Red Fora Emergency Food Review

We don’t normally like to plan our lives around the “What ifs” of the world, but having a solid emergency supply stock isn’t just smart…it’s essential. And while planning ahead for emergencies can seem overwhelming and time-consuming, it doesn’t have to be that way. Companies like Redfora provide supplies and all-in-one kits to help you feel prepared and protected for when the worst happens. But is Redfora the right choice for you? We’re taking a closer look to see why the company has earned thousands of five-star reviews, plus how they can help you feel like a pro prepper—without all the work.

Last Updated April 2024

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Free Shipping on All Orders $99+

Approximately 8,200 calories in total
Up to 5-day meal assortment bucket
30-year shelf life guarantee
Just-add-water meals ready in 9 min
60-day satisfaction guarantee
Free shipping on orders $100+

What is Redfora? 

Redfora offers a carefully curated selection of customizable emergency preparedness kits that are based on recommendations from the experts at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). In addition to covering all bases with shelter, power and first aid supplies in each kit, they also always include the top two recommended items that should be in every disaster supply kit per Food and water.  

Most widely recognized for their best-selling Earthquake Bag, their custom kits and bags include the perfect amount of supplies based on how many people you’re looking to provide for in three-day or seven-day options. You can also add extra food and water supplies to make your kits last even longer, or order food- and water-only kits. 

With Redfora, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best emergency essentials to keep you and your loved ones safe, warm and fed if disaster strikes.

Pros Cons
Complete emergency kits designed for natural disasters Smaller selection of emergency food supplies than some competitors
Kits include a well-rounded range of essentials in grab-and-go bags Currently only ships within the U.S.
Includes food and water, shelter, medical, power and more must-haves
Freeze-dried food bundles or on-the-go kits for added flexibility
Customizable based on how many people and days you want to prep for
Meets the recommendations of FEMA and
Great starter packs to help you get prepared without the work
Carefully selected, high-value products
Portion of sales donated back to relief efforts
Free shipping on order over $99 within the contiguous U.S.
60-day return policy—twice as long as many competitors

How Redfora Works 

Redfora has all the tools you need to face a natural disaster or emergency situation head on. 

Choose from their selection of expert-approved emergency kits that have everything you need to survive for at least 72 hours at, featuring meticulously sourced materials from these five main categories:

  • Food and water 
  • First-aid and hygiene products 
  • Multi-functional tools 
  • Shelter
  • Heat and power supplies 

You can customize your kit to fit your needs by choosing how many people you need to cover (up to six with some kits) and how many days you want to stock supplies for (three to seven). 

Everything in your kit comes packaged in a water-resistant bag (or waterproof for an additional charge) so you can easily take your supplies along with you if needed. Redfora emergency kits also come with a contents list, suggested add-ons for your emergency kit and extra room for any personal items.  

While these kits feature a must-have assortment of high-quality items to keep you safe and sustained in stressful emergencies, many consist of high-calorie emergency food rations or bars, plus water pouches or water purification tablets, that meet or exceed the recommended daily calorie and water intake or adults in emergency situations. 

Many people choose to bolster their emergency food supply by adding on freeze-dried meals made by Mountain House and sold in partnership through Redfora. You can choose to purchase single pouches and cans or complete emergency food supply bundles that offer an industry-leading, 30-year shelf-life for superior food security.

Not only does Redfora help provide the peace-of-mind that comes with being prepared for any emergency, it also offers a feel-good perk just for purchasing: The company donates a portion of every order directly to disaster relief or prevention charities.

Redfora Pricing 

With a range of emergency preparedness products to choose from, the pricing varies accordingly. 

As far as the Redfora emergency kits go, their Ready 2 Go Bag is a great value at the sale price of $39.00*. This small-but-mighty bag is full of the essential tools, supplies, food and water you need to hold you over without weighing you down while you find safety during an emergency. 

Their highly rated Complete Earthquake Bag regularly retails for $135, but was on sale for $94.50 at the time this review was written (for one person over three days). Depending on how many people and days you want to customize your bag for, the price will fluctuate, and you can also upgrade to the Premier version starting at $220 for premium meals, tools and supplies. 

