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These days, a reliable internet connection is an essential lifeline for school, work and play. And there are now more options than ever for getting online at home. In this Frontier Internet review, we’ll explore the features, performance, customer service and pricing of this leading internet service provider. We’ll look at its pros and cons and even compare it to other top Internet service providers (ISPs) on the market today—to help you decide if it’s the best choice for you.

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$59.99/mo Fiber, 1 Gig

Uncable yourself and get internet your way
Fiber internet speeds up to 5 Gig and free installation
All plans include a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi router at no additional cost
Enjoy no data caps, overage charges or annual commitment
Simple month-to-month pricing on all plans

What is Frontier Internet?

Frontier Communications offers a wide range of internet services, including DSL and fiber optic connections, catering to both residential and business customers. Their connections come in internet-only and bundled plans designed to meet different needs and budgets.

Pros Cons
Industry-leading upload and download speeds with fiber plans Limited availability
Fast and reliable service in rural areas
Affordable pricing
24/7 tech support
No annual contracts

Frontier Internet’s Coverage

Those lucky enough to live in one of the 17 states where Frontier’s fiber network is available enjoy blazing fast speeds and extremely reliable service. While their fiber network is growing, many areas that Frontier services may only be able to get some of the company’s legacy connection options such as DSL. The company’s website provides an easy-to-use coverage map and zipcode search page, allowing potential customers to check availability of specific plans in their specific area.

Frontier Internet Prices & Plans

Frontier Internet offers flexible contract options, including both month-to-month and long-term agreements tied to promotions, though the standard internet plans don’t involve annual contracts. While Frontier now focuses mostly on internet offerings, some customers can explore bundle options that include TV and phone services.

Where fiber is available, there are four speed tiers to choose from with a wide range of prices. For $49.99 per month, Frontier offers 500 Mbps maximum upload and download speeds, which is both cheaper and faster than their DSL plans, which cost $64.99 per month but may be the best and/or only option in some rural areas. At the high end, their five Gbps premium plan will run you $154.99, but provides some of the fastest upload and download speeds available to residential internet customers nationwide. 

Contracts, Equipment & Additional Monthly Fees

Most Frontier plans include a Wifi router at no additional charge, unlike many other ISPs that tack on a monthly rental charge. Taxes and fees are difficult to summarize because they vary by state and city. Many states levy mandatory charges on internet service providers such as Frontier and those may be passed on to the consumer. Likewise, many states will charge sales tax on your internet bill, but not all. Calling Frontier is your best bet to get an accurate estimate of the potential charges and fees if you sign up for service with them. Note: The advertised plan prices reflect a $10 per month “discount” for using their AutoPay option, so if you aren’t comfortable with AutoPay, expect to pay $10 more per month than the advertised rates.

Frontier Internet Packages & Extras

Frontier historically has offered residential TV and phone service in addition to their internet plans and in certain areas, it offers several bundle plans. The company occasionally offers promotions and deals around their residential services. You can check their website or call to see if there are any current promotions, but keep in mind that these promotions often require a longer-term contract.

Frontier Internet Speeds & Data

Frontier Internet offers various speed tiers to accommodate different user needs, ranging from basic DSL plans to higher-speed fiber options up to five Gbps symmetrical download and upload. While many other providers have data caps, Frontier provides unlimited data for all their internet service plans.

DSL service can vary widely in terms of speed depending on your location and the type of DSL offered, with speeds ranging from three Mbps (only good for the most basic browsing and email) up to 115 Mbps, which is still nowhere near their fiber speeds, but adequate for streaming video.

The Frontier fiber plans start at 500 Mbps and can offer maximum speeds as high as five Gbps

About Frontier Communications

Frontier is a well-established regional telecommunications company with a long history of providing residential internet and other services. The company has gone through many acquisitions and changes over the past several decades, which have culminated in the development of their fiber network.

Frontier Internet Customer Service Information

Frontier Internet stands out for providing 24/7 tech support. Customer support can be reached anytime via live chat on their website or by calling their toll-free number. Like most companies these days, they also have a self-serve Help Center with frequently asked questions about accounts, billing, setup and more. They also offer their MyFrontier app as another way to reach them or to check on support tickets.

Comparing Frontier Internet to Other Internet Service Providers

Frontier Internet stands out in its coverage of rural areas, competitive pricing, fiber network and bundle options. Where options are limited, Frontier is an excellent choice for rural customers looking for reliable service without lots of hidden costs. If their fiber network is an option in your area, it can provide very high speeds at competitive prices.

Frontier Internet vs. Xfinity

Frontier’s extensive rural coverage with DSL service may appeal to users outside urban areas, while Xfinity’s cable infrastructure with high-speed options might be preferred by those seeking top-notch performance in densely populated regions. Compared to Xfinity Gigabit plans, Frontier’s fiber options are similarly priced but provide better speeds at the high end, especially for uploads. 

Frontier Internet vs. Spectrum

Again, this comparison depends largely on which Frontier service is available in your area. Spectrum is a cable-based ISP, which will provide better connection speeds than Frontier’s DSL options, though those cable plans may cost a bit more. Compared to Frontier’s fiber plans however, Spectrum’s asymmetrical connection speeds can’t keep up, especially in terms of upload speeds.

Frontier Internet vs. Optimum

Optimum offers both cable and some limited fiber connection options, but their biggest limitation is availability. Their services are mostly confined to the largest tristate area centered around New York City, so most Americans aren’t eligible for their services. If you live in one of the Optimum service areas and also have the option of Frontier, you’ll want to determine which Frontier service is available. Frontier’s DSL plans can’t compete on performance with Optimum’s cable and fiber options, but the Frontier fiber plans will actually provide slightly faster speeds than even Optimum’s fastest plans, depending on which Frontier fiber plan you choose.

Bottom Line: Why We Love It

Frontier Internet impresses with its wide coverage, streamlined pricing and growing fiber network. As with any ISP, individual experiences may vary based on location and specific needs and your performance will be much different with their new fiber plans than their older DSL connections. If Frontier’s availability aligns with your area and the plans suit your requirements, they are undoubtedly worth considering for a dependable internet connection.


Is Frontier Internet good?

Frontier Internet can be a good option for certain users, especially those residing in rural areas where other internet providers may have limited coverage. They offer a variety of plans at competitive prices and provide transparent billing and flexible contract options. The DSL speeds will be slow if you’re used to cable or fiber home internet, but in some rural areas, Frontier DSL may be the best or only option. Where available, Frontier’s fiber plans offer some of the best performance available nationwide in terms of residential internet.

How much is Frontier Internet?

The cost of Frontier Internet varies depending on the plan and package you choose. They offer a range of internet plans to suit different needs and budgets. Prices can start from around $30 per month for basic plans with lower speeds and may go up to as high as $154.99 per month or more for their highest-speed plans or bundles that include additional services like TV and phone. Frontier participates in subsidized plans in partnership with the federal government that make cheaper plans available to lower-income consumers though you’ll need to apply and be approved.

How fast is Frontier Internet?

Frontier Internet offers various speed tiers, and the actual speed you experience will depend on the specific plan you choose and your location. Their internet speeds typically range from around three Mbps for the most basic DSL plans to up to five Gbps for their highest-speed fiber-optic plans.

To determine the available internet speeds in your area and the plans they offer, it’s best to visit Frontier’s website or contact their customer service for accurate and up-to-date information based on your specific home address.


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