Wen 56235i Portable Generator Review

Searching for a reliable power source for road trips, off-grid adventures, job sites or unexpected outages? The portable power generator market has exploded as demand for reliable backup power has evolved from a niche market to more of a modern mainstay. And while loud, gas-guzzling giants are still a go-to for some shoppers, more nimble, streamlined alternatives that can power everything from your sensitive electronics and small appliances to your off-grid campsite are gaining in popularity. One small but mighty portable generator that packs serious power into a lightweight, quiet package is the WEN 56235i. In this comprehensive review, we break down all the need-to-know info about this popular pick, from the cost to the competition—to see if it can power your lifestyle when and where you need it most.

Last Updated April 2024

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Wen 56235i
Extremely quiet and ultralight gas powered generator
120V(2), 12V, and 5V USB(2)
2,350 Watt
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39 lbs

About the WEN 2350W Inverter Generator

More compact, quiet and energy efficient than a traditional generator, inverter generators like the WEN 2350W are ideal for powering sensitive electronics and medical devices since they work by throttling the engine up and down as needed. This also means you won’t have to fill up the gas tank as often, which can be extremely beneficial in emergencies. Plus, they produce lower emissions and supply a more consistent voltage over their conventional, heavy-duty counterparts, making inverter generators a preferred pick for many customers. 

The WEN 2,350-Watt Inverter Generator does all this and more, with the capability to produce up to 2,350 surge watts and 1,900 rated watts of power—free of voltage spikes and drops. And contrary to the overpowering noise typically associated with backup generators, the WEN 2,350W supplies serious power at a steady hum that’s quieter than a typical conversation. 

The WEN’s extremely quiet operation coupled with its lightweight design (it’s less than 40 pounds), makes it ideal for maintaining some modern comforts whether you’re camping, tailgating, working or battling unexpected blackouts.

Pros Cons
Clean power perfect for sensitive electronics (phones, laptops, TVs, medical devices, etc.) Not suitable to power entire homes
Good for off-grid camping, small RVs, fishing, tailgating, tiny homes, public campgrounds Runs on gasoline only
Superior portability at only 39 pounds
Substantially quieter than most generators
A fraction of the cost of big brands like Honda or Yamaha
Includes eco-mode for maximum efficiency
Multiple outlets to power devices and appliances simultaneously
Simple maintenance
EPA III & CARB compliant
Can be combined with other WEN generators for more wattage
Free shipping to contiguous U.S.
Two-year warranty
30-day return policy

Key Features of the WEN 2350W Generator

When you want clean, consistent and efficient energy that can power anything from your sensitive electronics to your smaller AC units, the WEN 2,350-Watt Inverter Generator provides portable, non-invasive power you can depend on. 

Its long-list of notable features include: 

  • Ultra-lightweight at only 39 pounds, making it easy to grab and go 
  • Nearly noiseless 79cc 4-stroke OHV engine operates at 51 decibels at 25 percent load 
  • Produces 2,350 surge watts and 1,900 rated watts of clean power that can handle devices, power tools, small appliances and RVs
  • Fuel shutoff uses up the remaining fuel in the carburetor before shutting down to minimize maintenance while prolonging overall lifespan 
  • Ultra-efficient one-gallon tank provides over five hours of run time at 50 percent load 
  • Two three-prong 120V receptacles, one 12V DC receptacle, two 5V USB ports 
  • Eco-mode allows the engine to automatically adjust fuel consumption based on active load to maximize efficiency 
  • Parallel compatibility to link two WEN inverter generators for even more total wattage (parallel connection kit sold separately) 
  • Low-oil and low-fuel automatic shutdown plus built-in overload protection to prevention damage to your devices and generator 
  • Two-year warranty and free shipping to the contiguous U.S.

