Pumpkin Pet Insurance Review

If you’re like most pet owners, you want the best for your furry friend. And when it comes to helping protect them from unexpected vet bills for covered conditions, pet insurance is one of the best ways to do just that. 

But with so many options available, it can be hard to know which plan and provider is right for you and your pet. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you with this comprehensive review, which covers everything that Pumpkin has to offer. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of choosing a pet insurance plan provided by Pumpkin, and look at how Pumpkin plans compare to others offered by some big-name pet insurance providers like Lemonade.

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About Pumpkin 

Pumpkin was founded in 2020 by Zoetis, the world’s largest manufacturer of animal drugs and vaccines. While they may be a newcomer to the pet insurance scene, Pumpkin has a solid foundation to build on, with customer reviews earning them a 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot. Pumpkin wants to help give more pet owners the ability to care for their pets’ health, by offering pet insurance plan options and preventative care plan options.  Preventive Essentials, Pumpkin’s preventative care plan, is not insurance but is a great optional benefit that can be added to any Pumpkin plan.

Pumpkin Pet Insurance Pros:

  • 90 percent cash back on all eligible vet bills
  • Accident and illness coverage that doesn’t decline with age
  • Direct deposit available for faster claim reimbursement 
  • 10 percent multi-pet discount for each additional pet
  • 14-day waiting period on all covered conditions, including hip dysplasia and cancer 
  • Unlimited annual limit option available
  • 30-day money back guarantee (Only if no covered claims have been covered. Not available in all states. New York residents will receive a prorated refund for the remaining days in the month.)

Pumpkin Pet Insurance Cons:

  • No mobile app for claims processing 
  • Fewer annual limit choices than other brands, although they do offer an unlimited annual limit option

Pumpkin Pet Insurance Coverage, Plans & Pricing

Pumpkin offers plans with a simple approach to pet insurance coverage: One plan with flexible options for annual limits and deductibles. This way you have help getting the coverage your pet needs, on the terms that will work best for your budget.

All Pumpkin pet insurance policies have a 90 percent reimbursement rate built in, which means that the plan will reimburse you for 90 percent of all eligible vet expenses for covered conditions. This is a departure from how some other pet insurance plans handle the reimbursement rate; some offer multiple options to choose from here, often 70 percent and 80 percent, to lower your premium payment. 

Pumpkin Pet Insurance Plan Coverage & Restrictions

Pumpkin plans cover unexpected accidents and illnesses, including: 

  • Chronic, hereditary and breed-specific conditions
  • Congenital conditions
  • Preventable illnesses
  • Dental illness
  • Behavioral issues
  • Parasites and infectious diseases
  • Orthopedic injuries
  • Swallowed objects and toxins
  • Cancer
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Digestive illnesses

Pumpkin also covers the care options needed to diagnose and treat covered accidents and illnesses, like:

  • Emergencies and hospitalization
  • Sick visit exam fees
  • Surgeries and specialized care
  • Poison control hotline fees
  • End of life expenses
  • Virtual vet visits for accidents and illnesses
  • Advanced care (ex. Chemotherapy)
  • Alternative therapies (ex. Laser therapy)
  • Prescription medication for covered conditions
  • Supplements for covered conditions
  • Prescription food for covered conditions

Like all pet insurance plans, there are some things that are excluded from coverage with Pumpkin plans. Here are the things that are not covered under Pumpkin Pet Insurance plans:

  • Pre-existing conditions 
  • Cosmetic or elective procedures 
  • Boarding fees
  • Breeding, pregnancy, whelping or nursing 
  • Grooming or boarding supplies
  • For a full list of exclusions, you can read a sample policy at pumpkin.care/insurancepolicy

Since our information is based on Pumpkin’s sample policies, our lists may not be exhaustive. If you want to find out whether a certain condition or treatment is covered, Pumpkin recommends calling their customer service team at 1-866-ARF-MEOW and reading a sample policy at pumpkin.care/insurancepolicy.

Pumpkin Pet Insurance Plan Waiting Period

Pumpkin Pet Insurance plans have a 14-day waiting period for all covered accidents and illnesses, with no exceptions. Some plans offered by other providers have longer waiting periods for certain conditions, such as ligament tears or hip dysplasia, ultimately granting these conditions a longer initial waiting period before they can be covered (sometimes up to six months).

Pumpkin Pet Insurance Pre-Existing Conditions

Most pet insurance plans, including Pumpkin plans, don’t cover pre-existing conditions (those conditions that occur or show symptoms before coverage starts or during a waiting period). However, if a pre-existing condition is curable,  was cured, and has been free of symptoms and treatment for 180 days, Pumpkin plans would no longer consider that condition to be pre-existing, ,, with the exception of knee and hind leg ligament conditions. If a knee or ligament condition occurs before the coverage effective date or during a waiting period, any future ones won’t be covered.

It’s important to note that not all pet insurance plans have a curable condition term.

Pumpkin Pet Insurance Plans Cost

Next, we’ll cover the pricing for Pumpkin Pet Insurance plans. Remember, a few unique factors go into calculating your quote, including the plan type, pet type (dog or cat), breed, age and zip code.

Like other pet insurance providers, Pumpkin offers flexible options for a few variables like annual coverage limit, reimbursement rate, and annual deductible, which is great because you can tailor these coverage limits to meet your needs and fit your budget.

