Stay Dog Food Review

Driven by science, perfected by chefs, Stay introduces a new holistic approach to fresh food for dogs that takes into account modern dogs’ needs.

Last Updated May 2024

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Human-grade meat and fresh, natural ingredients that are rich in fiber
Personalized feeding plans and access to experts to answer any questions
Recyclable cardboard, compostable insulation, & sustainably sourced cartons
Free seasonal poop tests to show how your dog’s gut microbiome and overall well-being is improving
Cancel at any time. 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of first shipment
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Stay Dog Food Delivery Service Review

Most dog owners agree: Scooping poop is the least pleasant part of pet-parenthood. But according to the experts at dog food delivery service Stay, your dog’s #2 just might be the #1 source of information about his health, making it a rather valuable commodity.

That’s why, in addition to shipping nutritious, chef-prepared meals featuring fresh, human-grade ingredients directly to pet owners’ doors, Stay sends seasonal “poop kits.” Their dedicated team of scientists and veterinarians use poop samples you provide to monitor your dog’s gut health, metabolism, nutritional needs and more, adjusting his diet as needed in order to optimize his health. So not only do you get a completely personalized meal plan, you get a team of experts in your corner and a plan that evolves as your dog does.

Here’s everything you need to know about Stay dog food delivery:

What are the food options offered by Stay?

The recipes available at the time of this review include chicken, beef and turkey.

All of the recipes are formulated by a panel of expert vets and pet nutritionists, and selected for your dog based on his age, weight, activity level, snacking habits and more.

What ingredients do Stay use to make their dog food?

The Stay recipes are formulated by a team of board-certified veterinarians, expert nutritionists and a renowned chef, who prepares them using small-batch cooking in the companys Brooklyn kitchen. They meet all the standards of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure their nutrient composition and quality is top-notch.

Stay uses U.S. raised, human-grade cuts of meat and fresh, high quality vegetables, herbs, fruits, legumes and more, which are gently cooked to remove potential pathogens while keeping their nutritional value intact.

They carefully select their ingredients based on their nutritional value and specifically, their fiber content, since fiber is critical to optimizing your dogs gut microbiome. The microbiome is the collection of all the bacteria and microorganisms inside the gut. A healthy microbiome is associated with lower levels of obesity, healthier poops, better moods, shinier hair and even longer lives for dogs.

Heres a list of ingredients in each recipe:

Chicken: Chicken, butternut squash, chicken gizzards, chicken liver, green peas, chicken hearts, dehydrated egg, parsnips, sprouted lentils, carrots, kale, anchovy oil, whole ground oats, flaxseeds, blueberries, psyllium seed husk, calcium carbonate, wheat germ oil, dicalcium phosphate, sea salt, dried brown algae (kelp), zinc gluconate, dried ginger, dried turmeric.

Beef: Beef, beef heart, beef liver, sweet potato, butternut squash, beef tripe, green peas, dehydrated egg, sprouted lentils, kale, green beans, celery, anchovy oil, parsnips, whole ground oats, flaxseeds, blueberries, psyllium seed husk, calcium carbonate, wheat germ oil, dicalcium phosphate, sea salt, dried brown algae (kelp), zinc gluconate, dried ginger, dried turmeric.

Turkey: Turkey, turkey gizzards, turkey hearts, buckwheat, turkey livers, chickpeas, tapioca root, spinach, fennel, wheat germ oil, sunflower seeds, dicalcium phosphate, fenugreek seeds, apple, cranberries, anchovy oil, cod liver oil, brown algae, calcium carbonate, sea salt, potassium chloride, zinc gluconate, oregano, ferrous sulfate heptahydrate, copper gluconate, manganese gluconate 

What is the process for ordering and delivery?

Youll start by answering a series of questions about your dogs age, weight, breed, activity level and snacking habits. Youll also indicate your goals for your dog—improved energy, digestion, appetite, weight loss or gain, etc. Based on this information, Stay will recommend the recipe and food quantity that is best for your dog.

