Grid technology, which is found in every model, is designed to absorb pressure and isolate motion so you won’t feel your partner roll over or get up through the night. 

Pressure relief: The Grid’s unique design includes hundreds of columns that work together to support broad surfaces like your back while gently cradling areas of concentrated weight like your shoulders and hips. This means that you get the right amount of pressure relief exactly where you need it.

Temperature control: Unlike memory foam, which is notorious for trapping heat, the Purple Mattress dissipates heat through the Grid’s more than 1,400 individual air channels.

Edge support: The mattress includes a foam border that provides reinforced edge support and adds structural stability—so you never have to worry about sagging sides.

Ease of movement: A chief complaint about traditional memory foam mattresses is that sleepers can sink down so much that they start to feel stuck. This is not the case with the Purple mattress. It instantly reacts to your movements, reconfiguring itself to provide the support your body needs exactly where it needs it, without ever inhibiting movement.

Durability: Created from an ultra-stretchy polymer material, the Grid is designed to stretch and spring back over and over again. In other words, this mattress was built to last. And Purple stands behind that with a 10-year warranty.

Noise: The Purple mattress is virtually silent, thanks to the high quality materials and, in the case of the hybrid models, the individually responsive coils.

Sex: The Purple mattress is a great choice for intimate moments. It’s extremely responsive, very quiet, and it dissipates excess body heat quickly and effectively.

How Purple Compares to Other Brands

Now that you know what the Purple mattress is and how it performs, let’s take a look at how it compares to some other popular mattresses on the market.

Note: For the sake of these comparisons, we looked specifically at the original Purple Mattress, an all-foam model in the brand’s Essential Collection.

Purple Mattress vs. Nectar

Like Purple, Nectar offers a variety of all-foam and hybrid mattress models, free shipping, and a generous sleep trial and warranty.

The primary difference between the two mattresses lies in their construction. While both include several layers of foam, the Nectar mattress doesn’t include anything like Purple’s GelFlex® Grid, which instantly responds to your unique body and your changing sleep position. Foam mattresses like Nectar cradle the body, but they tend to do it slowly; the Grid reacts instantly. 

Purple Mattress vs. Casper

An all-foam mattress featuring three ergonomic zones designed to relieve pressure and align your spine, Casper has a lot to offer sleepers seeking targeted support. And Casper has a lot in common with Purple—the costs are comparable and, like Purple, Casper offers a 10-year warranty and a 100-night sleep trial. 

Once again, the primary difference between these two mattresses lies in their construction—Casper pairs memory foam with a layer of perforated foam designed to promote airflow and cooling, and Purple pairs high density comfort foam with their innovative GelFlex® Grid. Although Casper gets high marks from sleepers who prefer to feel like they’re getting a firm hug from their mattress, other sleepers complain the foams provide so much cradling that they feel stuck. Purple’s Grid instantly responds to your body so you feel supported but never trapped. Some Casper customers have also indicated that the mattress tends to retain heat. The Grid’s open design optimizes airflow and cooling so sleepers never have to worry about waking up drenched in sweat.

Purple Mattress vs. Sleep Number

Sleep Number is similarly priced to the Purple Mattress and, like Purple, offers a 100-night sleep trial and free shipping.

Yet again, the biggest difference between a Purple and a Sleep Number mattress lies in the construction. Purple’s proprietary GelFlex® Grid technology provides instantly responsive support; with the Sleep Number, sleepers can choose their ideal firmness, comfort and support on each side. While this can be appealing to some sleepers, some customers complain that it requires too much of a learning curve.

About Purple Mattress: The Company 

Purple launched in January 2016. It was the brainchild of brothers and longtime inventors, Tony and Terry Pearce. The company is headquartered in Lehi, Utah.

Purple Mattress Customer Service 

The customer service team at Purple is accessible, friendly and knowledgeable. They can be reached via live chat, email ([email protected]) or phone (888-848-8456). Their hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. MT.

Trial and Warranty 

Purple offers a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty, making it a risk-free investment in a superior sleep experience.

Bottom Line: Why We Love It

If you want to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your day, you need to consider the Purple Mattress. Purple offers sleepers cloud-like comfort, responsive support and exceptional temperature regulation.

The brand’s signature GelFlex® Grid technology provides instant adaptability and targeted support, making it a great option for sleepers of every size, shape and sleep style. We love that the brand stands behind their products with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty, and that they offer free shipping and round the clock support from friendly and helpful sleep specialists.


How much is the Purple Mattress?

The cost of the Purple Mattress depends upon the model you select and the promotions available at the time of purchase. Prices start at $1095 for a Queen sized mattress from the brand’s Essential Collection.

Does Purple Mattress have fiberglass?

No, Purple mattresses do not contain any fiberglass.

How long do Purple mattresses last?

While the GelFlex® Grid, should never break down, the polyurethane foam contained within the mattress has a 10-year lifespan. As with any mattress, it is recommended that you replace your Purple mattress every seven to 10 years. Purple offers a 10-year warranty on its mattresses.

Where can I buy Purple Mattress?

You can purchase a Purple Mattress directly from the company’s website, or in one of the countless Purple showrooms across the U.S. Purple mattresses are also sold online through eCommerce sites like Amazon, and in various brick and mortar mattress stores, although it is recommended that you purchase directly from the brand since this is the best way to ensure you can take advantage of the generous sleep trial and warranty, plus free shipping and returns.

How do I move a Purple Mattress?

While most people in good health can move a twin mattress across a short distance, if you’re attempting to move a larger mattress or even a smaller mattress across a long distance (or up stairs), you’ll want to use a dolly or hand truck. Make sure to clear a path, and put your mattress in a mattress bag to protect it from scratches and other damage. If you have to stand your mattress up to move it, make sure to strap it to the equipment you’re using for transport to ensure it doesn’t fall. If you don’t feel like you can move the mattress yourself, be sure to enlist help or hire movers.

What is the Purple Mattress?

The Purple Mattress is an innovative mattress that provides the optimal balance of comfort and support, plus exceptional temperature control. Every mattress includes the brand’s signature GelFlex® Grid, a super responsive comfort layer made from an ultra stretchy gel material called GelFlex®. The Grid is engineered to instantly adapt to your body’s needs and, thanks to its open design, the Grid also provides excellent airflow and temperature regulation.

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