Where Pumpkin plans differ from some plans is with their fixed 90 percent reimbursement rate. It’s worth considering that some other plans offer lower reimbursement percentage rates, often 70 percent or 80 percent, which may make your premium payment lower.   

If this sounds confusing, don’t worry. We’ll break it all down for you—here’s how it works:

  • Annual coverage limit:
    • The maximum dollar amount you can get covered for eligible vet bills per policy year
    • Choose from: $10,000, $20,000 or unlimited for dogs and $7,000, $15,000 or unlimited for cats*
    • The higher your annual coverage limit, the more you’ll pay for premiums.
  • Annual deductible amount:
    • The fixed dollar amount you’re responsible for paying in covered vet bills before your reimbursements kick in
    • Choose from: $100, $250 or $500*
    • The lower your deductible, the more you’ll pay in premiums
  • Reimbursement percentage:
    • The percentage of each covered vet bill you’ll be paid back after you meet your deductible
    • Fixed at 90 percent

Optional Features 

Pumpkin’s optional Preventive Essentials plan is a great way to keep your pet feeling good when they’re healthy. Preventive Essentials is not insurance, but an optional benefit that can be added to any Pumpkin plan. Here’s how it works:

For Dogs

Cost: $18.95 per month

What it Covers:

  • 1 annual wellness exam fee
  • 2 vaccines for disease prevention
  • 1 blood test for heartworm and tick diseases
  • 1 fecal test for intestinal worms 

For Cats

Cost: $11.95 per month

What it Covers:

  • 1 annual wellness exam fee
  • 1 vaccine for disease prevention
  • 1 fecal test for intestinal worms 

Differences for Dogs vs Cats

As with most pet insurance providers, Pumpkin insurance plans are usually cheaper for cats. If you’re a cat owner, this is where you could benefit.

Pumpkin’s annual coverage limit options are lower for cats as well, with options for $7,000, $15,000 or unlimited versus $10,000, $20,000 or unlimited for dogs.*

Pumpkin’s Preventative Essentials plan is also cheaper for cats, at $11.95 per month versus $18.95 for dogs.* This is because dogs are covered for more prevention treatments, including an additional vaccine and a blood test for heartworm and tick disease.

*These amounts reflect the options at the time of this review and are subject to change. 

Pumpkin Pet Insurance Plan Discounts

Great news for pet lovers: Pumpkin offers a 10 percent multi-pet discount on all additional pets for those who have more than one pet in their household.

To get a quote for a Pumpkin plan, simply enter your pet’s information on their website. Quotes are based on factors like your plan type, pet’s age, breed, and location.

Pumpkin Lemonade
Exam Fees for Accidents & Illness X Additional Monthly Fee Required
Dental Illness X
Behavorial Issues X
Rx Treat to Food Covered Conditions X
Alternative Therapies X Additional Monthly Fee Required
Microchipping X
90% Reimbursement Rate for All Breeds Ages 8 Wks & Up X X
No Preventative Care Requirements to Cover Certain Illnesses X
Discount for Multiple Pets X X
All Pets Ages 8 Wks & Up Are Eligible to Enroll X
14-Day Waiting Period for ALL Covered Accidents & Illnesses X
Optional Wellness Package (Pumpkin's package is not insurance, but an easy ad-on) X X


Pumpkin provides pet insurance plans for cats and dogs. It’s worth noting that Pumpkin pet insurance plan coverage doesn’t decline as your pet gets older and there is no upper age limit. Pumpkin plans also have a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try it out to make sure it’s a great fit for your pet.  The 30 day money back guarantee is only available if no claims have been covered, and it is not available in N.Y.

Pumpkin Pet Insurance FAQ

Is Pumpkin good?

Pumpkin offers pet insurance plans with 90 percent reimbursement rates, several annual deductible options, and an unlimited annual limit option.The company also has a 14-day waiting period on all covered conditions. Claims are fast and easy, too, and Pumpkin plans offer direct deposit options to get you reimbursed even faster.

Pumpkin also offers an optional Preventative Essentials plan to cover vaccines and wellness treatments for your pet. Preventive Essentials is not insurance, but an optional benefit that can be added to any Pumpkin plan.

How much is a Pumpkin Pet Insurance plan?

Pumpkin’s insurance plans vary based on plan type, pet type, breed, age and location.

Do Pumpkin Pet Insurance plans increase with age?

Yes, the cost of Pumpkin Pet Insurance coverage generally increases as your pet gets older (a majority of pet insurance policies do). One reason is because older pets are more likely to require expensive medical treatments and procedures. However, there are a number of different factors that can affect the total cost of coverage, so it’s important to get a personalized quote based on your specific pet’s needs.

How long has Pumpkin been around?

Pumpkin is newer to the pet insurance market. The company was established in April 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic, in response to the increased number of pet adoptions and purchases across the U.S.

Do Pumpkin Pet Insurance plans cover neutering?

While Pumpkin Insurance plans offer coverage for an enrolled pet’s unexpected, eligible accidents and illnesses, they, like most pet insurance providers, don’t cover elective procedures like spaying and neutering. For a full list of what Pumpkin insurance plans do and don’t cover, check out the sample policy on their website at pumpkin.care/insurancepolicy.


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