Keto Cycle Diet Plan Review

If you want to lose weight, following a ketogenic diet can help. A low-carb, high-fat, moderate-protein approach to eating that’s designed to train your body to burn fat instead of glucose for energy, the ketogenic diet has been shown to be an effective way to shed excess pounds. Research has also shown that people can achieve faster weight loss with a keto diet compared to a reduced-calorie diet.

But unless you’re a keto connoisseur, sticking to this diet can be a lot of work—and a lot of math. It requires constant tracking of your carb, fat, and protein intake and involves planning meals that won’t put you over (or under) your allotted amounts.

Keto Cycle takes the work out of this diet approach by providing customized, keto-friendly meal plans and recipes, easy-to-use tracking tools, and all the resources and support you need to lose weight and live healthily—the keto way.

In this comprehensive review, we will dive deep into the details of the Keto Cycle app, covering everything from who it’s for and how it works to what you get and how much it costs. So, you can decide if it fits your unique weight loss goals, dietary preferences, and lifestyle.

Last Updated May 2024

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Pros Cons
Budget-friendly, easy-to-use app helps you kickstart & maintain a ketogenic diet No free version (but plans are extremely affordable and you can cancel anytime)
Personalized meal plans designed for weight loss by keto nutrition experts Personalized workout plans are an additional fee (although they’re budget-friendly)
Calories, macros and portions calculated for you every day Some people find that ketogenic diets can be difficult to maintain long-term
Meal planner with more than 10,000 keto-friendly recipes for meals, snacks & desserts There isn’t much research on the longterm efficacy & safety of ketogenic diets
Printable weekly grocery lists with simple, affordable ingredients found in any store
All-in-one data tracker for tracking calories, macros, steps, water, weight & more
Personalized workout plans available
Detailed, expert-crafted guide to help keto newbies navigate their new lifestyle
Ability to unlock 24/7 nutritionist support
Unlimited access to a supportive keto community
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App-based weight loss program rooted in psychology
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What is Keto Cycle? 

Keto Cycle is an app-based weight loss program that helps users adopt and maintain a ketogenic diet. With Keto Cycle, you get a customized keto meal plan that’s based on your lifestyle, health, weight loss goals, and nutritional needs, plus recipe recommendations, tracking tools, and access to guidance or support.

How Does Keto Cycle Work? 

Placing your Keto Cycle order is a quick and easy process that involves answering a few simple questions about: 

  • How familiar you are with the ketogenic approach
  • Your weight loss goals 
  • Ingredients you prefer to skip
  • How much time you have to prepare meals
  • How often you exercise
  •  Any health conditions you have

    After completing their quick quiz, you’ll provide your email address, and see the  subscription plan options. You’ll select your plan and enter your payment information, then you’re all set to download the app and get started (you can also access Keto Cycle on your desktop, but some features are limited to the app).

Once you’ve downloaded the Keto Cycle app, you can use it immediately. Every day, you will receive a full meal plan that consists of keto-friendly meal and snack recipes that were specially selected for you based on your personal preferences and goals. All of your allotted calories, macros, and portions are calculated for you and are used as the foundation for your meal plan. And don’t worry, if you don’t like a meal in your daily plan, you can always replace it with another—you can browse nutritionally-similar recipes and select a substitution. Any meals or snacks you eat outside of your plan can also easily be entered into the daily nutrition tracker via the app’s search function, manually or by using a barcode scanner—so you can be sure your daily totals are accurate.

In the app, you’ll also find printable, weekly shopping lists featuring simple, affordable ingredients you can find in any local grocery store. These lists help you prepare for the week ahead and ensure you have everything you need to make the meals in your meal plan. The app also includes videos and content designed to help you navigate the keto journey.

And if you run into any hiccups—whether it’s with the diet or with the app itself, the Keto Cycle customer service team is standing by to help. The team consists of nutritionists and technical specialists who are standing by to provide support and guidance to users.

What Food is Included? 

There is no food provided with Keto Cycle. Instead, you get access to an expansive database of keto-friendly recipes that you prepare on your own. 

Does Keto Cycle Incorporate Exercise? 

Keto Cycle customers can opt to add personalized workouts to their subscriptions. For a minimal fee, they’ll get exercises tailored to your goals, environment, and fitness level, which can be done right in your own home.

What Are the Costs? 

The cost of Keto Cycle depends upon the plan you select. Here’s a look at the pricing structure at the time of this review:

Plan Price Per Week*
Two Month Plan $3.81
Four Month Plan $2.65
Six Month Plan $2.54

If you opt to include workout plans in your subscription, you’ll pay an additional fee. Keto Cycle also offers extras like a dessert recipe cookbook that can increase the cost of your program.

Keto Cycle frequently offers promotions and discounts that dramatically reduce the price of their plans. For example, when we signed up, the company offered us 50 percent off our order, a few free months, and a free Keto Beginners Guide. Keep an eye on the website for discounts.

