Happy Head Hair Loss Review

Since its inception in 2019, Happy Head has quickly become a leading provider of hair loss solutions—and with good reason. Their treatments are safe, effective, easy to use and easy to get—they send your customizable treatments directly to your door.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll cover everything there is to know about Happy Head’s hair loss treatments, including how they work, who they’re for, and how much they cost. We’ll also dive into their pros and cons, and compare them to other top treatments on the market, so you can decide if Happy Head is the best option for you.

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Strongest FDA-approved prescription medicine plus hair care products delivered
Treatments customized based on age, sex and medical history
All doctors are board-certified dermatologists specializing in hair growth
Free support from doctors and ongoing customizations as you progress
Free shipping to your door
Six-month Money Back Guarantee

What is the Happy Head Hair Loss Treatment?

Happy Head is a subscription service that delivers the strongest FDA-approved prescription medicine to men and women battling hair loss nationwide. The company’s flagship product is a topical treatment, which features a proprietary hair growth formula created by world-renowned, board-certified dermatologists. Happy Head also offers oral treatments and a variety of hair care products designed to nourish the scalp and support hair growth. All medications are prescribed by board-certified dermatologists, and the treatments are safe, effective, customizable, easy to use and affordable, making them a great choice for anyone struggling with hair loss. 

Happy Head Hair Loss Treatments and Products Available

Happy Head offers topical and oral treatments, many of which contain minoxidil and finasteride, the only two FDA-approved medicines for treating hair loss. Happy Head’s treatments are customizable—their board-certified dermatologists will work with you to identify a formula that makes the most sense for you. This means that if you’re allergic to an ingredient or simply don’t want one included, you can request to have it omitted from your treatment.

Here’s an overview of their offerings:

Topical Solutions

Research suggests that topical treatments like Happy Head’s are just as effective as oral treatments at combatting hair loss, but cause fewer side effects. Happy Head’s topical treatments are designed to be applied to the areas of your scalp impacted by hair loss or thinning. The solution comes in a 60 milliliter (ml) bottle, which lasts about a month. It is manufactured monthly and made fresh when you order it.

Oral Medications

For those who prefer oral treatments, Happy Head also offers a variety of capsules. The company’s newest oral solution, SuperCapsules™, conveniently combines finasteride, minoxidil and vitamin D into a single, easy-to-swallow capsule.

Hair Care Products

Happy Head also offers a variety of products like shampoos, conditioners and supplements designed by dermatologists and hair loss experts to nourish the scalp and promote hair growth.

Pros Cons
FDA-approved, clinically proven topical & oral prescription medicine delivered to you As with most hair loss treatments, it’s not a permanent cure—it requires consistent use
Designed by dermatologists and hair loss experts
Free consultation & personalized treatments prescribed by board-certified dermatologists
Treatments refined throughout your hair regrowth journey
Higher concentration of minoxidil compared to other brands—theirs are some of the most potent products on the market
Treatment options for men and women
Hair care products to help nourish scalp and strengthen hair also available
Free shipping to your door
No contract; cancel anytime
Six month money back guarantee

How Does the Happy Head Hair Loss Treatment Work?

Ordering Happy Head is a quick and easy process, and using it is even easier. Here’s a look at how it works:

Ordering Happy Head

You’ll start by answering a few questions about your hair challenges and medical history, and submitting a photo of your hairline. You’ll also provide your shipping address and payment information, as well as an image of your driver’s license so you’re all set up should you be deemed a candidate for treatment.

Next, you’ll have a consultation with a licensed physician so he or she can determine if you are eligible for a Happy Head treatment, the best solution for you, and if any formula customizations are required.

If a treatment is prescribed, it will ship for free directly to your door in discreet packaging. Happy Head is a subscription service, which means you’ll continue to receive shipments until your subscription runs out or you cancel. As with most hair loss treatments, you’ll need to continue using the treatment if you want to maintain your results.

The Treatments

Every ingredient in Happy Head’s proprietary formulas serves a distinct purpose. Here’s a look at the active ingredients in the brand’s most popular topical formula:

  • Finasteride: Works by inhibiting an enzyme that converts testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a common contributor to hair loss. 
  • Minoxidil: Thought to regrow lost hair and prolong the anagen (growth) phase of hair follicles. Happy Head uses a 40 percent higher concentration of Minoxidil than most brands since research indicates better efficacy and improved results with a higher dose.
  • Retinoic Acid: Supercharges minoxidil to promote more dense hair regrowth.
  • Hydrocortisone: Prevents irritation and redness.

Who is Happy Head Hair Loss Treatment For?

In addition to treatments for men, Happy Head offers options for women. For women under 50, Happy Head’s standard formula consists of spironolactone, minoxidil and Retinoic acid. For women over the age of 50, their standard formula consists of finasteride, minoxidil and Retinoic acid. Your doctor will help determine which formula is right for you, depending upon your age and hair loss history.

How to Use Happy Head Hair Loss Treatment

Using Happy Head’s topical solutions is easy. Every bottle comes with a convenient calibrated dropper for precise and mess-free application. You’ll simply fill the dropper twice to 0.5 ml, then apply the solution directly to your scalp and rub it in. Each application is a total of 1.0 ml. Happy Head’s doctors recommend working your way up to the full treatment to reduce the risk of side effects—for your first week, they recommend only applying the treatment once per day. After that, you can apply it once in the morning and once in the evening for a total of 2.0 ml daily.  

