IXL Language Learning Tool Review

Whether you’re looking for a fun, interactive way to reinforce key skills students are learning in the classroom or you want to supplement your remote or homeschool curriculum, there are plenty of digital education platforms to pick from. Known for its immersive, personalized approach to learning, IXL is a leading learning tool that encompasses a wide array of subjects, including languages, math, reading and science. In this review, we’re focusing on their unique Spanish program that’s specifically designed to integrate into existing classroom curriculums. With a strong focus on the fundamentals, along with real-world applications, IXL Spanish helps young learners discover a love for language while developing Spanish fluency that feels like second nature.

Last Updated May 2024

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About IXL

IXL is a leading digital education platform that offers a personalized, adaptive learning experience across various subjects, including languages, math, science and reading. This popular tool caters to a diverse range of learners, from pre-K to 12th grade, providing tailored content that grows with each student’s abilities. 

The platform uses real-time analytics to adapt questions to the learner’s level, providing a custom-fit learning journey for every user. The immediate feedback and explanatory notes provided for each answer reinforce learning and encourage students to understand their mistakes, promoting a growth mindset and encouraging a deeper understanding of the material. 

Plus, their curriculum aligns with both state and national standards, and easily integrates with popular school textbooks, making it a seamless supplement for both traditional classroom and homeschooling coursework. 

IXL Spanish 

One of the most widely used educational learning platforms, IXL expanded its subjects to include IXL Spanish—its first world language curriculum that’s focused on laying the foundation for Spanish fluency for young learners. 

The IXL Spanish curriculum covers beginner Spanish content through a mix of interactive questions, engaging audio and real-world narratives that put a fun, fresh spin on vocabulary and grammar skills. IXL skills also educate learners about different cultures and help students build the confidence to use their new language skills in real-world scenarios. While the program does integrate imagery and audio, its heavy use of text makes it better suited for students who can already confidently read. 

The IXL Spanish curriculum excels at helping students acquire the fundamental skills of language learning, like:

  • Building vocabulary 
  • Mastering grammar 
  • Understanding spoken nuances
  • Refining reading comprehension 
  • Applying to real-world scenarios
Pros Cons
Interactive, personalized approach to language learning for kids Individuals can only purchase the Spanish program as an add-on to core subject plans
Focuses on essential skills needed in real-world scenarios Curriculum is more geared toward beginners/Level 1
Teaches vocabulary and grammar but emphasizes useful conversational skills
Highlights the different cultures and communities in Spanish-speaking countries
Wide variety of skills and exercises keep students engaged
Strong pronunciation focus featuring 12 different accents
One of the only programs designed to fit seamlessly into existing classroom curriculums
Aligns with international standards
Integrates with popular middle school and high school textbooks
More affordable than other popular language learning programs
Adaptive questions allow students to move at their own pace
In-depth analytics help educators and families track progress
30-day satisfaction guarantee

How IXL Spanish Works

IXL Spanish is specifically designed to help prepare students for real-world scenarios and interactions. Interactive skills help break down vocabulary and grammar concepts into more digestible bites, including exercises like matching adjectives that describe the correct picture, plus accompanying audio pronunciation for each word. These vocabulary words are also reinforced in the context of conversations to help students apply their newly acquired knowledge to situations they might encounter in the real world. 

As they work through different categories and skills, students will encounter more than 1,000 words and audio in 12 distinct accents to truly immerse them in the depth and breadth of the language. IXL’s adaptive technology presents questions in just the right order, allowing students to master concepts at their own pace and practice until they truly grasp the material.

In addition to teaching the mechanics of the Spanish language, IXL provides a more holistic approach by also highlighting the different cultures and people within Spanish-speaking communities. For example, one reading skill describes physical education classes in Mexico. As students answer questions about the text, they also learn facts about what it’s like to attend school in Mexico, which helps them gain new cultural perspectives and feel prepared for interactions with native speakers.

IXL Spanish is one of the first and only digital platforms to be specifically designed to support classroom learning, with content aligned to the ACTFL World Readiness standards as well as directly matching popular high school and middle school textbooks. By helping students master foundational skills through the interactive, adaptive exercises available with IXL Spanish, teachers can prioritize lessons that lend themselves to more in-person instruction, such as speaking practice or small-group sessions. In-depth IXL Analytics help educators keep a close eye on students’ understanding and identify trouble spots as soon as they arise.

Purchasing IXL Spanish 

Customers can choose from multiple plans and subscriptions available for purchase directly through IXL.com, and the pricing will vary depending on what option you choose. 

For individual students/family memberships, the IXL Spanish curriculum can only be purchased as an add-on to one of their primary subscription plans at $5 per month, or $40 for the year (paying annually comes with special savings). So, if you purchased their lowest-priced, single-subject plan for $9.95 and added Spanish, you would be paying $14.95 plus tax every month. 

Teachers can purchase a standalone Spanish license that provides access for up to 25 students for $299, and even entire schools or districts can purchase the IXL Spanish program with a customized quote.

With IXL, you can choose to change or cancel your subscription at any time, and they also offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee so you can get a full refund if you cancel within those first 30 days.

Comparing IXL to the Competition 

While there are plenty of well-respected language learning apps as well as digital learning platforms tailored toward students, IXL is one of the first to offer the best of both worlds with IXL Spanish. It is also one of the only digital learning platforms that offers an international language learning program specifically designed for students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. The IXL Spanish curriculum is also unique in that it integrates directly into classroom lessons, making it a great resource for educators.

Bottom Line: Why We Love It 

There are digital education platforms that provide a personalized learning experience for core subjects, and there are immersive language learning tools, but there are few that do both. IXL is one of the few, building on their trusted, tested learning platform to offer a Spanish curriculum specifically designed to help young learners discover a new language in a fun and interactive way. Best suited for confident readers, the IXL Spanish program is perfect for introducing foundational skills that form the basis of fluency, like vocabulary and grammar. It’s also one of the only programs designed to integrate into existing classroom curriculums by aligning with international standards and popular textbooks, making it a welcome tool for teachers to use along with their lessons. Perhaps our favorite part of the IXL Spanish program is how it also introduces aspects about the people and customs of Spanish-speaking countries while reinforcing the fundamentals, providing a well-rounded, immersive approach to language learning.


What ages is IXL Spanish appropriate for? 

While IXL’s Spanish curriculum is suitable for all ages, a student would need to be a confident reader to fully experience the program and skills. Their curriculum is great for beginners and focuses on foundational skills, and is best geared toward middle school and high school students by aligning to popular Spanish textbooks and ACTFL standards. 

Does IXL have an app?

Yes. IXL makes it easy to practice your Spanish skills anytime, anywhere with their user-friendly app available in both the Apple Store and Google Play. You can download the app for free, although you’ll need to sign up for a subscription to access the full IXL Spanish curriculum.


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