*Prices subject to change.


Since there is no food provided with Keto Cycle, you don’t have to move your schedule around to accommodate delivery schedules or worry about any frozen food thawing out before you get home from work. Once you sign up and submit your payment info, you are ready to get started.

Who is Keto Cycle Best Suited For?

While Keto Cycle is a great option for most adults looking to lose excess weight, some people should avoid a ketogenic diet. For example, it is not recommended for those who: 

  • Are younger than 18 years old
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Are considered underweight already
  • Have a goal weight that puts them in an unhealthy range
  • Have certain health conditions (always consult with your physician prior to starting a new diet)

What are the Performance Results of Keto Cycle? 

If you’re wondering if Keto Cycle actually works, you’ll be happy to know that there’s evidence it does: A retrospective analysis of Keto Cycle user data that was published in May 2022 in the journal BMC Nutrition suggests that when it comes to weight loss, this diet delivers. Here are a few key findings from that study:

  • More than 87 percent of KetoCycle users lost weight.
  • Of those, 18+ percent lost more than 10 percent of their initial body weight; 39+ percent lost between five and 10 percent of their initial body weight.
  • App engagement was associated with losing more than five percent of initial weight.

Other studies on the benefits of the ketogenic diet have found that the diet can help people lose weight faster than a restricted-calorie diet.

Additionally, other research suggests that it may help improve blood pressure, sleep, and mood and may increase energy efficiency. However, it should be noted that most studies on this diet are short-term, and experts caution that more research is warranted.

How Does Keto Cycle Compare to Other Keto-Based Diet Apps?

Here’s a look at how Keto Cycle compares to two of its competitors, Keto Diet and Carb Manager. 

Keto Cycle vs Keto Diet

Keto Diet is an app designed to help keto newbies and seasoned experts alike stay on track with the ketogenic diet. Like Keto Cycle, Keto Diet provides guidance on how to navigate all aspects of low-carb living, plus low-carb recipes, ketogenic meal plans with detailed nutrition facts and weekly, printer-friendly shopping lists. However, there are some differences between these two apps, including:

  • Keto Diet is more of a DIY diet approach:users can use it to find recipes and track their intake, but ultimately, the meal planning is theirs to manage.
  • Keto Diet’s recipe database is much smaller:it contains fewer than 2,000 recipes, and since some are higher in carbs than a ketogenic diet requires, users will have to be mindful when selecting meals.
  • Complaints about the food: Some users complain that there are a lot of redundant foods with different nutrient values to choose from in the food tracking database.

Keto Cycle vs Carb Manager

Carb Manager is extremely similar to Keto Cycle. Like Keto Cycle, Carb Manager is an app that makes following a ketogenic diet and losing weight easier with meal planning, a food/exercise/progress tracker, a macronutrient and carbohydrate counter plus keto-friendly recipes that can be personalized based on dietary needs and preferences. But there are a few key differences:

  • Personalization only available with Premium: Unlike Keto Cycle, Carb Manager offers a free version, which is often a big draw for users, but for true personalization and access to most of the features that make it comparable to Keto Cycle, you’ll have to purchase their Premium version. 
  • No tailored workouts: Keto Cycle offers subscribers an option to add personalized workouts to their program; Carb Manager doesn’t provide the same level of personalization.
  • Complaints about the food: Carb Manager subscribers often complain that the food database is small, and that nutrient data is added by other users and is frequently inaccurate. There have also been complaints about the accuracy of Carb Manager’s barcode scanner.

Company Information 

Keto Cycle is a diet app that makes following a ketogenic diet easy. The company offers personalized meal plans, an expansive library of keto-friendly recipes, advanced tracking tools, access to nutrition experts, and a variety of resources to help subscribers lose weight and learn to live healthily.

Customer Service

The company’s customer service is very accessible. The team is available via phone (415-463-3988) from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST (US-only phone number). They also have a support email ([email protected]), a live chat feature, and a “Contact Us” form on their website.

Our Verdict

For those looking for an easy way to adopt and maintain the ketogenic diet, Keto Cycle is a great option. They take the work out of keto with personalized meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, easy-to-use tracking tools, expert and community support, and more.

Keto Cycle FAQs

Is Keto Cycle diet legit?

Yes, the Keto Cycle diet is legit. It’s based on the ketogenic diet, which is a high-fat, moderate-protein, and very low-carbohydrate diet that trains your body to burn fat for fuel.

Is Keto Cycle free?

Keto Cycle is not free; it requires a subscription. However, it is extremely budget-friendly, and you get a lot for what you pay for.

What is Keto Cycle?

Keto Cycle is a diet app that is based on the ketogenic approach to eating. The ketogenic diet is a low-carbohydrate, moderate-protein, and high-fat diet that can help you lose weight and improve your health. The program includes personalized meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, tracking tools plus tips, and unlimited expert support.


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