Renogy Portable Power Station 1000 Portable Generator Review

Having reliable access to power no matter where you are isn’t just a novelty in today’s hyper connected world…it’s a necessity. And thanks to the introduction of portable power solutions, that access is easier than ever. Navigating through the ever-expanding options and maze of specifications and jargon can feel overwhelming at best, so we’re cutting through the noise to focus on the highly rated Renogy Portable Power Station 1000. We’ll walk you through the features, versatility and value of this portable powerhouse to help you decide if this is the device you need to power anything from off-grid adventures to at-home emergencies.

Last Updated April 2024

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Renogy Portable Power Station 1000
Charge with wall outlet, solar, or car
Various package options available
<45dB - incredibly quiet
1500 watt output wattage
41 lbs

About the Renogy Power Station

Born from a passion to bridge the gap between eco-consciousness and practical energy needs, Renogy has established itself as a pioneering force in the solar energy sector. And the Renogy Portable Power Station 1000 was intentionally built to continue Renogy’s mission: To equip the world with clean, reliable power in an effort to empower journeys and support everyday energy independence.

At its core, the Renogy Power Station relies on an industry-leading lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery that can produce a total output of 2,100 Watts (W) of power to run up to 12 devices without the noise or fumes of fuel-based generators. Prioritizing safety and reliability, this 1,000 Watt hour (Wh) portable power station features an electric vehicle- (EV-) grade battery management system (BMS) that provides real-time temperature and voltage monitoring for safe operation and long battery lifespan. 

With the flexibility to recharge via an AC wall charger, solar panels or a car outlet, plus the option to expand your power capabilities by connecting two Renogy Portable Power Stations, you’ll never have to worry about having enough energy no matter what life has in store.

Pros Cons
Delivers an impressive 2,100W to power a variety of appliances Can get costly, especially when adding solar panels
Clean pure sine wave inverter safely runs sensitive appliances, tools and electronic devices No wireless charging capabilities
Industry-leading LiFePO4 battery cells that can last up to 3,000 cycles
Built-in advanced BMS with multiple layers of protections to keep you safe
180 times faster thermal conductivity ideal for high power levels or hot climates
Flexible, super fast recharging via AC, solar and even car adapters
Solid, impact-resistant steel construction
Expandable capacity by adding another Renogy power station
Quiet operation of around 45 decibels easily blends into the background at home or the campsite
Bluetooth enable for remote monitoring and control through mobile App
Free shipping
30-day return policy
One-year manufacturer warranty

Key Features of the Renogy Solar Generator  

The Renogy Portable Power Station 1000 comes packed with features that are designed to meet the needs of the modern-day explorer and emergency preparedness enthusiast alike. 

  • 2,100W capacity can power up to 12 devices through a mix of USB ports, AC outlets and DC outputs
  • Capable of handling power-hungry appliances like refrigerators with loads up to 3,000W
  • 1,500W pure sine wave inverter also provides stable and safe power for sensitive electronics like laptops, TVs and medical devices
  • iBoost mode runs appliances rated up to 3,000W at a lower power without causing an electrical overload
  • Powered via an industry-leading LiFePO4 battery that tops the list in safety and reliability as well as meets UL safety standards to deliver 3,000 cycles 
  • Exclusive cooling system can reduce thermal stress 180 times faster than typical portable power stations, ideal for high power levels or hot climates up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • EV-grade BMS monitors the battery temperature in real time, as well as over-current, over-voltage and short-circuit protection
  • Super fast recharging takes the power station from zero to 80 percent in one hour using a wall outlet—seven times faster than traditional power stations
  • Clean, fast solar charging when connected to the Renogy E.FLEX 220W portable solar panel that can recharge the power station to 80 percent in only 2.5 hours
  • Automatic Standby Power Supply (SPS) mode allows you to easily switch your devices from an AC wall outlet to your Renogy power station in less than 20 milliseconds, helping you stay in business through unexpected power outages
  • Built-in Bluetooth functionality and mobile App allow you to remotely track real-time power status, turn on/off ambient light, set auto-off timers, or even adjust the recharging speed 
  • Expand your power capacity by connecting to a second Renogy 1000Wh Portable Power Station with a parallel connection kit (sold separately)

Renogy Portable Power Station 1000 Price and Discounts 

The freedom to have safe, reliable power on hand when and where you need it most is invaluable, but the full set of premium features, superior construction and incredibly fast, flexible charging capabilities of the 1,000Wh portable power station from Renogy does come at a cost. 

