Legacy Food Storage Emergency Food Review

When it comes to emergency survival food, Legacy Food Storage offers some of the best value for the money when buying in bulk. In this Legacy Food Storage review, we’ll dive into its offerings and how they compare to other survival food providers on the market today. We’ll look at pros and cons, how it works, costs and discounts, nutritional information, kit options, delivery options and more—so you can see why Legacy Food Storage is one of the best values when it comes to emergency survival food providers.

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What is Legacy Food Storage Emergency Survival Food?

Legacy Food Storage specializes in providing high-quality, long-lasting emergency survival food. Whether you’re preparing for natural disasters, camping trips or any unexpected situation, Legacy Food Storage produces a range of food types in different quantities to meet your needs.

One of the standout features of Legacy Food Storage is their commitment to using only the finest ingredients. They source non-GMO products with no artificial additives, ensuring a healthier and tastier experience for customers. Additionally, their freeze-drying and dehydration process maintains the food’s original flavors and nutrients, making it a cut above the rest in terms of taste and quality.

Legacy Food Storage’s mission is to offer delicious and nutritious yet affordable food options that can withstand the test of time, ensuring you and your loved ones are well-prepared for any emergency. After reading this review, we think you’ll find that they do just that.

Pros Cons
25- to 30-year shelf life Need to purchase proteins separately from meals
Product variety that encompasses three meals a day plus snacks & drinks Bulk orders are expensive despite a low cost-per-calorie
Very low cost-per-calorie when bought in bulk
Quick, simple rehydration process
GMO-, MSG and yeast extract-free
Gluten-free options available
Stackable containers for efficient bulk storage
No artificial flavors
Free, fast shipping on all orders

How Legacy Food Storage Works

Legacy Food Storage offers convenient and straightforward options to get you prepared for any emergency. Simply visit their website and browse through their various food kits or individual meal choices. Bulk food kits make it easy to buy food for survival situations of varying lengths that are right for you and your family. Once your order is placed, they quickly process it and deliver the food directly to your doorstep with free shipping.

Legacy Food Storage Costs and Deals

The cost of Legacy Food Storage products depends on the package size and the number of servings. While the initial investment can be substantial when ordering food in large quantities, they frequently offer discounts and special deals, especially during holiday seasons or for bulk purchases. Keep an eye on their website for these cost-saving opportunities to stock up on essential emergency supplies.

As an example, at the time of this writing, 720 servings of food in one of their current packages gives you 185 pounds of dehydrated food products at a total cost of $2,045. That’s three meals a day for one person for eight months for a cost of about $8.52 per day per person. When shopping for a larger family for this amount of time, the total cost can be high for those on a budget but Legacy offers smaller packages down to 120 servings—or you can buy individual meals as-desired, though the cost per day goes up with smaller quantities.

Legacy Food Storage’s Nutritional Information

Each Legacy Food Storage product comes with detailed nutritional information, including calories, protein, carbohydrates and essential vitamins. This transparency empowers you to make informed choices about your emergency food supplies based on your dietary needs. 

Legacy’s meals are mostly vegetarian because proteins are quicker to spoil, even when dehydrated, so including them would shorten the products’ shelf lives. As a result, the meals are high-carbohydrate and lower-protein and you’ll need to purchase dehydrated meats separately and add them into the meals when you cook them. The benefit here is that the meals will keep for up to 25 years in storage and are vegetarian-friendly. The downside is that, if you want higher-protein meals, you’ll need to purchase dehydrated proteins separately and add a step to the cooking process. Gluten-free meal options are available and Legacy actually offers six different gluten-free entrees so even wheat-free households can have variety in their survival food stores.

Legacy Food Storage’s Kit Options

Legacy Food Storage offers a variety of kit options to cater to different preferences and group sizes. Whether you’re looking for a family-sized emergency food supply or a compact kit for personal use, the kits offer easy-to-order ways to get what you need without having to build the packages yourself. The kits range from short-term to long-term supplies, ensuring you’re ready for any situation.

Their most popular kits combine breakfasts, lunches and dinners into one package but you can also order kits that include a variety of meals of just one type such as dinner entrees. They also offer packages that combine the mostly vegetarian entrees with protein add-ons such as chicken for people who want higher-protein meals. Their sample kits are a convenient way to try the different meal options to figure out which are best for you and your family.

Legacy Food Storage’s Delivery Options

When it comes to delivering your emergency food supplies, Legacy Food Storage provides efficient and reliable options. You can choose from standard shipping or expedited delivery, depending on how quickly you need your order. Their packaging is designed to withstand the rigors of transportation, ensuring your food arrives in perfect condition. Legacy estimates delivery to happen two to five days after you place your order.

Legacy Food Storage Company Information

Legacy Food Storage has been a pioneer in the emergency survival food industry for years. Their commitment to quality, nutrition and customer satisfaction has earned them a reputation as a trustworthy and dependable provider. Their dedication to using natural, high-quality ingredients sets them apart from other competitors.

Customer Service Information

Legacy Food Storage takes customer service seriously. They have a responsive and knowledgeable customer support team to assist you with any queries or concerns. To reach their customer service, you can send an email via their website’s contact page or call between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. MST.

How Legacy Food Storage Compares

Legacy Food Storage vs. My Patriot Supply

Both companies offer long-term survival food storage options, but Legacy Food Storage focuses mostly on complete meals while My Patriot Supply has some meals but offers a lot of raw ingredients in their kits such as bulk dehydrated fruits and veggies, white rice and flour. If you prefer to assemble your own meals, you may prefer My Patriot Supply, but if you want meals that are ready to eat, Legacy may be the better choice. 

Legacy Food Storage vs. Deseret Emergency Food

Deseret Emergency Food is another provider of long-term food storage options for survival situations that sells just-add-water meals in bulk. The biggest difference is that Deseret only sells kits in large quantities such as one- or two-year supplies all the way up to a 10-year packages that cost up to $13,000. This makes it difficult for families on a budget or those that just want to buy smaller quantities of emergency food rations. Legacy Food Storage also offers more meal options than Deseret, so it’s a more flexible option for those that want to buy lower quantities or to customize their orders.

Bottom Line: Why We Love It

Legacy Food Storage is an affordable bulk emergency survival food company that delivers good variety and flexible package options. With a focus on affordability, nutrition and a wide selection of meal and ingredient options, they are a strong option for any families or individuals trying to prepare for unforeseen circumstances. While the high initial cost may be a consideration for some, the long shelf life and peace of mind make Legacy Food Storage a valuable investment in your safety and well-being. Whether you’re a seasoned prepper or a first-time buyer, Legacy Food Storage is an affordable  choice to meet your emergency food needs.


Where is Legacy Food Storage located?

Legacy Food Storage is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Who owns Legacy Food Storage?

Legacy Food Storage was founded in 2011, and is owned by Phil Cox, who also serves as the CEO of the company.

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