Dakota Lithium Power Box Portable Generator Review

From outdoor enthusiasts to road warriors or even everyday people who want to be prepared for the unpredictable, power generators are becoming increasingly essential to our everyday lives. And with the rising popularity of solar generators producing renewable energy that’s easy to take anywhere and everywhere, it may feel overwhelming to narrow it down when you’re shopping for the right source to meet your backup power priorities. 

Solar generators are gaining popularity as a cleaner, more sustainable backup energy source than the traditional fossil-fuel powered generators. Compact, lightweight and reliable, they’re a top choice for camping trips, boating, RV travel, or even as emergency backup power. And while solar generators are not typically preferred for supplementing energy for an entire house, the Powerbox+ 135 Waterproof Solar Generator from Dakota Lithium was designed to power everything from your electronic devices to car engines and trolling motors. 

In this review, we’re talking through features, pricing, pros and cons, and competition to find out why so many people are choosing the Powerbox+ 135 to energize an array of real-life situations…and if you should be one of them.

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Dakota Lithium Power Box
Waterproof/submersible mobile power station and solar generator
120V AC (2) and USB (4) + waterproof USB A and USB C
Includes 135 Ah Dual Purpose 1,000 CCA Battery
Free Shipping (lower 48)
37.7 lbs

About the Powerbox+ 135 Waterproof Solar Generator

Waterproof, airtight, and expertly designed to provide reliable power in extreme environments, the Powerbox+ 135 is lightweight, portable power source that supplies your energy needs even when you’re off-grid. From charging tools and devices to jumpstarting a car, the Powerbox+ 135 supplies renewable, clean to power your life from one lithium battery so light that it floats. 

Powered by the ultra-rugged Dakota Lithium Plus 12V 135 AH dual-purpose battery, this mobile power station features two AC wall plugs, plus six USB ports, to easily allow you to charge multiple devices at once, plus access up to 1,000 cold cranking amps (CCA) of engine starting power via waterproof automotive grade battery posts. 

With the Powerbox+ 135 Waterproof Solar Generator, low maintenance, quiet, clean energy has never been easier to take with you wherever life leads.

Pros Cons
Renewable energy—no fossil fuels Higher up-front cost than traditional generators
Quiet and practically maintenance free Solar panels are an added cost
Long-lasting charge and overall lifecycle Not meant to power entire homes
Five times the power of traditional batteries
Can power multiple devices, tools and equipment simultaneously
High continuous discharge rates to start boat, car or truck engines
Performs in extreme temperatures as low as -20°F
Superior waterproof and submersible exterior
Lightweight and easy to transport
Exceptional 11-year warranty
30-day money back satisfaction guarantee
Free shipping within the contiguous U.S.

Powerbox+ 135 Waterproof Solar Generator Key Features 

The Powerbox+ 135 combines the impressive power of a Dakota Lithium battery in a fully submersible, military spec plastic case fitted with all the energy adapters you need to provide long-lasting power while you’re on the road, enjoying the water, or experiencing a power outage. 

The Powerbox+ 135 features:

    • Rugged Dakota Lithium Plus 12V 135 Ah Dual Purpose 1,000 CCA Battery
    • Waterproof rating; can be submerged at a depth of three feet of water for 30 hours 
    • Two AC wall plus and four USB connections to simultaneously power multiple devices 
    • High energy and storage capacity: 1,620 Watt-hours (Wh), 135 Ampere hours (Ah) 
    • Up to 1,000 cold cranking amps (CCA) to start a boat, car or small truck engine 
    • Optimal performance in extreme temps from -20°F min to +150°F max 
    • Ballistic interior nylon bag for waterproof storage of personal items and small devices 
    • Removable silicone tray for keeping your devices clean and safe during charging 
  • Premium 12V 10 Amp Dakota Lithium LiFePO4 battery wall charger for full charging in under an hour
  • Industry leading 11-year manufacturer warranty

While the Powerbox+ 135 is solar-panel compatible, you will need to purchase the solar panels separately for extended off-grid power capabilities. 

The Dakota Lithium 135AH Difference

Housed within the airtight, waterproof plastic case is what makes the Powerbox 135+ stand out as an elite lithium generator: The top-performing Dakota Lithium Plus 12V 135 Ah dual purpose battery. Built with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, this battery provides significantly more power over a longer life cycle than traditional batteries—at half the weight. 

  • Over 2,000 recharge cycles for approximately five- to 10-year lifespan
  • Five times the power and lasts five times longer than traditional lead battery 
  • High continuous discharge rate to power your car, trolling motor or heavy machinery 
  • Steady voltage for 99 percent of the battery’s charge for full power down to the last drop

Powerbox+ 135 Waterproof Solar Generator Pricing

While solar lithium generators are often associated with a higher up-front cost, the fact that they provide consistent power, last significantly longer, and require little to no maintenance while producing clean energy make them a much better value in the long run. 