Once you place your order, Stay will ship your dogs food to your home. Since big dogs require more food, pet owners with larger dogs can expect more frequent shipments than those with smaller dogs. Their board-certified veterinarians and nutritionists know just how much your dog should be eating, and the company will schedule your deliveries based on that.

In addition to the food, Stay will send a free digital scale and simple feeding instructions so you can be sure your pup gets the correct amount of food at meal time. Within two business days of placing your order, youll also receive a free, easy-to-use poop kit. Youll use the kit to collect a poop sample from your dog and return it to Stay. Their experts will conduct testing on the sample to determine the health of your pups gut microbiome, and use the findings to guide adjustments to his meal plan. Youll repeat this process every three months to ensure your pups meal plan keeps up with his ever-changing needs.

How much does Stay dog food cost?

The amount youll pay for your Stay dog food delivery meal plan depends on several factors, including your dogs size, sex, weight, breed, body condition and activity level. The price is derived from a formula which is based on these factors that calculates the daily energy caloric requirement and the meal plan for your dog.

About Stay, the Company

Founded in 2019, Stay is a fresh dog food subscription company that provides personalized meal plans and optimal nutrition for your furriest family member.

Their team of board-certified veterinarians and animal nutrition experts use information you provide about your dogs age, energy level, weight and health goals to develop individualized diet plans featuring fresh, human-grade ingredients. 

Stay sets itself apart from the competition with frequent microbiome tests (aka poop checks”), which enable their experts to monitor your dogs gut health, metabolism, nutritional needs and more. These checks also enable the team to adjust your dogs diet in order to optimize his health.

Stay FAQ

How do I order Stay dog food?

Ordering Stay is as easy as visiting their website—the entire ordering process can be done online. Youll simply answer a few easy questions about your dogs age, weight, breed, activity level and snacking habits, and theyll determine the best meals and serving sizes for him. In addition to the food, with your first delivery youll receive a digital scale to help you measure out individual portions, and a poop kit,” which you will send back to Stay so their experts can assess your dogs gut health.

What are some of the benefits of using Stay’ dog food delivery service? 

There are several benefits to using Staydog food delivery service, including: 

  1. Its nutritious: The food is human-grade, fresh and jam-packed with nutrients your dog needs to thrive.
  2. Its personalized: They use information you provide as well as results from frequent feces analyses to determine the best recipes and serving sizes for your dog, modifying as needed.
  3. It evolves with your dog: Stay uses science (and a little thing called a poop kit”) to monitor your dogs gut health, and to adjust the meal plan to match his ever-changing needs. 
  4. Its convenient: All of the ordering can be done online, and they deliver the food right to your doorstep.

How does Stay food quality compare to the food purchased at a pet store?

Stay is far from the dry, oddly colored kibble you find on your grocery store shelves. Its premium, fresh food made from human-grade cuts of meat, and high quality ingredients like whole veggies, fruits and legumes. They only work with the best suppliers and they never cut corners when it comes to the quality of the food.


The best dog food: How does Stay compare to other dog food delivery services?

Stay offers all the same great benefits of other top dog food delivery services, including personalized meal plans, premium ingredients and convenient home delivery.

But Stay offers something other companies dont: Free seasonal poop tests. As silly as it sounds, one of the best ways to determine the health of your pup is to have an expert evaluate his feces. Stay does just that—theyve teamed up with the former lead veterinarian from NASA and several expert researchers to study your dogs poop samples and determine what modifications should be made to his diet in order to optimize his health.

Other differentiators? Stay almost always offers free shipping on their meals, and they provide a free digital scale, which you can use to measure the perfect portion for your pup. They also care about their carbon paw print: Stay uses recyclable cardboard, compostable insulation and sustainably-sourced paper food cartons in their packaging.

How often do you receive food from Stay?

If you sign up for the subscription service, you will enjoy the convenience of having dog food delivered to your door without ever having to worry about running out. 

Pet owners with larger dogs who need more food can expect more frequent shipments, while pet owners with smaller dogs will get them a little further apart. Stay’s board-certified veterinarians and expert nutritionists know just how much food your dog should be eating, and the company schedules your deliveries based on that.


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