WEN 2350W Inverter Generator Pricing 

While inverter generators are often overlooked because they tend to come with a higher price tag, the WEN 2350-Watt shatters that stereotype by coming in at a cool $429.99 at the time of this review, which is a fraction of the cost of some big-name competitors. And by ordering directly through Wenproducts.com, you’ll receive free shipping within the contiguous U.S. You can also purchase the WEN 2350W through approved retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Home Depot, but pricing may vary. 

In addition to a two-year warranty, WEN products also come with a 30-day return policy for added peace-of-mind. Generators must be in brand-new condition (without the addition of any fuel or oil) and must be returned in original packaging with manuals to avoid being charged a 15 percent restocking fee. Customers are responsible for return shipping.

Comparing the WEN 56235i Portable Generator to the Competition

While the portable generator market is continuously flooded with new competition from established names, the WEN 2350W still manages to stand out. Here’s a look at how it stacks up against the competition:

WEN 56235i Portable Generator vs. Westinghouse WGen9500

While you may come across both of these units in the portable generator category, the WEN and Westinghouse serve different types of backup power situations. The Westinghouse WGen9500 is a highly rated traditional generator that provides 9,500 running watts, which can handle the backup power needs of an entire home. In contrast, the WEN 56235i inverter generator, with 1,900 running watts, is more suited as backup power for smaller appliances and sensitive electronics. At just a fraction of the weight of the Westinghouse, the WEN is also much easier to transport, and its super quiet operation makes it a much better choice for campsites, tailgates, RV travels and more adventures on the road. The WEN is also significantly less expensive than the Westinghouse.

WEN 56235i Portable Generator vs. Honda EU2200i

When it comes to providing powerful, clean energy in a lightweight package, these two inverter generators both deliver. The Honda EU2200i delivers 2,200 watts of consistent power and is just a few pounds heavier than the WEN 56235i, which is rated at 1,900 running watts. Both can keep your devices, power tools, small appliances and more running. The main difference is that the Honda EU2200i costs more than three times the WEN 56235i for comparable performance, making the WEN a clear winner when it comes to overall value.

Bottom Line: Why We Love It

While traditional generators are still preferred to power entire houses, not everyone wants or needs those noisy, heavy behemoths for their backup energy needs. The WEN 2350W inverter generator provides another solution with a solid 1,900 running watts that can still power the essentials in an emergency, but is also well suited to help you take modern comforts on the road. At an extremely light 39 pounds, it’s easy to take off-grid or on any mobile adventure, and since it also runs super quiet, you won’t have to worry about disturbing the peace when you want power in remote or populated places. Perhaps the biggest perk is that the price tag of the WEN 2350W is hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars less than the competition, making essential backup power more accessible to everyone.


Are WEN 56235i portable inverter generators any good?

The WEN 56235i portable inverter generator is praised for its reliability, portability and performance. This generator is particularly quiet and lightweight, weighing only 39 pounds, making it easy to bring dependable power with you wherever, whenever you need. This generator can produce 2,350 surge watts and 1,900 rated watts of clean power, which is safe for sensitive electronics like laptops, phones, TV, medical devices and small appliances (the WEN 2350W is not meant to power entire homes). Overall, customer feedback and reviews indicate a positive experience with this product, but it’s important to understand your power needs before purchasing a backup generator. 

How long does a WEN 56235i portable generator last?

A WEN 56235i portable generator can last for different durations depending on its load. For example, with a full tank of 1.1 gallons, the generator can operate up to 10.5 hours on a quarter load. When it’s operating at half-load, the generator can provide power for more than 5.7 hours. Please note that these durations are approximate and can be influenced by factors such as maintenance and fuel quality.

Where are WEN 56235i portable generators made?

WEN has been a well respected name in portable generators since it was originally founded in the U.S. decades ago. While the portable generators are still designed and tested at company headquarters in the U.S., they are manufactured in China.

What is the noise level of a WEN 56235i portable generator?

The WEN 56235i portable generator has a noise level of approximately 51 decibels A (dBA) at 25 percent load, which is considered quieter than a window air conditioner or average conversation. Please note that actual noise levels may vary slightly depending on the load and conditions under which the generator is used.

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