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Last Updated April 2024

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  • Admin controls to manage employees, permissions, and delegate responsibilities
  • Advanced reporting for compromised employee emails and vulnerable passwords
  • Free family accounts for all employees
  • Enterprise option offers account manager and custom training
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    14 Day Free Trial

    • Enterprise, small-to-medium sized business, or options for <10 employees
    • Each employee gets Keeper on unlimited devices for complete, company-wide protection
    • Free family plan for each team member
    • Add-ons available based on unique company needs
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      Free Trial No Credit Card Required

      • Voted #1 for ease of use and user adoption rates
      • Built-in automated user onboarding
      • Easily create custom groups and teams
      • Security breach alerts all in one place
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        • Role-based permissions allow for easy group management
        • Confidential SSO & Provisions (SCIM) integration
        • Free Friends & Family plan for all Business users
        • Get notified of breached passwords even if employee isn't using Dashlane
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          • Securely share passwords and passkeys with other NordPass users over an encrypted channel
          • Secure Notes are ideal for securing things like Wi-Fi passwords, alarm system codes, and other important information
          • Auto-lock feature, with which you can select how long you would like to stay signed in
          • Breach Monitoring monitors your email address and will send you a real-time alert if your information appears in a data breach
          • XChaCha20 encryption
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            Best Business Password Manager: Finding the Right Fit for Your Business

            Cybercrime can be devastating for businesses: Statistics suggest that in 2023, the average amount of money lost by businesses as a result of cybercrime was $1.3 million. In the same year, the average cost of a data breach across all industries was $4.45 million.

            Password managers serve an important function for businesses, providing protection against cyberthreats and data breaches with a slew of features designed to keep your organization’s digital information and activities private and secure. The right service can even increase your team’s productivity. But with so many of these tools on the market today, how do you know which is the right choice for your organization? We’ll help you decide with this comprehensive guide to the best password managers for businesses. From the best business password manager for iPhone and the best business password manager android, to the best free business password manager and the best business password manager for Mac, we cover it all in this helpful guide.

            Top Picks for the Best Business Password Managers

            Best Overall Business Password Manager

            There’s a reason more than 100,000 businesses have turned to 1Password Business to keep their organization’s most sensitive information safe and secure online: It’s one of the best business password managers on the market today. 1Password’s robust security platform provides comprehensive protection of all your online information and activities while also enabling granular control and a user-friendly interface. It is designed for seamless integration with your existing enterprise environment, and is surprisingly affordable, making it an excellent choice for businesses of all needs, sizes and budgets. Here are some of 1Password’s key features:

            • Advanced AES-256 encryption
            • Two-factor authentication
            • Strong password generation, storage and auto-population
            • Advanced access control with 13 different vault permissions
            • Secure credential sharing between team members
            • Comprehensive usage reports and activity logs
            • Security policy creation and customization
            • Password health and potential data breach insights
            • Zero-knowledge architecture
            • Automated provisioning
            • Single sign-on option
            • Free 1Password Families membership for employees

            Other top password manager services for businesses include Keeper, RoboForm, Dashlane and NordPass. All offer advanced features and iron-clad security protocols designed to keep entire organizations protected from online threats.

            Best Free Business Password Manager

            While very few free business password managers exist, companies like 1Password, Keeper, RoboForm, Dashlane and NordPass offer generous free trials, which enable you to try out their services before making a full commitment.

            Platform-Specific Recommendations

            Best Business Password Manager App for iPhone & iOS:

            Every iPhone, iPad and Mac comes with a free password manager called the Apple iCloud Keychain. While the Keychain provides basic password management, it is a very streamlined resource that lacks many of the advanced features you’ll get with a dedicated password management service. Investing in a tool that offers a more comprehensive approach to digital security is the best way to ensure your business’ online information and activities are protected. Some of the best password managers for iPhone and iOS include Dashlane, Keeper, 1Password and NordPass. All are highly reputable, all come with a wide variety of advanced security features, and all offer cross-platform and cross-device functionality, making integration hassle-free.

            Best Business Password Manager for Android & Windows:

            Android users have access to Google Password Manager, and Windows offers a similar service called Credential Manager. As with the iCloud Keychain, these are fairly basic services. Using a business password manager is the best way to ensure maximum protection for your organization. Our overall top password manager pick, 1Password, is a great choice for Android and Windows users. It is a comprehensive security solution that provides much more than just simple password management. Dashlane is another great choice. Like many premium services, Dashlane provides superior password management and best-in-class encryption. It also offers some unique features like free universal VPN, which works anywhere you go, and protects all browsers and devices. Dashlane also provides dark web monitoring, scanning the internet for your logins and personal information, and notifying you if anything is detected. Like 1Password, Dashlane has a dedicated Android app, and its browser extension syncs with all major browsers and operating systems. Keeper is another great choice for Android and Windows users. 

            Best for Mac & macOS Users: 

            While the Apple iCloud Keychain can be useful for generating and storing random passwords and usernames, storing credit card numbers, and auto-populating information when you return to websites, its capabilities and features pale in comparison to what you get with a dedicated password management service. For that reason, we recommend top services like 1Password, Keeper, RoboForm, Dashlane and NordPass for Mac users.

            Best Cross-Platform Business Password Manager:

            1Password stands out not only for its comprehensive and advanced features, but also for its cross-functional performance. You can add the 1Password app to Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems as well as iOS and Android devices, and can sync passwords on phones, tablets and computers. Keeper is another excellent service that  has apps for iOS, Android, Mac and PC along with browser extensions across all browsers. RoboForm and Dashlane are two other top performing services that work across a wide variety of browsers, platforms and devices.

            The Bottom Line

            The best business password managers offer more than just secure password generation and storage; they enable comprehensive protection against cyberthreats, provide better security oversight and even increase team productivity. 1Password, Keeper, RoboForm, Dashlane and NordPass are among the best password managers for businesses.


            What is the best business password manager?

            The best business password manager for your organization depends on various factors, like your specific needs and budget. However, services like 1Password, Keeper, Roboform, Dashlane and NordPass are universally appealing due to their iron-clad security protocols and feature-rich and user-friendly interfaces.

            What is the best free business password manager?

            While there are many excellent free password managers, including Bitwarden and Dashlane, very few of these services offer free business plans. That said, many password managers, like 1Password, Keeper, RoboForm, Dashlane and NordPass, all offer free trials for businesses, which enable you to test them out without making a full commitment. 

            What is the best business password manager for iphone?

            Some of the best password management services for iPhone users include Keeper, 1Password, Dashlane and NordPass. All have iOS apps and offer a variety of features that enable seamless integration across Apple devices, iron-clad security and unprecedented convenience.  

            What is the best business password manager for mac?

            1Password, Keeper, Dashlane and NordPass are consistently recognized as the top business password managers for Mac users. All integrate seamlessly with Mac devices, and all offer best-in-class security features to ensure your organization is protected from cyberattacks.


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