At the time this review was written, you could score this portable solar generator on sale directly from for $689.99 (originally $1,249.99). That was the lowest price we could find online, although you could also purchase online through authorized retailers like Amazon and Walmart. 

Built to last, this portable power station is a long-term investment in quality, reliability and the peace of mind that comes with sustainable energy solutions, and the price reflects that. 

Renogy Return Policy and Warranty

When purchasing directly from the manufacturer, Renogy will accept returns of new, unused items in their original packaging within 30 days for a refund. Take note that Renogy does charge a 10 to 15 percent restocking fee on return, and customers are also responsible for return shipping. 

The Renogy Portable Power Station is also backed by a one-year limited warranty, which covers any manufacturer defects. 

Comparing This Popular Geneverse Solar Generator to the Competition

In the power station market, the Renogy Portable Power Station 1000 holds its own. Its build quality, battery life, solar charging capability and expandability make it incredibly useful at home, on the road or even off-grid. So we’re seeing how it stacks up against other popular power picks. 

Renogy vs. Victron

Like Renogy, Victron is another heavyweight in the solar energy market, but they cater to more of a DIY independent energy shopper who is looking to create their own bundle of various products based on their needs. In addition to a wide variety of products that you can bundle together as needed, they also offer complete energy solutions like the Renogy Portable Power Station 1000 that comes with everything you need for safe, reliable power to suit a range of devices and appliances no matter where you are. 

Renogy vs. Rich Solar

Rich Solar is known for their robust solar powered product suite, but they also offer competitive portable power solutions. While the Rich Solar X500 Lithium Portable Power Station is slightly less expensive, the 1,000Wh portable power station from Renogy is powered by a superior LiFePO4 battery with a higher total capacity, smart features for remote operation, plus more flexible charging ports, making it the more versatile option for power users.

Bottom Line: Why We Love It

While Renogy is widely recognized for their popular solar panels, their entry into the portable power station market with the 1,000 portable power station doesn’t disappoint. Capable of easily connecting to their solar panels (available to purchase separately) for a reliable off-grid energy source, the Renogy portable power station can also be used as a home backup power solution with AC wall charging, or even on the road with car-charging capabilities. Renogy certainly didn’t cut corners with a best-in-class LiFePO4 battery that’s known for its safety, reliability and longevity, plus EV-grade battery management system with all the safety features you’d want and then some. It’s bluetooth enabled for remote operation, charges extra fast, and can even be hooked up to another Renogy Portable Power station making it a solid choice for flexible, reliable power when and where you need it most.

Renogy FAQ

How long does it take to fully charge the Renogy Portable Power Station 1000?

With some of the fastest recharging speeds on the market, the Renogy Portable Power Station has three ways of charging: 

  • AC outlet charging can fully recharge the power station in 1.8 hours (80 percent in one hour)
  • Solar charging can bring your power station from zero to 80 percent in 2.5 hours
  • Car charging can get your generator from zero to 100 percent in nine hours 

Can the Renogy power station run a mini-fridge?

Yes, heir 1000 portable power station can run a 90W fridge for 30.2 hours on a single charge. 

What accessories are included with the Renogy 1000 solar power generator?

When purchasing the Renogy 1000Wh portable power station, you’ll also receive the following charging accessories:

  • 14AWG AC Power Cable
  • 16AWG Car Charge Cable
  • 16AWG Solar Charge Cable

You have the option to purchase compatible Renogy solar panels, parallel kits and more to add on to your power station. 

What type of battery cell is used in the Renogy 1000 solar portable power station? 

The Renogy Power Station 1000 uses an industry-leading lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery that is known for its superior safety and reliability that can last up to 3,000 cycles. 

Is the Renogy power station waterproof?

No, the Renogy Portable Power Station 1000 is not waterproof and should be kept in dry conditions to prevent damage.


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