Most customers can expect to see results in three to six months.

Where to Get Happy Head Hair Loss Treatment and Cost

The Happy Head hair loss treatment is available through the company’s website. Since many of the formulations include prescription medication, a consultation with a doctor is required before a purchase can be made.

Happy Head Coupon, Pricing and Discounts

At the time of this review, a Happy Head subscription will cost you $79 per month and includes:

  • A free consultation with a dermatologist
  • A customized treatment 
  • Delivery to your door
  • Continuous support from a dedicated doctor

Shipping is free and Happy Head frequently offers discounts on the first month for new customers. Keep an eye on their website for special promotions.

Trial and Shipping Policy

Happy Head understands that their products may not be the best fit for everyone so they offer customers a Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the product within six months, you can request a refund. As long as you follow their instructions, they will issue you a refund for the price you paid for the returned product less any applicable shipping and handling charges (as well as any other fees). Keep in mind that the guarantee applies only to your most recent order, not your entire subscription.

Safety Tips and Side Effects

One of the most effective ingredients in most leading hair loss treatments on the market is finasteride. When taken orally, finasteride comes with the risk of some side effects, including:

  • Decreased sex drive 
  • Pain or tenderness in the testicles 
  • Numbness in the testicles
  • A reduction in sperm count
  • Difficulty obtaining or maintaining an erection (erectile dysfunction)
  • Reduced ejaculatory volume
  • Severe mood changes
  • Breast enlargement 

Fortunately, taking finasteride topically reduces many of the more problematic side effects caused by oral finasteride, which is why one of Happy Head’s most popular treatments is their topical solution. But topical finasteride isn’t without its risks, which is why it’s so critical for those using this type of treatment work closely with a healthcare professional to monitor and prevent side effects. Though not as severe as oral finasteride, some of the side effects you may experience with topical finasteride include:

  • Decreased sex drive 
  • Inability to urinate 
  • Swelling of hands and feet
  • Increased liver enzymes
  • Headaches
  • Testicular tenderness
  • Scalp irritation
  • Contact dermatitis 
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Dizziness or weakness

How Does Happy Head Compare to Other Brands?

Here’s a look at how Happy Head compares to other popular picks like Hims and Keeps. 

Happy Head vs Hims

Like Happy Head, Hims offers a variety of topical and oral treatments containing FDA-approved ingredients for hair loss. Both companies offer free online consultations and ongoing support from licensed medical professionals, free, discreet shipping directly to your home, and a money back guarantee. Customers of both brands can expect results in three to six months. But there are a few key differences between the two brands, including: 

  • Happy Head’s formulas are customizable; Hims is more of an out-of-the-box solution.
  • Happy Head’s treatments include a larger dose of minoxidil—studies suggest that people experience better efficacy and improved results with a higher minoxidil strength.
  • Happy Head’s formulations include additional active ingredients intended to support or enhance the action of finasteride and minoxidil; Hims’ products do not.

Happy Head vs Keeps 

Like Happy Head, Keeps delivers FDA-approved hair loss treatments directly to customers’ doors. The products are comparably priced, both brands offer a free initial consultation, and both have a slew of additional hair care solutions available for purchase. But unlike Happy Head, Keeps does not offer a single topical solution that combines both finasteride and minoxidil. If you want both ingredients, you’ll need to purchase their oral finasteride and their topical minoxidil treatments.  And Happy Head’s minoxidil is more potent—it contains eight percent compared to Keeps’ formulation, which contains just five percent. Research suggests that a stronger minoxidil component may lead to better results.

Happy Head Company Info 

Since its launch in 2019, Happy Head has been delivering customized, prescription-grade hair loss treatments containing FDA-approved ingredients directly to customers’ doors. Their core product is a two-in-one topical solution that contains both finasteride and minoxidil that is more potent than many other formulations on the market today. They offer a free doctor’s consultation with every new subscription order, unlimited access to hair loss experts throughout the treatment journey, and free, fast and discreet shipping.

The Happy Head customer service team can be reached by phone at 1-844-962-4247 or by text at 213-464-0214 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST, Monday through Friday), or via email at [email protected]. The company also offers online chat on its website. 

Happy Head is located in Los Angeles, Calif.

Our Verdict 

If you’re experiencing hair loss or hair thinning, Happy Head is a safe, effective, affordable and convenient solution. We especially like that the treatments are customizable, and that they offer a topical treatment that is just as effective as oral solutions, but with a lower risk of side effects. 

Happy Head Hair Loss Treatment FAQ

How long does Happy Head take to work?

With daily use, results are typically seen between three and six months.

How does my Happy Head subscription work?

Happy Head costs $79 per month and includes the initial consultation with a physician who will evaluate each case and prescribe a treatment. They provide free express shipping via USPS First Class, and shipments will continue for the duration of the subscription.

Are there any side effects?

Research suggests that topical hair loss treatments like Happy Head’s can be just as effective as oral treatments, but have a lower risk of side effects. However, as with any hair loss treatment, there is some risk of side effects, ranging from decreased sex drive, inability to urinate and testicular tenderness to headaches, depression, dizziness and weakness. Your Happy Head provider will review potential side effects in full, and can even customize a formulation for you to help reduce the possibility of a negative reaction.

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Save 60% off your first order with code: SAVE60


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