At the time of publication, the Powerbox+ 135 with the included 12V 135AH DL+ 1,000CCA battery was priced at $1,699 when purchasing directly through DakotaLithium.com. That’s a savings of $400 off the typical retail price. Shipping is also completely free within the contiguous United States. 

To charge the Powerbox+ 135 purely on solar power, you’ll need to purchase a 180W folding solar panel from Dakota Limited for $599 (originally $699). 

In addition to special pricing and sales directly through DakotaLithium.com, they also offer a 10 percent discount for anyone who has served in the U.S. or Canadian military. 

Money Back Guarantee And Warranty 

Dakota Lithium is known for their rugged, long-lasting premium products, and they back that up with an exceptional, industry-leading 11-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee. 

Plus, they also offer lifetime technical support and a separate one-year warranty on charges, powerbox cases and accessories.

Comparing the Powerbox+ 135 with Other Portable Generators 

Compared to other portable generators, the Powerbox+ 135 features and specifications stand strong. 

Powerbox+ 135 vs. Honda EU2000i

While both generators are lightweight making it easy to take extra power on the go, the Honda EU2000i is a mini version of a traditional generator while the Powerbox+ 135 is able to generate sustainable, clean energy through a 12V lithium battery. And while the Honda EU2000i comes in at a few hundred dollars less, its edge ends there.

  • The Honda EU2000i runs on fossil fuels while the Powerbox+ 135 relies on lithium battery-based renewable energy that can be solar-powered for complete off-grid capability.
  • Powerbox+ 135 is a more versatile energy source that can start an engine or power electronics, while the Honda EU2000i is meant more for smaller energy uses. 
  • Powerbox135+ is completely waterproof and submersible, making it as reliable on water as it is on land (the Honda EU2000i is not). 
  • Powerbox+ 135 comes with an 11-year warranty compared to the three-year warranty on the Honda EU2000i.

Powerbox+ 135 vs. WEN 56200i 

The WEN 56200i is a strong contender in terms of pricing at a fraction of the up-front cost of the Powerbox+ 135, but it falters when it comes to energy efficiency, versatility and overall lifetime value. 

  • The WEN 56200i is powered by fuel and oil like a traditional generator, while the waterproof Powerbox+ 135 runs on a 12V lithium battery that creates quiet, clean energy that can be charged via a power cord or solar panels.
  • The Powerbox+ 135 provides a higher, longer power output that last multiple days from one charge; the WEN 56200i lasts only a few hours before needing to refuel.
  • The Powerbox+ 135 has more outputs and can power both car engines and smaller devices, while the WEN 56200i is meant for smaller energy electronics 
  • The WEN 56200i only comes with a two-year warranty compared to the 11-year warranty that comes standard with the Powerbox+ 135

Bottom Line: Why We Love It

The Powerbox+ 135 Waterproof Solar Generator is a smart, resilient, and valuable tool for anyone in need of renewable backup power you can trust. As finding more sustainable, clean energy sources is becoming increasingly essential, we particularly appreciate that the Powerbox+ 135 does not rely on fossil fuels and instead gets its energy via the included wall charger or optional solar panels (sold separately). It packs a serious power punch in a lightweight, compact space and is able to do anything from jumpstarting a car or boat engine to making it easy to work remotely from anywhere. Although it may not work for everyone’s budget, the combination of capabilities, versatility and reliability make the Powerbox+ 135 a winning backup power pick.


Is the Dakota Lithium Powerbox+ 135 generator good?

The Dakota Lithium Powerbox+ 135 generator has several features that make it a strong choice for many users looking for a more sustainable, clean, backup energy source. It’s specially engineered as a waterproof and submersible mobile lithium generator, making it suitable for use across land, water, emergency situations or even in extreme environments. It offers 135Ah of power, with the added benefit of engine starting power of 1,000 cold cranking amps, and has multiple wall and USB outputs for powering multiple electronics simultaneously. 

In addition to its super rugged exterior, the Powerbox+ 135 features a premium Dakota Lithium Plus 12V 135 Ah dual purpose battery that has five times the power and lifecycle as a traditional lead battery, at half the weight. 

The Powerbox+ 135 is also backed by a class-leading 11-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee making it a risk-free investment in your peace of mind.

How long will a Dakota Lithium Powerbox+ 135 generator last?

The Dakota Lithium Powerbox+ 135 generator is designed for longevity, offering up to 80 percent capacity for 2,000 cycles in recommended conditions. This means that the battery can be fully drained and recharged 2,000 times while still retaining 80 percent of its original capacity.

In comparison, a typical Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery often offers around 500 cycles. Therefore, the Powerbox+ 135 has the potential to last up to four times longer than a typical SLA battery, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

It is important to note that the actual lifespan will depend on several factors, including how often it’s used, the conditions it’s used in, and how it’s maintained. As with any battery, proper care and usage are key to ensuring its longevity.

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