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ReflexMD Review

As one of the most popular and publicized new areas of modern medicine, weight loss injections have become a highly coveted solution for millions of Americans battling excess pounds. But navigating the complex maze of weight loss solutions can be daunting, and getting your hands on a prescription and the actual product, almost impossible. ReflexMD makes that process less painful and more personal by connecting you with a licensed medical professional who can help you determine what weight loss injection may be right for you, as well as provide you with a prescription for the right treatment shipped to your door, all from the comfort of your own home. In this review, we’ll walk you through how this popular telemedicine service works, plus how they can help support you in finding the weight loss resources you need to succeed.

About ReflexMD

ReflexMD is an online telehealth platform that was developed as a solution to the struggles and shortages patients faced during the pandemic. By using technology to remove the barriers in-person doctor visits may pose, ReflexMD connects people directly with licensed doctors to help ensure everyone has access to high-quality healthcare when and where they need it most.

All the healthcare professionals on the platform are licensed physicians who have undergone a rigorous screening process and license verification. This exclusive network ensures that patients receive top-quality medical care from experienced and qualified physicians.

ReflexMD Semaglutide

With the intense interest in weight loss injections in recent years, getting access to a healthcare professional who can help determine if you qualify for this type of treatment, as well as getting your hands on the actual medication itself, has become a major hurdle. ReflexMD helps provide a clearer path by connecting you directly with a licensed medical professional who can help determine if a weight loss medication featuring semaglutide is right for you.

Semaglutide is the same active ingredient found in Wegovy®—the go-to, once-a-week weight loss injection for people who are overweight or obese. It belongs to a class of medication known as glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists (or GLP-1 RAs). GLP-1 RAs mimic a hormone in our bodies that help regulate hunger and satiety, as well as reduce blood sugar. For this reason, they are a popular treatment for Type 2 diabetes as well as weight loss. In higher doses, semaglutide works to increase feelings of fullness, helping individuals to reduce their overall food intake and lose weight.

Quick access to weight loss treatment from anywhere Must submit initial payment before determining eligibility
Removes barriers to access and in-person appointments Not covered by health insurance—cost can be significant
Features semaglutide—the active ingredient in Wegovy
Completely remote consultations with a highly-trained clinician
Safe, secure and private screening to determine eligibility
Intake form and additional info can be completed in minutes
Eligibility will be reviewed by a medical professional within 24 hours
Quick but thorough evaluation by doctors to ensure the right treatment plan
Free overnight shipping of prescriptions from trusted pharmacies
Ongoing support and consultations with medical team to track progress
Discreet packaging and monthly deliveries
Significant discount on first month to allow trial period
Cancel subscription any time

How ReflexMD Works

Weight loss medications like semaglutide can only be obtained through a prescription, and require a screening from a licensed healthcare provider to see if you qualify.

ReflexMD aims to simplify that process in three easy steps:

1. Complete a virtual ReflexMD consultation.

To get started, you’ll need to answer a quick online questionnaire pertaining to your
basic health information (including height, weight, age), weight loss goals and more. You’ll also need to complete a medical history intake, as well as upload a body shot photo and verify your identity by uploading a photo ID.

2. Meet with a doctor.

After submitting your information, ReflexMD’s medical team will assess your eligibility
and determine the right treatment plan based on your unique needs. You’ll speak to a
physician who specializes in weight loss right from the comfort of your own home, and
can follow up with them concerning your plan or progress at any time throughout your

3. Receive your medication in the mail.

Once you are approved and receive your private prescription from ReflexMD’s medical team, your medication will be shipped directly to your door on a monthly basis. The initial prescription typically begins with a smaller amount to allow your body to acclimate to the medication. After a few weeks, the team at ReflexMD will reach out to assess your progress, and your doctor will adjust your dosage as needed.


ReflexMD operates as a subscription model, which means customers will automatically receive their prescriptions on a monthly basis and be billed accordingly. You have the option to cancel your subscription at any time before your next prescription ships.

Your first month’s fee covers your consultation, medicating and overnight shipping via FedEx, as well as a $200 discount to try out the service first. This makes the first month’s cost come in at about $297, while the second month and beyond will be priced at $497 with all doctor consultations and shipping costs included. The good news is that this price will be locked in for as long as your subscription is active, which means your monthly price will not increase with any fluctuations in the marketplace.

Customers are expected to submit a payment up front to reserve their first month’s supply of semaglutide. If you do not qualify for any reason after a doctor has assessed all of your information, you will receive a full refund.

While ReflexMD does not currently accept any types of health insurance, they do offer FSA, HSA and HRA reimbursements.

ReflexMD: The Company

Recognizing a need for safer, easier access to medical treatment during the pandemic, and inspired by the personal plight of one of their own mothers who struggled to get the much-needed treatment she needed, the founders of ReflexMD set out to ensure that everyone has access to high-quality healthcare—from the comfort of their own home. ReflexMD leverages technology to connect customers directly with licensed medical professionals while prioritizing convenience, affordability and reliability, to remove barriers and increase access to the right treatment in record time.

Comparing ReFlexMD with the Competition

ReflexMD presents a new path for customers to get access to the weight loss treatment and care they need by connecting licensed doctors and patients virtually. Let’s see what makes ReflexMD stand out.

ReflexMD Semaglutide vs. Saxenda

Currently, ReFlexMD focuses on prescribing treatments that feature semaglutide as the active ingredient (like Wegovy), a GLP-1 RA known for its effectiveness in reducing appetite and enhancing feelings of fullness. On the other hand, Saxenda leverages liraglutide, another GLP-1 RA, that has a different method of action. Treatments that utilize semaglutide only require a once-weekly injection since semaglutide lasts longer in the body, while Saxenda needs to be administered daily. In addition to studies suggesting that semaglutide produces greater weight loss results, the fundamental difference in a weekly injection vs. daily may make semaglutide a more appealing choice for customers when it comes to their overall experience and willingness to stick with treatment.

Bottom Line: Why We Love It

Weight loss injections have been one of the hottest treatments to hit healthcare in recent years, but shortages in supply and the medical professionals to prescribe them has made it almost impossible for many customers to access. ReflexMD removes those barriers by connecting customers with highly-qualified doctors virtually who can quickly determine your eligibility and dramatically decrease the time it takes to receive a prescription. They also work with trusted pharmacies nationwide, expanding availability and avoiding shortages while getting your prescription to you in record time. One distinguishing factor is that they currently only offer medication that features semaglutide as the active ingredient (like Wegovy), which has been shown to produce greater weight loss results and only requires a once-weekly injection (versus daily like some other treatments). By removing barriers to access, prioritizing trusted treatment, and providing constant medical support throughout your journey, ReflexMD makes it possible to finally achieve your weight loss goals and improve your health.


How much does ReflexMD cost?

ReflexMD’s subscription typically costs a little less than $500 per month. However, for the first month, you can enjoy a $200 discount for the initial month. This subscription fee includes a virtual consultation, medication and overnight shipping. There is no additional fee for any follow-up online consultations or support as it is included in your subscription. Starting from the second month and beyond, the cost will return to the standard rate.

What is ReflexMD?

ReflexMD is a telehealth platform that offers an online service for weight loss medication, specifically semaglutide, which is the active ingredient in the weight loss drug Wegovy. The company aims to revolutionize the way people access healthcare, prioritizing convenience and accessibility.

Is ReflexMD a legit company?

ReflexMD is a legitimate company headquartered in Delaware, and proudly displays its LegitScript certification on its website as third-party verification.


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