Considering the fact that Redfora’s bags are expert-approved, prioritize high-value tools and supplies, and take the guesswork out of emergency prep-work, they’re well-worth the cost for the convenience and peace-of-mind they provide. 

*At the time this review was written. 

Redfora Coupon / Redfora Discount Code

In addition to offering periodic sale pricing and clearance items directly on their site, anyone who signs up to receive emails through will get a $10 off promo code good toward your first order over $99. 

Redfora also provides special discounts and pricing for bulk orders or companies looking to outfit their employees or offices for emergencies.

Redfora Shipping & Returns 

Redfora rewards customers who spend over $99 with free shipping within the contiguous United States (unfortunately this perk is not applicable to Hawaii and Alaska residents). Most orders arrive within a week, although some may take up to 10 business days. The company is currently only shipping to the U.S. 

Redfora not only cares about their customers’ safety, they also care about their satisfaction. So if you’re not happy with your order for any reason, you can get a full refund within 60 days of delivery.

About Redfora 

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in San Francisco, Calif., Redfora is rooted in the belief that by preparing individuals for the unexpected, you can better serve the greater community. The company offers high quality, customizable emergency kits designed to empower people and their communities when disaster strikes. The company donates a portion of every sale to disaster relief efforts, victims or worthwhile prevention projects to help promote the power of community. 

Redfora Customer Service 

While there is a helpful and robust FAQ section on, if you’d prefer a more personal touch you can reach a Redfora representative by calling 415-570-2534, sending a message through their online form, or live chatting directly through their site. Their reps are typically available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST.

Comparing Redfora to Other Survival Food Providers

With thousands of five-star reviews from real customers, it’s clear to see that Redfora is a trusted source for emergency supplies. But how do they stack up against the competition? Let’s take a look:

Redfora vs. Emergency Essentials

Emergency Essentials puts more of a focus on stocking up your food supply with a huge  selection of emergency food, including freeze-dried meals, cans and emergency ration bars. But while they also provide survival supplies like power and medical kits, they don’t have a complete bundle that has everything you’d need in one ready-to-go bag like Redfora. Redfora also provides a 60-day guarantee, which is double that of Emergency Essentials’. Overall, Redfora makes it easy for anyone to start an emergency prep plan with their convenient kits—before committing to a larger and more expensive stockpile. 

Redfora vs. Wise Company

Wise Company offers a wide range of emergency food products with long shelf lives. However, Redfora sets itself apart by providing more all-in-one kits that include a few essential items from food and water, power, shelter and more must-have categories that can easily move with you. Redfora’s kits are also more budget-friendly than what you’ll find at Wise Company, and you have to spend over $199 with Wise to qualify for free shipping versus just $99 with Redfora. Redfora also wins when it comes to their satisfaction guarantee, with 60 days to request a refund compared to only 30 days with Wise Company. Redfora once again distinguishes itself as the go-to kit for people wanting to be well prepared and ready to go in an emergency.

Bottom Line: Why We Love It

One thing about emergency preparedness is that we often don’t realize its true value until it’s too late. Redfora seeks to solve that issue by making it easy and cost effective for anyone to have a starter emergency kit on hand. Unlike many competitors, Redfora focuses less on building large stockpiles of shelf-stable food and more on all-in-one bundles that include expert-recommended essentials. We’re fans of their disaster-themed bags that have just enough of what you need from food and water, to power and even hygiene. The best part is that it all comes in water-resistant bags that are easy to transport in case you need to be on the move instead of hunkered down. The fact that the company also donates a portion of all sales to disaster relief efforts among other outreach just proves that they really are committed to helping everyone feel empowered and safe in the face of an emergency.


What is Redfora?

Founded in 2016, Redfora is a company specializing in emergency preparedness kits and supplies. Their flagship product, the Complete Earthquake Bag, is designed to prepare people for disaster situations by sourcing essential food and water, shelter, power and medical supplies. This customizable kit is informed by experts from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and, offering a comprehensive solution for emergency situations.

In addition to helping individuals become more self-sufficient and prepared for disasters, Redfora is also committed to social impact, with a portion of every order going towards disaster relief.

Where is Redfora located?

Redfora is headquartered in San Francisco, Calif.

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Free Shipping on All Orders $99+


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